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Last 20 companies delisted from ASX
DRIVER AUSTRALIA ONE TRUST (DAO) 13 Jan 17 we understand that following exercise of a call option by the trustee the principal amount of the Notes was repaid on 21 December 2016
UGL LIMITED (UGL) 03 Jan 17 we understand CIMIC Group Investments No. 2 Limited was successful with an offer of $3.15 cash for each UGL share
AMP CAPITAL CHINA GROWTH FUND (AGF) 30 Dec 16 we understand it was resolved to wind up the fund with distributions to date totaling AUD$0.65495 per unit and estimated distributions to come of AUD$0.36881 (of which AUD$0.16745 is expected to be paid on 7 Feb 2017)
VODAFONE GROUP PLC (VPL) 28 Dec 16 we understand the company was delisted following failure to quote any securities
SAI GLOBAL LIMITED (SAI) 28 Dec 16 we understand Baring Asia Private Equity Fund VI acquired all the shares in SAI Global for $4.75 cash per share
ASG GROUP LIMITED (ASZ) 23 Dec 16 we understand Nomura Research Institute acquired all of the issued securities in the Company for the scheme consideration of $1.63 cash per share
BIGAIR GROUP LIMITED (BGL) 21 Dec 16 we understand, under the scheme of arrangement, BGL shareholders received for each BigAir share, either all Superloop Limited shares (0.371 new Superloop shares) or a mix (cash of $0.70 and 0.118 new Superloop shares)
FANTASTIC HOLDINGS LIMITED (FAN) 21 Dec 16 we understand Steinhoff Asia Pacific Holdings was successful with an offer of $3.50 cash per FAN share
INTECQ LIMITED (ITQ) 19 Dec 16 we understand Tabcorp Gaming, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tabcorp Holdings Limited, was successful with an offer of $7.15 cash per Intecq share
VITACO HOLDINGS LIMITED (VIT) 16 Dec 16 we understand an entity controlled by SIIC Medical Science (itself a subsidiary of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals) was successful with an offer of $2.25 per Vitaco share which was reduced by a permitted dividend of A$0.0296 to a cash payment of A$2.2204
WINDWARD RESOURCES LTD (WIN) 07 Dec 16 we understand Independence Group was successful with an offer of 19 cents cash per Windward share
THINKSMART LIMITED (TSM) 06 Dec 16 we understand the company decided to delist from ASX and list on AIM because of the limited trading on ASX, it would more closely align with operations in the UK and raise the profile of the company there and the costs and compliance of the ASX listing would be avoided
PUMA MASTERFUND S-6 (PUD) 29 Nov 16 we understand the trustee exercised a call option and as a consequence repaid the outstanding principal amount of the Notes on 25 November 2016
PAYCE CONSOLIDATED LIMITED (PAY) 29 Nov 16 we understand Bellawest Pty Limited was successful with an offer to holders of ordinary shares of $12.60 cash or one unsecured note issued by Bellawest with a face value of $12.60 per note and to holders of preference shares one unsecured note with a face value of $6.50 and a cash payment of $1 and $0.11507 in accrued dividend
PAWNEE ENERGY LIMITED (PAW) 22 Nov 16 we understand that the cxompany was delisted by ASX because its securities have not been quoted on the exchange for more than three years
CHINA HERBAL MEDICINE LIMITED (CHI) 11 Nov 16 we understand this company was delisted because it did not release its Half Yearly Financial Statements for 30 June 2016, usually this is an indication that the company has failed
ONTHEHOUSE HOLDINGS LIMITED (OTH) 04 Nov 16 we understand a consortium of investors comprising PIQ1 Pty Ltd and Macquarie Corporate Holdings Pty Limited and 77VSV and Sandrift Pte Limited was successful with an offer of A$0.85 for each OTH share
GPT METRO OFFICE FUND (GMF) 01 Nov 16 we understand Growthpoint was successful with an offer of either cash (approx $2.50 a unit) or 0.3968 securities in Growthpoint and $1.25 cash, both reduced by GMF's Sept 2016 quarterly distribution of 3.9 cents a unit
GALILEO JAPAN TRUST (GJT) 31 Oct 16 we understand the trust is being wound up, a distribution of $2.61 was made on 28 October, unitholders are to be advised in November 2016 of any possible further distributions
UNITY PACIFIC GROUP (UPG) 27 Oct 16 we understand that, following earlier assets sales and distributions, securityholders received a total consideration of 47 cents, comprising cash of 41.5 cents from Sentinel Security Investments and scrip of one San Remo share (in respect of the land at San Remo), for each stapled security, the latter being a contingent value of 5.5 cents


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Thank you so much for assisting with this. I contacted the registry today and they did confirm there are …… shares [value: $42,000] in my sister’s name. I have put ......... in contact with them so she can update her address and will thereafter be able to claim the dividends [value: $3764] and sell her shares if she chooses. We really appreciate your help, this money will be of huge assistance to ..... What a fantastic service you provide.
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