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Boardroom Pty Ltd, Level 12, 225 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Tel : +61 2 9290 9600 or 1300 737 760
Fax : +61 2 9279 0664 or 1300 653 459
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Company details

Address: Level 13, 50 Carrington Street,Sydney NSW 2000
Tel:  (03) 9909 7401 Fax: (03) 9909 7402

Date first listed: 18/06/1969
Company Secretary: Mr Brian Coulter
Sector: Materials Industry Group: XMJ
Activities: Mineral exploration.
name changed to BCD Resources (Operations) NL03/02/2010
releases Quarterly Activities Report01/02/2010
the motions considered at the AGM were carried on a show of hands as ordinary resolutions17/11/2009
releases Chairman`s Address to Shareholders17/11/2009
releases report on Activities for the Quarter ended 30 September 200902/11/2009
releases Annual Report to shareholders and provides notice of meeting which will be held at Level 4, St James Building, 121 William Street, Melbourne, commencing at 10.00am (Eastern Daylight Saving Time)16/10/2009
releases Preliminary Final Report31/08/2009
company advises that, following a period of intensive capital development in recent months, the F21 Zone (refer Figure 1) has been accessed on the 1120 level. Driving on the level is now exposing ore with strong grades over good widths in the Tasmania Reef20/05/2009
company releases its Quarterly Activities Report01/05/2009
the Coroner finds that no one directly contributed to the death of Larry Knight but Beaconsfield Gold Mine says it is disappointed and strongly disagrees with his comments in relation to risk assessment26/02/2009
releases Quarterly Activities report31/10/2008
company releases its 2008 annual report and notice of meeting14/10/2008
company advises production of 7,857 ounces of gold from the Beaconsfield Gold Mine during August 2008 - this represents a further increase on the 7,328 ounces of gold produced during July and provides additional confirmation of the return to full production11/09/2008
the company lodges its Preliminary Final Report29/08/2008
releases Annual Report and Half Yearly Report and Accounts29/02/2008
the Ore Reserve for the Tasmania Reef at the Beaconsfield Mine as at 30 November 2007 is estimated as: Proved and Probable Reserve 1,095,000 tonnes at 9.8g/t Au (346,000 ounces contained gold), the previous Ore Reserve as at 31 December 2005 was estimated as Proved and Probable Reserve 506,000 tonnes at 14.3g/t Au (233,000 ounces contained gold)08/01/2008
company releases a copy of the Chairman's Address being delivered at the Company's AGM30/11/2007
all motions considered at today's AGM were carried on a show of hands as an ordinary resolution30/11/2007
the company has closed out all remaining gold hedge positions, totalling 37,168 ounces of forward positions, increasing its exposure to the spot price of gold16/11/2007
the AGM will be held at Level 12, Bourke Place, 600 Bourke Street, Melbourne, commencing at 2.00pm on 30 November 200731/10/2007
annual report is released31/10/2007
the trial of a preliminary question regarding the construction of a key clause in the insurance policy that the BMJV participants were relying on in claiming damages of $45.5 million, was heard on 6 September 2007 - an adverse judgement was handed down today by Justice Hargrave - the BMJV participants, in conjunction with their legal advisors, are now considering an appeal to the Court of Appeal10/10/2007
the company advises that the Beaconsfield Mine expects to return to full production rates during the December 2007 quarter following an extensive review of all its mining operations and the withdrawal of all restrictions on the mine's operations01/10/2007
Beaconsfield Gold NL has finalised an $8.2 million capital raising - the working capital raised will secure the completion of both the re-commissioning at the Beaconsfield Mine and the corporate restructure of Allstate Explorations NL14/09/2007
company releases its Preliminary Final Report31/08/2007
Beaconsfield confirms that the takeover offer closed at 5:00pm on 12 July 2007 and gave notice that the voting power of Beaconsfield in Allstate is 90.02% comprising 57,912,735 fully paid ordinary shares in Allstate out of a total of 62,818,175 fully paid ordinary shares and 7,504,032 partly paid ordinary shares in Allstate out of a total of 10,859,452 partly paid ordinary shares and the applicable thresholds for compulsory acquisition of the outstanding ordinary shares in Allstate have therefore been met - however, in accordance with statements made in its bidder's statement, Beaconsfield will not proceed to compulsory acquisition of the outstanding shares in Allstate as would be permitted in accordance with the Corporations Act13/07/2007
letter sent to ALX shareholders by BCD says that under their Offer shareholders will receive an upfront payment of 1.5 cents per fully paid share and 0.1 cents per partly paid share, together with a deferred payment of 2.5 cents per fully paid share, payable should cumulative gold production from the Beaconsfield Mine attributable to Allstate under the Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venture of 30,000 ounces subsequent to 1 January 2007 be achieved - no deferred payment will be payable in respect of partly paid shares06/07/2007
Beaconsfield Gold NL declares takeover bid for Allstate Explorations NL unconditional29/06/2007
releases Half Year Report and Half Year Accounts21/06/2007
Beaconsfield has sent its bidder's statement, a copy of which was disclosed via an Australian Securities Exchange announcement on 24 May 2007, to all shareholders of Allstate12/06/2007
company advises that gold production at the Beaconsfield Mine recommenced in early April with the resumption of sill driving and has been gradually ramping up since then - the rate of gold production will now increase further following the completion of the Ore Production (Stoping) Case for Safety for the Eastern Domain01/06/2007
Beaconsfield Gold NL lodges with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and serves on Allstate Explorations NL ("Allstate") the Bidder's Statement for its off- market takeover offer ("Offer") for all the issued shares in Allstate not presently owned by Beaconsfield Gold - the offer is identical to that recently agreed with Newmont Australia Limited ("Newmont") for its shareholding in Allstate, being 4.0 cents per fully paid share and 0.1 cent per partly paid share24/05/2007
the Beaconsfield Gold group files a claim in the Supreme Court of Victoria claiming damages of $45.5 million arising from the insurer's refusal to provide indemnity in breach of the terms of the policy (under their business interruption insurance policy following the 25 April 2006 incident and the temporary closure of the Beaconsfield Mine)14/05/2007
Beaconsfield Gold has acquired the majority shareholding in Allstate held by Newmont for 4.0 cents per fully paid share and 0.1 cents per partly paid share - Beaconsfield Gold will now proceed with a takeover offer to all remaining minority Allstate shareholders on the same terms accepted by Newmont - Beaconsfield Gold anticipates that the offer will be made within three weeks or before 21 May 200730/04/2007
ALX announces further progress towards the full resumption of gold production at the Beaconsfield Mine in Tasmania19/04/2007
Beaconsfield Gold provides an update - it is now providing loan funds to the Allstate group during the re-start phase at the mine and Beaconsfield Gold executives now manage the Allstate group and the Beaconsfield Mine on a day-to-day basis - Beaconsfield Gold will now be able to design and carry out an extensive regional exploration program at Beaconsfield16/04/2007
increased mining operations have been given the go-ahead at the Beaconsfield Mine by the relevant safety authority in Tasmania and production of gold bullion from the ore treatment plant is expected shortly04/04/2007
a General Meeting is to be held at The Justice & Police Museum Cnr Phillip & Albert Streets Sydney, 2000 Monday 30 April 2007 11:00 am EST30/03/2007
Beaconsfield Gold has agreed to make a takeover offer to all remaining minority Allstate shareholders on the same terms accepted by Newmont if the minority shareholders of Allstate approve the transaction - those terms are that Beaconsfield Gold will acquire the majority shareholding in Allstate held by Newmont for 4.0 cents per fully paid share and 0.1 cents per partly paid share - based on the current timetable, offers on the terms outlined above would be made to the minority shareholders of Allstate on or before 21 May 200729/03/2007
the company emerges from administration - ordinary unsecured creditors are expected to receive 100 cents in the dollar (Beaconsfield Gold has provided a loan to Allstate to enable Allstate's unsecured trade creditors to receive 100% of their outstanding claims - Macquarie Bank, the secured creditor of the Allstate group, has restructured its banking arrangements and agreed to a standstill period during which the Allstate group will not be required to deliver gold production into its hedge book or repay its other liabilities to the bank)27/02/2007
Beaconsfield Gold has previously announced that agreement has been reached with Newmont Australia Limited ("Newmont") to acquire Newmont's 57.2% shareholding in Allstate for approximately $1.4 million, which will take Beaconsfield Gold's total shareholding in Allstate to 82.8% - Allstate will shortly convene a general meeting to seek the approval of the minority shareholders of Allstate for this transaction - if the acquisition is approved, Beaconsfield Gold has agreed to make an immediate takeover offer to all remaining minority Allstate shareholders on the same terms accepted by Newmont27/02/2007
Beaconsfield Gold has made a proposal to restructure the Allstate Explorations NL group - the Deed Administrator of the Allstate group has released an announcement, stating that he intends to convene an Allstate Creditors' Meeting on 27 February 2007 to recommend the acceptance of the proposal from Beaconsfield Gold - subject to approval by the Allstate creditors, the proposal will result in Beaconsfield Gold providing a loan to Allstate to enable unsecured trade creditors to receive 100% of their outstanding claims and the retirement of the Deed Administrator - Allstate will then be returned to the control of its directors12/02/2007
Beaconsfield Gold advises that having agreed to acquire Newmonts 57.2% holding in Allstate and agreed to purchase Allstate debts with a face value of $48m (for $2.85m), it will negotiate a commercial agreement with Allstate's only secured creditor (Macquarie Bank) to restructure Allstate and bring it out of administration23/01/2007
company provides an update on safety matters22/12/2006
reports that restructuring negotiations between the Beaconsfield mine joint venture partners, Allstate Explorations and Beaconsfield Gold, continue11/12/2006
Allstate administrators, Michael Ryan and Tony Woodings argue in court that the Australia Securities and Investments Commission had unfairly failed to consult with them before authorising a disgruntled shareholder to conduct public examinations - the court reserved its decision05/12/2006
the Sydney Morning Herald reports on Federal Court action involving the bank and Allstate's administrators, Michael Ryan and Tony Woodings from Perth insolvency firm Taylor Woodings - Mr Ryan and Mr Woodings have been ordered to appear and answer questions under oath at a public examination and Macquarie has been ordered to produce documents - the orders have been frozen pending a challenge to their validity due to be heard tomorrow and Wednesday - the orders were obtained by an Allstate shareholder, Simon Evans, after a July decision by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission authorising him to seek them04/12/2006
blasting of the Beaconsfield Gold Mine's main Decline recommences today01/12/2006
releases its 2006 Annual General Meeting presentation and advises that resolutions considered at the AGM were passed30/11/2006
company revises and reissues its financial report29/11/2006
Beaconsfield Gold NL welcomes a request by Allstate Explorations NL to commence negotiations with a view to restructuring ownership of the Beaconsfield Gold Mine10/11/2006
company lodges its first quarter's activities report09/11/2006
company advises work is to re-start on Beaconsfield Gold Mine Main Decline02/11/2006
Beaconsfield Gold's view remains that its pre-emptive rights under the Agreement are very clear and the Company will vigorously contest the appeal by Allstate22/09/2006
ALX has lodged an appeal regarding the courts judgement in relation to the pre-emptive rights under Clause 20.5 of the Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venture Agreement21/09/2006
BCD says the Supreme Court of Victoria has today confirmed Beaconsfield Gold Group's comprehensive pre-emptive rights under Clause 20.5 of the Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venture Agreement08/09/2006
ALX says it will continue to seek ways to restructure the company and come out of its deed of company arrangement08/09/2006
company says limited mining operations may be able to restart within the next 2 months06/09/2006
creditors claims of about $3.5m have been forgiven by 2 parties, Aurora Energy and Newmont - Newmont has imposed conditions, in particular that ALX's Deed of Company Arrangement is terminated and ALX does not go into liquidation upon its termination28/08/2006
Beaconsfield Gold group has today initiated an action in the Supreme Court of Victoria seeking declaratory relief in relation to the Beaconsfield Gold group's pre-emptive rights under the BMJV Agreement03/08/2006
Allstate rejects BCD's assertion that BCD has pre-emptive rights over Allstate's interest in the joint venture28/07/2006
the company seeks expressions of interest "for a possible transaction" - such as a share placement in the company or a sale of Allstate assets27/07/2006
Beaconsfield Gold NL welcomes Allstate's attempt to restructure the ownership of the Beaconsfield Gold Mine and asserts it has pre-emptive rights over Allstate's interest in the joint venture and is well positioned to acquire the shareholding27/07/2006
company lodges its third and fourth quarter's activities reports26/07/2006
administrator welcomes grant of $4.87m from the Federal Government and expects to have a clearer picture of a possible mine re-opening by mid-August20/07/2006
administrator reports steady progress "on the studies for the future operation of the Beaconsfield gold mine"04/07/2006
at the Beaconsfield Gold meeting today, that company's shareholders approved a share placement to allow it to buy out Allstate Exploration28/06/2006
administrator says the negotiations and developments over the past week had improved the forward outlook for the re-opening of the Beaconsfield mine02/06/2006
the Tasmanian Minerals Council Limited advised today "The Beaconsfield Gold group of companies owns 48.49% of the Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venture ("BMJV"), but does not manage the BMJV or the Beaconsfield Mine. The Allstate group of companies owns 51.51% of the BMJV and, via Allstate Explorations NL (subject to deed of company arrangement), manages both the BMJV and the Beaconsfield Mine"24/05/2006
it may be several months before a decision can be made on the future of the Beaconsfield Gold Mine - Mine Manager Matthew Gill today confirmed it would take a minimum of two months to work through the safety and operational issues to satisfy the requirements of both mine management, Workplace Standards and the Coroner19/05/2006
Beaconsfield Gold release: underground mining operations are suspended while the safety of the mine is investigated by the Tasmanian Chief Inspector of Mines - Beaconsfield Gold is encouraged that, at a meeting of mine workers held in Beaconsfield yesterday, the unanimous decision of the workers was that the mine should progressively reopen in those areas of the mine that are established to be safe - while mine operations are suspended, the ore treatment plant has continued to process previously stockpiled material15/05/2006
the claim against the plant design and construction contractor has been settled04/05/2006
releases 3rd quarter activities report03/05/2006
provides update on incident at Beaconsfield Mine (also Beaconsfield Gold is suspended from quotation today)27/04/2006
company advises that a significant seismic event has occurred at the Beaconsfield Gold Mine which resulted in rock falls in the mine - mining personnel were underground at the time - att this stage, three employees who were working on the 925m level are unaccounted for and their status is unknown - mine site management is coordinating the underground search for these three employees and emergency services have been put on standby - all other employees are accounted for and were not injured - the cause of the incident is not yet known and underground operations at the mine have been suspended while an investigation is carried out26/04/2006
Beaconsfield Gold BCD advises it is applying to the Supreme Court of Western Australia, with the consent of Allstate, to be joined as plaintiffs in Allstate's (on behalf of the Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venturers) proceedings against Allstate's former legal advisor - this action seeks damages for professional negligence arising from legal services provided in relation to certain insurance and risk management issues associated with the contract for construction of the treatment plant at the Beaconsfield Mine19/04/2006
in relation to Beaconsfield Gold's application to appeal against ALX's rejection of BCD's proof of debt, the appeal proceedings have been settled on the basis the proof of debt has been withdrawn and that each party bear its own costs18/04/2006
BMJV releases a zone resource update10/04/2006
the administrator confirms there remain a number of matters to be settled before the company can emerge from administration - he is unable to provide an estimate as to timing07/03/2006
BMJV releases regional exploration update01/02/2006
lodges activities report for the quarter to 31 December 200525/01/2006
lodges mineral resources and minerals reserve statement as at 30 June 200512/01/2006
releases a Geotechnical & Mining Method Review pertinent to the "seismic event" on 26 October 200529/12/2005
company issues clarification of the Chairman's address to the AGM which had previously been released to the market06/12/2005
company lodges chairman's address and advises that at the AGM today the Remuneration Report was adopted (after a poll had to be called) and Mr RD Elvish was re-elected a director30/11/2005
lodges December 2005 Quarterly Production Forecast Update02/11/2005
provides activities report31/10/2005
provides notice of annual general meeting to be held in the Lyccum Room Wesley Conference Centre, 200 Pitt Street, Sydney on Wed 30 Nov at 11.00am - also lodges quarterly production report and advises that the 2005 annual report has been sent to shareholders27/10/2005
lodges full year accounts for the period ended 30 June 200503/10/2005
lodges activities report for the quarter to 30 June 200529/07/2005
releases resources/reserve statement as at 30 June 200528/07/2005
an in-principle settlement of $13m has been reached with the indemnity insurer in relation to the BBR claim (see below)06/07/2005
administrator lowers profit expectations for 6 mos to 30/6/2005 (range $0.8m - $2.1m)16/06/2005
Beaconsfield Gold (BCD) files an application to appeal against ALX's rejection of BCD's proof of debt02/05/2005
company provides the third quarter's activities report29/04/2005
administrators advise of the formal rejection of the Beaconsfield Gold proof of debt (see item dated 3/11/2004 below)18/04/2005
Beaconsfield Gold NL advise it is taking legal advice in regard to the process involved for the Company to pursue its $29.3m claim against ALX following ALX's formal notice of rejection of the Proof of Debt - this alleges that ALX, as Manager of the Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venture, acted negligently in its dealing with Batepro Australia Pty Ltd and Brown & Root Engineering & Construction Pty Ltd (together "BBR") for the design, supply, construction and commissioning of a gold ore treatment plant and bacterial oxidation plant at the Beaconsfield mine18/04/2005
administrator issues profit expectations for the period to 30 June 200529/03/2005
lodges quarterly activities report for qtr to 31 Dec 0428/01/2005
dividend of $1.5m paid to unsecured creditors20/12/2004
chairman's address provides a good summary of the past year and where the company is at (see
BGNL Group lodges Proof of Debt (dated as of today) for $29.3m alleging among other things that Allstate breached duties in relation to contractural arrangements in August 1998 etc etc - the administrators are seeking legal advice03/11/2004
fourth dividend of $2.8m paid to creditors29/10/2004
lodges full year accounts30/09/2004
receives final payment under Transitional Arrangements Deed from Beaconsfield Gold07/09/2004
lodges preliminary final report31/08/2004
amends Transitional Arrangements Deed with Beaconsfield Gold NL09/08/2004
advises of problems over the payment of a debt owing by Beaconsfield Gold entities07/07/2004
company confirms that it will remain as manager of the Beaconsfield Mine JV notwithstanding it is subject to a Deed of Company Arrangement12/03/2004
at resumed AGM today, Mr R D Elvish re-elected a director and PKF Chartered Accountants appointed auditor01/03/2004
calls meeting of creditors (for Feb 24) to consider Beaconsfield Golds offer to fully repay its unsecured debt to Allstate17/02/2004
arbitrator finds in favour of the company and other claimants in the claim against the design and construction engineers in relation to the gold treatment plant in Tasmania - but it is currently unclear as to how the award of $60m is going to be enforced23/01/2004
at the AGM, shareholders are angry with the "deal" with Macquarie Bank, whereby Macquarie gets first bite at $77.5 million of the profits generated by Allstate's 52% of Beaconsfield - also the chairman advises the company could remain under the control of the deed administrators for many years - they have the authority to trade the company for as long as, in their discretion, it is in the best interests of the creditors - they also have power to realise the assets of the company24/11/2003
AGM to be held in Sydney on Nov 2423/10/2003
deed administrator lodges 2003 accounts with ASX - catching up - well done22/10/2003
administrator issues "Activities Report"04/09/2003
the company has not paid its annual listing fee - it will be removed from the official list on 1 September 2003 if it does not pay the fee by Friday Aug 2925/08/2003
deed administrators file heavily qualified financial statements for the years to 30 June 2001 and 2002 - they are not all that helpful because even the 2002 report is a year out of date - the claim against the design and construction engineers (see 29/10/2002 below) has been to arbitration (along with counter claims) and a decision is awaited - for further details please see the actual release at
last substantive release to the market 28 Jan 03 - we have repeatedly asked Michael Ryan one of the administrators for an update - he has been assuring us for some time he would provide one but has failed to do so01/07/2003
reports that ASIC is undertaking a full investigation into a meeting in March 2002 at which creditors agreed to receive $300,000 (5c in the $) in return for signing over to Macquarie debts of $77.5m15/05/2003
Beaconsfield announce a group of investors have proposed to pay for all the activities necessary for the retirement of the Receiver and Manager to Beaconsfield Gold28/01/2003
reports that ASIC is inquiring into information that was presented to the creditors meeting on 19 March 200228/01/2003
administrator identifies the challenge for the next 12 months to be to move from the current cash flow neutral operating situation to one of substantial cash flow surpluses so that debt can be reduced29/10/2002
administrator indicates efforts continue with the $20m litigation claim against the design and construct engineers of the joint venture's processing plant - an arbitration hearing will take place about June 200329/10/2002
administrators advise that the company has continued to trade on and confirms that certain variations were made to the DOCA following creditors meetings on 17 December 2001 and 19 March 2002 (see further details below) - there has been no return as yet to the secured creditor and administrators believe there is little, if any, equity that will be available to shareholders29/10/2002
Newmont Mining Corporation became a substantial shareholder with an interest of 56.55%03/04/2002
further DOCA amendments provide for the sale by Allstate to Macquarie Bank Limited of certain debts (evidently totalling $77 million) that were owing to Allstate by two of Allstate's subsidiaries - consideration for the sale of these debts (evidently $300,000) was to be distributed in accordance with the terms of the DOCA, but it was not to be used to pay any dividend to Macquarie nor to pay the deed administrators' remuneration, costs, fees or expenses (this followed a creditors meeting on 19 March 2002 - this was all disclosed to the market on 29 October 2002)28/03/2002
DOCA varied to provide for the company and the mine to trade-on; for the deed administrators to have discretion to sell Allstate's assets; for confirmation that the DOCA did not affect any charges or liens held by creditors of the company nor Macquarie's ability to appoint a receiver and manager; and related matters (market informed 29 October 2002)08/01/2002
directors advise improved levels of gold production are being achieved on a fairly consistent basis14/11/2001
after considering various options including possible sale of the Beaconsfield mine, decision now made to withdraw the project from the market for sale and continue to operate it13/11/2001
creditors resolve to enter into Deed of Company Arrangement allowing the company to be administered to maximise either returns to creditors and members, or the chances of the company continuing as a going concern (the DOCA evidently has no time frame)04/10/2001
BankWest confirms that last week it appointed G Trevor of Ferrier Hodgson as the Receiver and Manager of Beaconsfield Gold NL02/07/2001
Beaconsfield Gold announces it would welcome the entry of a financially strong experienced mining company to the Joint Venture which operates the Beaconsfield mine12/06/2001
company indicates that it wants to ensure the continued operation of the Beaconsfield mine08/06/2001
M Ryan and T Woodings of Taylor Woodings appointed administrators following board resolution that the company is insolvent or likely to become so08/06/2001
shares suspended from quotation08/06/2001

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