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Former Name ASX 29/08/2006


Former (or subsequent) names

ACCESS1 LIMITED10/01/200025/10/2001

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Advanced Share Registry Services, 110 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands WA 6009
Tel : +61 8 9389 8033
Fax : +61 8 9262 3723
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Company details

Address: 833 Dandenong Road , MALVERN EAST , VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3145
Tel:  (03) 9573 3900 Fax: (03) 9573 3901

Date first listed: 14/09/1994
Company Secretary: Mr George W. Brown
Sector: Software & Services Industry Group: XIJ
Activities: Training delivery, learning content development and recruitment services
company is being wound up at the direction of the court25/09/2017
this company now called DYNAMIC AGRI TECH LTD has sent a letter to shareholders welcoming them to the company - there is a prospectus and the company is seeking to raise up to $12 million - you can review the prospectus at www.dynamicagritech.com06/10/2010
at an Extraordinary General Meeting of Didasko's shareholders held on 12 November 2009, shareholders approved a number of resolutions effecting the following: • The acquisition of Dynamic Agri Tech Pty Ltd via the issuance of shares representing 91.6% of the issued share capital of Didasko (post-share issue); • The issuance of shares in ActiveSky Holdings Limited (previously a fully owned subsidiary of Didasko) to shareholders of Didasko at 1 November 2009 as an in-specie dividend so as to remove the ownership of ActiveSky from Didasko; • A change of the Group's name to Dynamic Agri Tech Limited; and • A consolidation of the Dynamic Agri Tech Group's issued capital on a one (1) for fifteen (15) basis (that is one share for every 15 shares previously held) ("Share Consolidation")06/10/2010
lodges with ASIC a Notification of Resolution Relating to Shares Convert Shares Into Larger or Smaller Number02/12/2009
name changed to DYNAMIC AGRI TECH LTD25/11/2009
the Federal Court of Australia in Sydney fines liquidator Mr Richard Albarran, of Hall Chadwick Chartered Accountants, $20,000, following his refusal or failure to answer questions asked by the Panel Chairman at a hearing of the Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board27/03/2008
the new Company Secretary confirms that the company is currently engaged in discussions that could potentially see it re-listed in the not too distant future - until the shareholders approve the current strategy he is unable to comment further - however, he does say that this presents a positive opportunity for shareholders and for the future of Didasko Limited30/08/2007
the company has pursued and investigated a variety of opportunities and has recently secured an agreement to acquire a project - this has enabled matters to progress and it is anticipated that the company will re-list in December 2007 - a detailed explanatory note together with information from the EGM will be circulated in the next 7-10 days28/08/2007
there have been no substantive developments over the past 3 months - whilst the Company continues to seek out new opportunities, it still has significant issues to overcome following the administration20/02/2007
we understand the position of the directors hasn't changed since our note below of 15/02/200605/10/2006
delisted following failure to pay its annual listing fee in respect of the year ended 30 June 200729/08/2006
according to a media release by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission today, the Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board has found that Richard Albarran of Hall Chadwick had failed to carry out or perform adequately and properly the duties or functions of a liquidator as required under Australian law22/05/2006
we understand directors are currently reviewing a number of business entities that may be suitable to vend into the public company shell - they have yet to determine the most suitable option - it is difficult to provide a timeline as to when this would occur at this stage, however, we are informed it is the companies intention to pursue re-listing as soon as is practicable based on an appropriate business being sourced15/02/2006
company confirms that a Variation to the Deed of Company Arrangement has been executed - this follows a payment of $190,000 to establish a creditor's trust fund on 2 December 2005 in accordance with the provisions of the Variation - as a result the Company has now been returned to the control of the directors and shareholders and is no longer subject to a Deed of Company Arrangement08/12/2005
applies for the quotation of 198,793,052 new fully paid ordinary shares10/11/2005
company confirms that a Variation to the Deed of Company Arrangement was executed on November 2nd 2005 - following payment of the creditor fund on November 30th 2005 a creditors' trust will be created and the Deed of Company Arrangement will be automatically terminated - "this will assist the company in applying to have the company's suspension from official quotation lifted"07/11/2005
company announces the appointment of Mr Robert Michetti as Joint Company Secretary27/10/2005
the company is still waiting for all parties to sign off on the varied Deed of Company Arrangement - this will, in addition to creatiing a creditors' trust, assist the company in the re-listing process - the company has been reviewing a number of businesses that may be suitable to vend into the public company shell and have yet to determine the most suitable option(s)18/10/2005
creditors determine to vary the Deed of Company Arrangement - following payment of the creditor fund within 30 days of execution of the varied deed a creditors' trust will be created - upon the creation of the creditors' trust the Deed of Company Arrangement will be automatically terminated - this will assist the company in applying to have the company's suspension from official quotation lifted05/08/2005
creditors approve Deed of Company arrangements which are to be executed on 30 June 200528/06/2005
creditors' meetings of major subsidiaries are scheduled for 24 June 200522/06/2005
creditors resolve to accept a Deed of Company Arrangement01/06/2005
shares suspended from quotation10/05/2005
injunction on the administrators is lifted and the administration is to proceed - it is too early to speculate on the outcomes, but administration never augurs well for shareholders09/05/2005
administrators (Robert Elliott, Richard Albarran and Geoffrey McDonald of Hall Chadwick) appointed but an injunction restrains them from acting05/05/2005
name changed from Access1 Limited25/10/2001

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Hi, did the company issue the loss declaration?

10/05/2016 16:38:43
Have they gone bust? What's their current financial position, still operating?
04/05/2015 19:54:41

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