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Delisted from ASX 31/08/2009


Former (or subsequent) names

AVON RESOURCES LIMITED01/03/200205/10/2004
TRITON RESOURCES LIMITED01/10/198705/05/2000
TOWARNIE LIMITED28/05/197020/08/1970

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Computershare, Level 2, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000
Tel : +61 8 9323 2000 or 1300 557 010
Fax : +61 8 9323 2033
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Company details

Address: Level 22 , Allendale Square , 77 St Georges Terrace , PERTH , WA, AUSTRALIA, 6000
Tel:  08 9421 1999 Fax: 08 9421 1988

Date first listed: 20/08/1970
Company Secretary: 
Sector: Materials Industry Group: XMJ
Activities: Mineral exploration with a view to copper production
delisted following failure to pay listing fees31/08/2009
receivers report that they have settled the sale of the CopperCo assets to Cape Lambert Iron Ore29/06/2009
creditors resolve to wind up the company24/06/2009
a loss declaration has been issued and the capital loss can therefore be claimed in the financial year the declaration is issued18/06/2009
the Takeovers Panel has received an application from Cape Lambert MinSec Pty Ltd for a review of an ASIC decision under s655A(1) of the Corporations Act09/06/2009
Buka Gold notes that the Receivers and Managers of CopperCo Limited have advertised for expressions of interest in its assets, including CopperCo's 47.25% interest in Buka Gold and issues a "fact sheet" to provide information to all parties in relation to the opportunity to acquire a strategic equity holding17/03/2009
administrators advise of contamination concerns at Saga and Inca Creeks26/02/2009
Deloittes advises of the suspension of mining activity at the Lady Annie mining site due to flooding13/02/2009
Darren Weaver, Andrew Saker and Peter Geroff of Ferrier Hodgson have retired as receivers and managers and are replaced by Gary Doran and David Lombe of Deloittes following the acquisition by Cape Lambert Iron Ore Limited of the secured debt owed by the company09/02/2009
convening period for second meeting of creditors is extended to 24 June 200918/12/2008
resolved to appoint a committee of creditors08/12/2008
Darren Weaver, Andrew Saker and Peter Geroff of Ferrier Hodgson are appointed receivers and managers27/11/2008
Shaun Fraser, Simon Read and James Thackray of McGrathNicol are appointed administrators26/11/2008
shares suspended from quotation pending an announcement24/11/2008
shares reinstated to quotation following release of an announcement11/03/2008
shares suspended from quotation pending an announcement10/03/2008
shares reinstated to quotation following release of an announcement19/05/2006
shares suspended from quotation pending an announcement15/05/2006
we understand that on or about this date the company consolidated its shares 1 for 1015/05/2006
name changed from Avon Resources Limited05/10/2004

ASX Announcements (courtesy of ASX)


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Thought so. Any Aussie mining operation not under control of recognised corporations is suspect. You gamble, you lose03/04/2014 22:01:42
shares are worthless - check the loss declaration issued by the administrators in 2009 - see News & Events above15/01/2014 04:51:52
Simple question, are my shares worthless? I hold 415ordinary shares ref number 0030066421 in the uk02/11/2013 23:38:48
I have 1000 shares I have just now checked the shares and found that they do not exist, is that right,  can shoeone tell me if we have lost all our small investment or do we have a chance of salvage Neville Renshaw07/07/2013 15:24:51
Have we lost all our money we had in shares in CopperCo Limited ?
We only had 633  but as old age pensioners we really could do with the money. PLEASE REPLY 
Mr & Mrs Colin Munslow
04/04/2013 23:35:47
what reprimand did Brian Rear and Keith Liddel receive for putting the solvent co. into a lasting trading halt 5 days before and not letting us know macquarie bank was calling in their loan ,leaving us no chance to evacuate before being declared bankrupt. Are they declared Bankrupts thereselves ? 18/03/2013 16:27:04
yeh i wondering whats happening
20/11/2012 00:19:28
I am interested in what happened to my shares in cooperco and why???.
Have I lost my brass

Robert close
17/10/2012 02:17:41

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    Directors & Executives (current)

    Keith LiddellChairman
    Stephen BlackmanExecutive Director
    Richard BashamDirector
    Brian RearDirector

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    Directors & Executives (former)

    John MooreDirector22/11/200621/05/2009

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.