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Computershare, Yarra Falls, 452 Johnston Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Tel : +61 3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505
Fax : +61 3 9473 2500
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Address: Level 7, Exchange Tower , 530 Little Collins Street , Melbourne , VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3000
Tel:  03 9909 7401 Fax: 03 9909 7402

Date first listed: 19/05/1987
Company Secretary: Mr Brian Coulter
Sector: Materials Industry Group: XMJ
Activities: Gold producer with a 48.49% interest in the Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venture in Tasmania
name changed to BCD Resources NL20/11/2009
suspension of trading in the securities of Beaconsfield Gold NL will be lifted from the commencement of trading Friday, 20 April 2007 following the resumption of mining activities at the Beaconsfield Mine20/04/2007
company provides an update - it is now providing loan funds to the Allstate group during the re-start phase at the mine and Beaconsfield Gold executives now manage the Allstate group and the Beaconsfield Mine on a day-to-day basis - it will now be able to design and carry out an extensive regional exploration program at Beaconsfield16/04/2007
increased mining operations have been given the go-ahead at the Beaconsfield Mine by the relevant safety authority in Tasmania and production of gold bullion from the ore treatment plant is expected shortly04/04/2007
the company has finalised the placement of 14.25 million new shares at a price of 34 cents per share, raising $4.845 million - this follows the $4.08 million convertible notes raising announced on 13 February 200702/04/2007
Beaconsfield Gold has agreed to make a takeover offer to all remaining minority Allstate shareholders on the same terms accepted by Newmont if the minority shareholders of Allstate approve the transaction - those terms are that Beaconsfield Gold will acquire the majority shareholding in Allstate held by Newmont for 4.0 cents per fully paid share and 0.1 cents per partly paid share - based on the current timetable, offers on the terms outlined above would be made to the minority shareholders of Allstate on or before 21 May 200729/03/2007
company releases an updated broker presentation23/03/2007
releases Half Yearly Report & Half Year Accounts for the period to 31/12/200626/02/2007
the company announces that it has placed 12 million convertible notes at $0.34 each, for a total of $4.08 million, with an Australian fund - the proceeds will be used towards increasing Beaconsfield Gold's beneficial interest in the Beaconsfield Mine to at least 91%13/02/2007
Beaconsfield Gold has made a proposal to restructure the Allstate Explorations NL group - the Deed Administrator of the Allstate group has released an announcement, stating that he intends to convene an Allstate Creditors' Meeting on 27 February 2007 to recommend the acceptance of the proposal from Beaconsfield Gold - subject to approval by the Allstate creditors, the proposal will result in Beaconsfield Gold providing a loan to Allstate to enable unsecured trade creditors to receive 100% of their outstanding claims and the retirement of the Deed Administrator - Allstate will then be returned to the control of its directors12/02/2007
releases its Second Quarter Activities Report12/02/2007
the company having agreed to acquire Newmonts 57.2% holding in Allstate and agreed to purchase Allstate debts with a face value of $48m (for $2.85m) announces that it will negotiate a commercial agreement with Allstate's only secured creditor (Macquarie Bank) to restructure Allstate and bring it out of administration23/01/2007
releases address by Chairman to EGM 10 January 2007 and the results of its General Meeting (motions were carried on a show of hands as ordinary resolutions)10/01/2007
gives notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting of Beaconsfield Gold NL to be held at Level 20, CMA Centre, 500 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC on Wednesday, 10 January 2007 at 11.00am11/12/2006
reports that restructuring negotiations between the Beaconsfield mine joint venture partners, Allstate Explorations and Beaconsfield Gold, continue11/12/2006
blasting of the Beaconsfield Gold Mine's main Decline recommences today01/12/2006
releases its 2006 Annual General Meeting presentation and advises that resolutions considered at the AGM were passed30/11/2006
the venue for the Annual General Meeting to be held on 30 November at 11.00am has been changed to: - Chandelier Room Rialto Hotel (Flinders Lane level) 495 Collins Street Melbourne29/11/2006
the company has finalised the placement of 27.6 million new shares (15% of existing issued shares) at a price of 23 cents per share, raising $6.35 million16/11/2006
Beaconsfield Gold NL welcomes a request by Allstate Explorations NL to commence negotiations with a view to restructuring ownership of the Beaconsfield Gold Mine10/11/2006
ALX advises that work is to re-start on Beaconsfield Gold Mine Main Decline02/11/2006
the company releases its Report on Activities for the Quarter ended 30 September 200601/11/2006
company expects mining to restart at the Tasmanian mine this month - but it won't be for any recovery of gold, it will be development of a tunnel to open up deeper areas of the mine01/11/2006
gives notice of Annual General Meeting of Beaconsfield Gold NL to be held at Level 20, CMA Centre, 500 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC on Thursday, 30 November 2006 at 11.00am31/10/2006
chairman's address to the EGM today is released to the market04/10/2006
the resolutions considered at today's meeting to issue shares to sophisticated and professional shareholders were passed04/10/2006
Beaconsfield Gold's view remains that its pre-emptive rights under the Agreement are very clear and the Company will vigorously contest the appeal by Allstate22/09/2006
ALX has lodged an appeal regarding the courts judgement in relation to the pre-emptive rights under Clause 20.5 of the Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venture Agreement21/09/2006
BCD says the Supreme Court of Victoria has today confirmed Beaconsfield Gold Group's comprehensive pre-emptive rights under Clause 20.5 of the Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venture Agreement08/09/2006
ALX says it will continue to seek ways to restructure the company and come out of its deed of company arrangement08/09/2006
Allstate Explorations says limited mining operations may be able to restart within the next 2 months06/09/2006
BCD welcomes the announcement issued today by Allstate Explorations NL regarding the geotechnical assessment of the Beaconsfield Mine undertaken by Coffey Mining06/09/2006
calls an EGM for 4 October to seek shareholder approval for the placement of shares to sophisticated and professional investors01/09/2006
company releases its report on activities for the Quarter ended 30 June 200618/08/2006
Beaconsfield Gold group has today initiated an action in the Supreme Court of Victoria seeking declaratory relief in relation to the Beaconsfield Gold group's pre-emptive rights under the BMJV Agreement03/08/2006
releases resource statement and activities report01/08/2006
Allstate rejects BCD's assertion that BCD has pre-emptive rights over Allstate's interest in the joint venture28/07/2006
Beaconsfield Gold NL welcomes Allstate's attempt to restructure the ownership of the Beaconsfield Gold Mine (Allstate announced today that it seeks expressions of interest "for a possible transaction" - such as a share placement in the company or a sale of Allstate assets) - BCD asserts it has pre-emptive rights over Allstate's interest in the joint venture and is well positioned to acquire the shareholding27/07/2006
at the EGM today, authority was given to Directors to allot and issue up to 60,000,000 fully paid ordinary shares in the capital of the Company to selected sophisticated and professional investors - this may facilitate the buy out of Allstate Exploration - the company's chairman says it is likely that the trading suspension (of the company's securities) will remain until a clearer picture emerges of when, and under what circumstances, the Beaconsfield Mine will be allowed to reopen28/06/2006
provides notice of an EGM to be held at Level 20, CMA Centre, 500 Collins Street, Melbourne at 3.00pm on 28 June 200625/05/2006
the Tasmanian Minerals Council Limited advised today "The Beaconsfield Gold group of companies owns 48.49% of the Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venture ("BMJV"), but does not manage the BMJV or the Beaconsfield Mine. The Allstate group of companies owns 51.51% of the BMJV and, via Allstate Explorations NL (subject to deed of company arrangement), manages both the BMJV and the Beaconsfield Mine"24/05/2006
it may be several months before a decision can be made on the future of the Beaconsfield Gold Mine - Mine Manager Matthew Gill today confirmed it would take a minimum of two months to work through the safety and operational issues to satisfy the requirements of both mine management, Workplace Standards and the Coroner19/05/2006
underground mining operations are suspended while the safety of the mine is investigated by the Tasmanian Chief Inspector of Mines - Beaconsfield Gold is encouraged that, at a meeting of mine workers held in Beaconsfield yesterday, the unanimous decision of the workers was that the mine should progressively reopen in those areas of the mine that are established to be safe - while mine operations are suspended, the ore treatment plant has continued to process previously stockpiled material15/05/2006
company defers payment of its interim dividend03/05/2006
shares suspended from quotation pending clarification of the impact on the company of the incident at the Beaconsfield Mine on 25 April 200627/04/2006

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