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Delisted from ASX 31/12/2015

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Link Market Services, Tower 4, 727 Collins Street Docklands VIC 3008
Tel : +61 3 9615 9800
Fax : +61 2 9287 0303
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Company details

Address: PPB Advisory, Level 21, 181 William Street, MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3000
Tel:  (03) 9656 7800 Fax: (03) 9654 7006

Date first listed: 03/05/2005
Company Secretary: Mr Trevor Slater
Sector: Energy Industry Group: XEJ
Activities: Developing oil reserves in the Bonaparte Basin
a varied deed of company arrangement contains a term requiring the Deed Administrators to apply to the court for orders for the transfer of all the shares in the company to ARF Amber pte Ltd (ARF) as ARF has provided ongoing funding to the Deed Administrators in their administration - the shares in the Company are deemed to have no commercial value and there is no real possibility of any residual value in the Company's shares19/04/2017
delisted from the close of trading on Thursday, 31 December 2015, pursuant to Listing rule 17.12 and Guidance Note 3331/12/2015
we understand that it is ASX policy to automatically remove from the official list any entity whose securities have been suspended from trading for a continuous period of 3 years31/12/2015
The Annual General Meeting of the Company will be held at Board Room, RSM Office, Level 21, 55 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria on Friday, 18 December 2015 at 11.00am (AEDT). 19/11/2015
The company lodges its annual report 2015 to shareholders.23/10/2015
During the process of preparing the 30 June 2015 annual report, a number of circumstances have arisen which require clarification. This clarity is sought so that the accounts can accurately reflect the current status of the Company. An application has been lodged with ASIC to seek a one month extension to the lodgement date of 30 September 2015. 01/10/2015
The Deed Administrators of AED advise that they have now received the awards in the arbitration proceedings relating to the original Puffin Field development. The Board of AED are actively considering the future of the company, including potential options for recapitalisation. 10/06/2015
AED Oil Limited ("AED or the Company") has through the past year, been involved in an arbitration claim related to the original Puffin Field development. The Company formally entered the arbitration process in June 2014 and has just been advised that it has been successful in this process. A final submission on a potential costs award will be made at the end of January, following the outcome of which, the Company will be able to provide details of the award13/01/2015
releases results of Meeting and Chairmans Address to Shareholders24/11/2014
The 2014 annual general meeting of the members of AED Oil Limited (Subject to a Deed of Company Arrangement) ("AED" or "the Company") will be held on Friday 21 November 2014 at 12.00 noon, (Melbourne time) at the Board Room, RSM Bird Cameron Partners, level 21, 55 Collins Street, Melbourne15/10/2014
lodges Full Year Accounts29/09/2014
releases Half Yearly Accounts17/03/2014
changes the auditor25/02/2014
a meeting is being called to change the auditor28/01/2014
Lodges Chairmans Address to Shareholders27/11/2013
releases to the market the following: releases results of 2011/12/13 Annual General Meetings - all resolutions were passed on a show of hands27/11/2013
issues Notice of Annual General Meeting for 2011, 2012, 201325/10/2013
a deed of company arrangement has been proposed - the deed administrators if the DOCA is executed will be Andrew Hewitt and Matthew Donnelly of Grant Thornton 09/11/2012
2nd mtg of creditors adjourned to 8 Nov - administrators are keeping their options open re a number of possibilities25/10/2012
administrators provide an update - 2nd meeting of creditors is to be convened during August 2012 16/08/2012
Craig Shepherd and Leanne Chesser of KordaMetha, resign as Receivers - the company is now in the hands of the administrators09/03/2012
Craig Shepherd and Leanne Chesser of KordaMetha, as Receivers, advise they do not expect a material return from the company's "investments in its subsidiaries"07/12/2011
announces the sale of two wholly owned subsidiaries23/11/2011
Craig Shepherd and Leanne Chesser of KordaMetha are appointed Receivers16/09/2011
Messrs Martin, Bryant and Carson of PPB are appointed administrators instead of KPMG13/09/2011
KPMG are appointed administrators15/08/2011
the securities of AED Oil Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Company, pending the release of an announcement04/08/2011
the suspension of trading in the securities of AED Oil Limited (the "Company") will be lifted immediately, following the release of an announcement regarding an equity capital raising program08/07/2011
the Company is in an advanced stage of negotiations with an international investment group as potential investors to participate in the AED capital raising campaign - it expects to be able to update the market on this matter shortly when negotiations have concluded - until such time the voluntary suspension of trading in AED securities will continue30/06/2011
the securities of AED Oil Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Company, pending the release of an announcement27/06/2011
the suspension of trading in the securities of AED Oil Limited (the "Company") will be lifted immediately, following the release of an announcement by the Company in relation to a proposed rights issue14/06/2011
the securities of AED Oil Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Company, pending the release of an announcement09/06/2011
suspension of trading in the securities of AED Oil Limited (the "Company") will be lifted from commencement of trading on Monday, 10 March 2008 following the release of an announcement by the Company regarding a proposed joint venture with Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation10/03/2008
securities suspended from quotation pending an announcement03/03/2008

ASX Announcements (courtesy of ASX)


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I was referred by J D Morrison to contact Tim Baldwin for an International Supply Agent. Ask to pay the sample 20L which will cost me $2040.00 from Helidaff Chemical to Australia. Can anymore here validate if this is scam or not?

23/03/2019 02:23:06

I also recieved an email from Tim Baldwin . Anyways , thanks for the advance information. I was able to avoid the scam. 

21/03/2019 20:45:24

i have been approached by Tim baldwin as well. was referred to them by a guy by the name of Miguel J.Pina.... anyone else with the same experience? 

21/03/2019 02:41:52

I was also contacted by (Tim J. Baldwin) 

20/03/2019 20:52:03

I have the same experience as yours. I\'m doubtful. The offer is too good to be true. I feel they have a connivance with the suppliers.

20/03/2019 20:48:25

Add to my previous comment:

I was also contacted by AED:

17/03/2019 04:29:38

After having been offered a position, the company asked me to make an inquiry for product called Gypdril. After having done this they wanted me to order 20 Liter for testing, saying they will reimbourse. All documents given by the company so far containd the name of actual or former directors.  Ordering these 20 Liters means I have to pay in advance a few grands before getting a contract and any reimboursement. I have my serious doubts.

17/03/2019 04:26:49
This company scam my money, after sending a sample product from Malaysia to Melbourne Australia the product name is Xanthan Fluid c/o John Branson, They have refused to reimburse my money for the sample product. Asking I need to provide additional product before they will pay the invoice.
Stay away scam!!
12/12/2018 01:40:03

Does anyone know if there has been a loss declaration issued for AED

22/10/2018 22:11:04

AED Energy Australia

<header class=\"r_BN D_F W_6D6F p_R P_Zjgzuf ir_0\" aria-label=\"Message\"><div class=\"o_h D_F em_0 E_fq7 ek_BB\" data-test-id=\"address-info\">
This company scam my money sending a product from Malaysia to Melbourne Australia the product name Xanthan Fluid c/o John Branson, They have a diplomatic rerpresentative to reimburse my money but I need to pay a clearance fee worth 250,000 pesos which is equivalent for 5000 USD.
</header><div data-test-id=\"message-body-container\">

             Reference to your email report, do everything within your reach to settle whatever requirement your authority need to enable him clear his channel.

All funds including new opening orders, your reimbursement and establishment funds are all with him. Don\'t waste any time. 

Keep us posted when all funds is received. 

Tim J. Baldwin
Contract Manager
AED Energy Australia
Level 41, 55 Collins st.
8003, Melbourne
22/08/2018 00:05:21

what happen to AED Oil as i have not receive any communication from Link or whatsoever?


03/06/2018 13:57:32

Shareholders - check your emails to see if you have one from Link market Services folks. There has been an update. It is marked as private and confidential so I am not going to post the details.

07/04/2017 15:55:31

Does anybody know when we can write the loss off from this company, or what the status of the company is now?

17/12/2016 15:05:33

?what\'s going on with these shares? Now this is delisted cant see any announcements from the company? what is going on?

21/04/2016 13:30:53

?What's happening with our AED shares? Are they ever going to be back on the ASX? Why is no one communicating with us? Jennifer 

27/10/2015 23:10:32
We are still awaiting to see if our investment in shares in this company ahs completely sunk and money gone. There have been no announcements re arbitration promised end Jan 2015 what is going on ????20/03/2015 00:50:55
Any news on this company? It's been years now since its been suspended. I want to write this loss off and move on.24/06/2014 11:43:18


Please advise the present situation as we as shareholders are not being informed of what is going on. Is the company still a viable proposition or is it going to go under?


Robin Cundall (shareholder)

24/01/2014 13:26:17
When will the monies be recovered from Ken and Brenda Tregonning who set up this con?29/10/2013 11:18:17
Can we write off the shares at this stage??28/09/2013 13:47:17
Any new yet on writing off shares28/09/2013 13:45:25
Is there any info  for shareholders  on what is happening. Can the shares be written off as a capital loss yet?   01/05/2013 16:29:51
You'll need to wait till the administrators sort everything out first. Might take some time.18/03/2013 17:02:07
Does anyone happened to know what this means in lay terms for shareholders ? As I have not received any correspondence from the company or administrators since this whole mess began. Thanks Richard29/01/2013 11:40:28

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