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Date first listed: 11/04/2000
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name changed to 3Q Holdings Limited28/12/2005
shares were apparently not traded while the company had this name 28/12/2005
shares reinstated to quotation28/12/2005
company informs shareholders that their statement / advice recently sent refers to Acuity Investment Management Limited not 3Q Holdings Limited - it is not possible to issue statements / advices in the name of 3Q Holdings Limited at this time, as the change of name will not be effected on the Australian Stock Exchange Ltd until 28 December 200522/12/2005
company announces that the acquisition of QQQ Systems Pty Limited was completed today22/12/2005
company applies for the quotation of an additional 57,500,000 fully paid ordinary shares, 65,000,000 performance shares and 1,250,000 options22/12/2005
company advises shareholders that the Prospectus seeking to raise $1,500,000, has closed fully subscribed - subject to meeting all ASX listing requirements, Acuity Investment Management Limited should re list on the ASX on or before December 30 2005 under its new name of 3Q Holdings Limited and is expected to trade under the ASX code of TQH19/12/2005
capital reorganisation including a consolidation of the shares (1 for 2) is effective as of today15/12/2005
company confirms that the resolutions put to the Annual General Meeting of Acuity Investment Management Limited held yesterday, were all passed by a show of hands15/12/2005
the registered office and principal place of business of the company is now Ground Floor, 83 Havelock Street, West Perth WA 6005 - the new phone and fax numbers of the company are Phone: 08 9214 2540 Fax: 08 9214 2511 - the postal address remains as PO Box 1617, West Perth WA 687213/12/2005
company applies for the quotation of 57.5m ordinary fully paid shares06/12/2005
applies for the quotation of an additional 7.5m ordinary fully paid shares02/12/2005
company advises that the reorganisation of capital will become effective on 15 December 2005 - the reorganisation is by way of consolidating every two fully paid ordinary shares into one fully paid ordinary share28/11/2005
announces lodgement of the prospectus dated 25 November 2005 in respect to the proposed acquisition of QQQ Systems Pty Ltd25/11/2005
provides notice that the Annual General Meeting will be held at 2.00pm (WST) on 14 December 2005 at: The Celtic Club 48 Ord Street West Perth Western Australia08/11/2005
provides an independent expert's report on the proposal to acquire QQQ Systems Pty Ltd, trading as SVI Retail Group08/11/2005
advises that ASIC has approved an application by the Company to extend the deadline for the 2005 Annual General Meeting from 30 November 2005 to 14 December 200531/10/2005
lodges annual report and advises with respect to the reconstruction of the existing AMD capital that existing shareholders will receive 1 post consolidated share for each 2 pre consolidated shares they hold (an AMD shareholder currently holding 10,000 AMD shares will receive 5,000 AMD shares in the new entity)25/10/2005
advises the acquisition of SVI Retail is to proceed - the vendors will receive up front consideration valued at $10,000,000, in the form of 50,000,000 shares at $0.20 per share in exchange for their shares in SVI Retail - they are also entitled to receive up to 65,000,000 shares in exchange for their SVI Retail shares if they achieve specified performance targets in the periods ending 30 June 2006 or 2007 - AMD shares are to be consolidated (1 for 2) and $1.5 million will be raised through the issue of 7,500,000 shares at $0.20 per share24/10/2005
we understand a revised Share Sale and Purchase Agreement has been finalised - it is to be signed shortly - a Notice of Annual General Meeting and Annual Report is also to be dispatched shortly19/10/2005
lodges first quarter report03/10/2005
lodges preliminary final report for the year ending 30 June 200508/09/2005
Mr Tony Ammendola has been appointed as a director and replaces Mr Tony Cunningham effective immediately09/08/2005
company announces that a Share Sale and Purchase Agreement has been signed today with Sydney based company QQQ Systems Pty Limited, a leading Retail systems integrator, trading as SVI Retail - AMD will acquire 100% of SVI Retail in exchange for a total amount of $17.6 million to be satisfied by the issue of 88,000,000 post consolidation ordinary shares in AMD at a deemed consideration of $0.20 per ordinary share - AMD will change its name to 3Q Holdings Limited and there will be another consolidation of shares - this time one share for every four currently held08/08/2005
we understand the company is currently working on a specific proposal that will lead to re-quotation of the shares - that should come to fruition shortly21/07/2005
lodges quarterly report to 30 June 2005 showing a cash deficit from operating activities of $98,00008/07/2005
announces the 2,500,000 unlisted options with an exercise price of 12.5 cents have lapsed on 30 June 200501/07/2005
directors advise the company is in the process of finalising a placement of 2,700,000 shares at 4.5 cents per share to sophisticated investors - the raising of approximately $115,000 (after capital raising fees) will be specifically used to fund costs associated with the evaluation of a business opportunity27/05/2005
lodges half year report to 31 December 200403/05/2005
advises the market that the Company has closed the prospectus dated 24 January 2005 undersubscribed - all application monies received by the Company to date will be refunded in full in the coming week12/04/2005
prospectus has been extended for a further four (4) weeks and will now close at 5pm WST on Friday April 8 200511/03/2005
lodges half yearly report28/02/2005
prospectus has been extended for two (2) weeks and will now close at 5pm WST on Friday March 11 200525/02/2005
releases prospectus for the offer of 15m shares at an issue price of $0.20 per share to raise $3m25/01/2005
company advises "5 for 1 capital consolidation" has been completed - we think they mean 1 for 5 - shareholders end up with one share for every five they held previously02/12/2004
we understand that on or about this date the company consolidated its shares 1 for 524/11/2004
various resolutions involving the re-election of director J B Crawford, capital consolidation, acquisition of SAGL, prospectus issue, issue of securities, change of company name, adoption of New Constitution, and ratifying past shares placements were passed at an AGM today23/11/2004
name changed from Thin Technologies Limited17/11/2003
shares suspended from quotation17/07/2003

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