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29 May 2015

Dow Jones18126-37-0.2
All Ords5786+721.25
ASX 2005790+771.34
NZ 505826+480.83
S&P 5002121-3-0.13
Hang Seng27296-158-0.58
Straits Times3389-29-0.85
Euro Stoxx 503651-32-0.87

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Last 20 companies delisted from ASX
CIC AUSTRALIA LIMITED (CNB) 27 May 15 we understand that CIC Australia bought back all shares held by all shareholders other than Peet Limited at a buy-back price of $0.827 per share
TRAFFORD RESOURCES LIMITED (TRF) 21 May 15 we understand in the merger with IronClad Mining Limited, shareholders in Trafford received 1 Ironclad share for every Trafford share they held, option holders likewise
RESOURCE EQUIPMENT LTD (RQL) 15 May 15 we understand the company delisted because of the low liqiuidity of its shares, small spread, cost of listing and likely inability to raise capital
BALAMARA RESOURCES LIMITED (BMB) 06 May 15 we understand the company delisted because of a lack of institutional and retail interest, low level of liquidity, unreflective market value, distance from assets in Poland and costs
SIGNATURE METALS LIMITED (SBL) 01 May 15 we understand the company was delisted because its share price when suspended in July 2014 was $0.001, the market was illiquid, there were big losses and the auditors issued a disclaimer of opinion (in other words the company had failed)
FIFTH ELEMENT RESOURCES LIMITED (FTH) 24 Apr 15 we understand the company voluntarily delisted from ASX as it was unable to satisfy spread requirements
CVC PROPERTY FUND (CJT) 23 Apr 15 we understand CJT was restructured into the 360 Capital Total Return Fund (ASX code "TOT") with unitholders receiving units in TOT and A class units to be issued 24 April 2015
CHANDLER MACLEOD GROUP LIMITED (CMG) 17 Apr 15 we understand Recruit Holdings (via RGF Staffing) was successful with an offer of 53 cents cash per share
FORTE ENERGY NL (FTE) 17 Apr 15 we understand the costs of the listing and that 97% of trading takes place on AIM were the main reasons for the delisting from ASX
ILLAWARRA SERIES 2005-1 RMBS TRUST (ILW) 16 Apr 15 we understand the trustee exercised a call option resulting in the repayment of the outstanding principal and interest of all listed and unlisted notes
GOODMAN FIELDER LIMITED. (GFF) 19 Mar 15 we understand Wilmar International and First Pacific were successful with an offer of A$0.675 cash per share
REPUBLIC OF AUSTRIA (ROA) 17 Mar 15 we understand the entity was delisted following the maturity of all remaining notes
ORBIS GOLD LIMITED (OBS) 16 Mar 15 we understand SEMAFO was successful with an off-market cash offer of A$0.713 per share
ATLANTIC GOLD CORPORATION (AGB) 06 Mar 15 we understand AGB was closing an Australian office, had no remaining interests in Australia, it was not generating revenues and volumes on the TSX were four times those on ASX
OUTBACK METALS LIMITED (OUM) 26 Feb 15 we understand South Cove Limited held 90.17% of the issued shares in Outback and compulsorily acquired for cash the remaining shares at $0.0003 per share, Options A at $0.00010, Options B at $0.00008 and Options C at $0.00001
FIDUCIAN PORTFOLIO SERVICES LIMITED (FPS) 25 Feb 15 we understand that following a restructure FPS became a subsidiary of Fiduciary Group Limited (FID) and shareholders in FPS received shares in FID on a one-for-one basis
PUMA MASTERFUND P-11 (PUP) 25 Feb 15 we understand the outstanding principal amount of the Series B Class A Notes and Series B Class B Notes both due 22 August 2037 was repaid on 23 February 2015. Security Codes: PUPHA PUPHB
THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND N.V. (ABO) 18 Feb 15 we understand the 6.50% Notes and Floating Rate Notes due 17 May 2018 were fully redeemed together with accrued interest on 17 February 2015
MUTINY GOLD LIMITED (MYG) 16 Feb 15 we understand Doray was successful with an offer of one fully paid ordinary share for every 9.5 Mutiny fully paid ordinary shares and one listed option for every 9.5 Mutiny listed options
BELLA TRUST SERIES 2011-1 (BNI) 30 Jan 15 we understand the notes of the trust (BNIHA and BNIHB) were fully redeemed on 22 January 2015


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