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Delisted from ASX 24/12/1999

Former (or subsequent) names

DJL LIMITED16/10/1995

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company is deregistered today30/10/2013
a loss declaration has been issued and the capital loss can therefore be claimed in the current financial year28/06/2013
liquidator appointed28/09/2012
lodges Half Yearly Reports21/02/2012
the tax issues that are yet to be resolved are set down for a hearing commencing 31 May 2010 - we understand that no matter how favourable the outcome, there will be no distribution to shareholders - deListed continues to provide a service whereby DJL Limited shareholders are able to crystallise their capital loss18/11/2009
company is an unlisted public company and part of the Residual Assco Group (see further details there) - according to our information DJL no longer has any operating entities but is an investor in Residual Assco Group Limited (42.2%), Tooth & Co Limited (44.2%) and Dextran Pty Limited (1/3rd) which in turn owns Industrial Equity Limited - enquires can be made to 02 9258 8880 - deListed is able to assist with the crystallisation of a capital loss, please click on our "Sell your worthless shares" facility above09/01/2003
delisted at entity's request24/12/1999
name changed from David Jones Limited (2)16/10/1995

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Am executor of my mother's estate. Her records indicate that she was a shareholder in DJL Limited. Is there anyway that I can access the share register to determine whether this was the case?


17/08/2014 21:00:50
Hi, Both my Mother and father both have shares in DJL Limited. You will need to go back into your own records and see when they were purchased and at what cost.  I am lucky as my father(who is now 95) keep all records regarding all share purchases and costs.  Don't forget they were originally known as David Jones Limited(yes the retailer David Jones) and that is how they have been recorded and updated(with new name DJL) in my father share registry book.  My father's share purchase of David Jones goes back to 1964.  I have the following information.  25/05/1976 bonus 1 for 5, 27/05/1985 bonus 1 for 4, a 1 for 5 option at $13.00 each share on 28/04/1987, 1 for 4 bonus 12/05/1987, 1 for 4 bonus 25/11/1988, 12/12/1989 Dividend re-investment $10.81 a share(held 285 and got 7 shares), 21/05/1990 dividend reinvest. $7.37 a share(held 292 and got 40 new shares), 11/12/1990 dividend reinvest. $1.34 a share(held 332 and got 129 shares). Delisted 1999.

Hope this helps.  Bruce
07/07/2013 08:17:28
Hi, For DJL Limited do you have any historical share price info that I can use to calculate a potential capital loss? Thank you,25/06/2013 14:35:35
Are you able to sell JOD shares through you?  Has the company issued a tax loss certificate yet?
17/04/2013 10:27:32
I am winding up an estate that includes a holding of DJL Limited shares. Do you have any historical share price info that I can use to calculate potential capital loss? Thank you, Hilary10/09/2012 14:43:32

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