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Delisted from ASX 29/08/2007


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Computershare, Level 3, 60 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Tel : +61 2 8234 5000
Fax : +61 2 8235 8150
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Company details

Address: Level 12 , Gateway , 1 Macquarie Place , SYDNEY , NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2000
Tel:  (02) 9033 0050 Fax: (02) 9033 0053

Date first listed: 18/10/1994
Company Secretary: Mr Gregory Willis
Sector: Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Industry Group: XHJ
Activities: Develop and commercialise the process of human blood plasma fractionation for the production of therapeutic products to advance human health
company is deregistered and has therefore ceased to exist03/05/2009
Strike-Off Action is in Progress03/04/2009
a liquidator has apparently been appointed following a Court Order to Wind Up the Company And Appoint a Liquidator (we would appreciate advice to from the liquidator or anyone having knowledge of the liquidator)03/07/2008
delisted following failure to pay listing fee29/08/2007
it is unbelievable that a listed company's directors (Zhang Simin, Ken Baxter, Gregory Willis, Peter Nie Zhi Hua and Jinsong (Sophie) Wang can have so little regard for their shareholders that there has been no advice to the market of the situation with this company since October 2006 - particularly in the light of the assurances provided in that update - there is a complete absence of regulation at this end of the market place, to the extent that all shareholders should be advised to avoid it09/08/2007
company advises it has undertaken a fundraising process to institutional investors which will bring investments from Neptunus Pharmaceuticals USA and other investors into AVT - A report including the audited financial statements will be distributed to all shareholders and made available to all potential investors (when?) - The draft of the explanatory memorandum and the announcement of the shareholders' meeting to discuss and vote upon the resolutions for the fund raisings, the restructuring of the AVT Board of Directors and other company business is near completion and will be distributed to all AVT shareholders in the coming weeks20/10/2006
the appointment of Justin Leung and the big plans announced on 28 November 2005 appear to have come to nothing - there has been no release to the market since - it continues to astonish us that a board of directors can have so little regard for their shareholders ie, the owners of the company (and that the regulator lets them get away with it)06/09/2006
a Notification of Dismissal of Application For Winding Up Order is lodged with ASIC02/03/2006
a Notification of Filing of Application For Winding Up Order is lodged with ASIC01/02/2006
amends agreement with Neptunus Pharmaceuticals USA Inc and announces the appointment of Mr Justin Leung as CEO28/11/2005
cash flow report shows a deficit at operating level of about $10k for the month ended 31 October 200522/11/2005
cash flow report shows a deficit at operating level of about $48k for the quarter ended 30 September 200503/11/2005
we understand that a liquidator has not yet been appointed and that directors are endeavouring to resolve the issues and hopefully save the company - essentially directors have declared that the company is insolvent and therefore operations have been curtailed and it is no longer incurring debt - it is likely the situation will be resolved one way or the other over the next few weeks (rather than months)20/07/2005
shares suspended from quotation following the decision to appoint a liquidator and wind up the company, pursuant to Hong Kong law - this decision follows advice from Neptunus Pharmaceuticals Inc (USA) that it will not subscribe US$550,000 as it is obliged to do under a Subscription Agreement - this move unfortunately does not augur well for shareholders05/07/2005
name changed from AVT Bioplasma Limited22/04/2005

ASX Announcements (courtesy of ASX)


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    Sophie WangDirector

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