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Delisted from ASX 26/10/2006


Former (or subsequent) names

ALINTA LIMITED (2)14/05/2003

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Computershare, Level 2, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000
Tel : +61 8 9323 2000 or 1300 557 010
Fax : +61 8 9323 2033
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Company details

Address: Level 7 The Quadrant , 1 William Street , PERTH , WA, AUSTRALIA, 6000
Tel:  08 9486 3000 Fax: 08 9486 3065

Date first listed: 17/10/2000
Company Secretary: Mr Murray King, Mr Patrick McCole (Joint Co. Secretary)
Sector: Utilities Industry Group: XUJ
Activities: Delivering energy-related products and infrastructure solutions
delisted at the request of the company, following completion of the merger of Alinta Mergeco Limited's and The Australian Gas Light Company's infrastructure businesses26/10/2006
we understand Alinta Scheme Participants (other than Ineligible Overseas Alinta Shareholders) were entitled to 1 New Alinta share for every 1 Alinta share they held at the Alinta Scheme Record Date (18 October 2006) and AGL Scheme Participants (other than Ineligible Overseas AGL Shareholders) were entitled to 0.57751 New Alinta shares (rounded to four decimal places) for every 1 AGL share they held on the AGL Scheme Record Date (18 October 2006)26/10/2006
Alinta shareholders - a CGT event happened as a result of the exchange of former Alinta Ltd shares for shares in New Alinta - however, if shareholders were eligible to choose scrip for scrip rollover (most former Alinta Ltd shareholders were), they do not need to include anything in their tax return from this transaction, but do have to work out the CGT cost base of their shares in New Alinta26/10/2006
Alinta CEO gives the market an update via Open Briefing25/10/2006
although the Court found that the Takeovers Panel erred in finding that Alinta's acquisition of units in APT breached the Corporations Act, the Court decided that the other part of the Panel's declaration of unacceptable circumstances should be allowed to stand - Alinta has decided to appeal this aspect of the Court's decision - the Court has granted a stay of the Takeovers Panel's orders in relation to the units pending the determination of the appeal24/10/2006
Alinta's takeover offer for ordinary shares in AGL remains open - however, in light of the impending implementation of the Alinta Scheme and AGL Scheme, Alinta does not intend to extend its takeover offer - accordingly, Alinta's takeover offer will close on 31 October 200623/10/2006
the Federal Court has ruled that the company did not breach the law in its purchase of the 10.25% stake of Australian Pipeline Trust - however, the Court has determined that the Takeovers Panel ruling of unacceptable circumstances (in relation to the effect on control or potential control of APT) will stand - Alinta has been granted a temporary stay in relation to the disposal of the 10.25% stake until midnight EST on Tuesday 24 October 2006 and will consider its legal options over the coming days20/10/2006
shares suspended from quotation11/10/2006
name changed from Alintagas Limited14/05/2003

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    Tony HowarthNon Exec Director
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