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21 Aug 2014

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Last 20 companies delisted from ASX
TRIAUSMIN LIMITED (TRO) 20 Aug 14 we understand shareholders received 1 Heron share for each 2.33 shares they held in TriAusMin
GLOBAL STRATEGIC METALS NL (GSZ) 15 Aug 14 we understand the company delisted because of a lack of institutional interest, low level of liquidity, cost of the Company continuing to be listed and a desire to be listed on an exchange which is closer to its Lithium Project - company name is also being changed to Global Strategic Metals Ltd
PENTAGON CAPITAL LIMITED (LSB) 12 Aug 14 we understand the outstanding principal and interest on the Lifestyle Bonds was repaid in full
HEALTHSCOPE NOTES LIMITED (HLN) 12 Aug 14 we understand the notes (HLNG and HLNGA) were either exchanged, at the note holders election, for shares in Healthscope Limited or redeemed per terms of issue
CRUSADE TRUST SERIES A (CTV) 12 Aug 14 we understand all remaining notes of the Trust were fully redeemed
KAGARA LTD (KZL) 11 Aug 14 we understand delisting followed company failure and the ongoing liquidation of the company
DAVID JONES LIMITED (DJS) 05 Aug 14 we understand that under a scheme of arrangement, Vela Investments Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Woolworths Holdings Limited a South Africa-based retail group listed on JSE Limited, paid A$4.00 for each David Jones share
AQUILA RESOURCES LIMITED (AQA) 29 Jul 14 we understand Baosteel Resources and Aurizon Operations were successful with an offer of A$3.40 per share
PROGRESS 2005-1 TRUST (POG) 28 Jul 14 we understand all remaining notes of the Trust were redeemed (the trust manager failed to advise the date of redemption or whether they were redeemed in full)
MURCHISON METALS LTD (MMX) 25 Jul 14 we understand in the merger of Mercantile Investment Company Limited (MVT) and MMX, that the scrip consideration was 0.3171 new MVT shares for each MMX share and the cash consideration was $.0483 per MMX share
BELLA TRUST SERIES 2010-2 (BNH) 25 Jul 14 we understand all remaining notes of the Trust were redeemed in full on 22 July 2014
TORRENS SERIES 2011-1(E) TRUST (TRA) 15 Jul 14 we understand the notes were redeemed in full on 10 June 2014
CHALLENGER DIVERSIFIED PROPERTY GROUP (CDI) 08 Jul 14 we understand Challenger Life Nominees paid $2.74 per CDI unit reduced by the distribution entitlement (estimated to be 9.3 cents per CDI unit for the six months ending 30 June 2014)
HUDSON RESOURCES LIMITED (HRS) 08 Jul 14 we understand the company delisted because of an insufficient spread of shareholders, costs of listing, depressed share price, low liquidity and 4 shareholders holding 61% of the shares
STERIHEALTH LIMITED (STP) 07 Jul 14 we understand Catilina was successful with an offer of A$1.75 per share
MINDORO RESOURCES LIMITED (MDO) 30 Jun 14 we understand MDO delisted because of the low volume of trading of its CDIs on the ASX (just 6% of total activity) and the compliance costs
EMERGING LEADERS INVESTMENT LIMITED (ELI) 19 Jun 14 we understand that, following the wind up of this company, there was a first and final distribution to shareholders of c.$1.052 per share - eligible shareholders, being Australian and NZ residents with a minimum of 10,000 shares, received units in Ausbil Invesment Trusts - Australian Emerging Leaders Fund and non-eligible shareholders received cash
AURORA OIL & GAS LIMITED (AUT) 12 Jun 14 we understand Baytex Energy was successful with an offer of A$4.20 for each Aurora share (or the equivalent Canadian dollars for Canadian shareholders)
SIERRA MINING LIMITED (SRM) 05 Jun 14 we understand RTG Mining Inc. (RTG) was succesful with an offer of 3 RTG shares (in the form of RTG CDIs) for every 10 Sierra shares and 1 RTG option (in the form of RTG Option CDIs) for every 30 Sierra shares
APOLLO SERIES 2005-2 TRUST. (APQ) 29 May 14 we understand the Class A1 Floating Rate Notes (APQHA) maturing 15 August 2036 were redeemed in full on 15 January 2014


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