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Delisted from ASX 30/08/2002

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company deregistered today16/06/2013
the Liquidators advise that they have settled an insolvent trading claim against the directors and 12 unfair preference claims against creditors - the Receivers and Managers have settled their legal claims against the former auditors of Harris Scarfe and advise that there was no surplus arising from these settlements that would become available for return to unsecured creditors - the liquidators also note that ASIC has completed its investigations and finalised all legal proceedings against the management of the Group07/04/2008
the Liquidators are continuing to pursue the remaining 27 unfair preference claims against creditors - it may be some time before these claims are resolved in the Courts - there are still a number of issues that must be resolved before the Liquidators can conclusively determine whether a dividend will be able to be declared07/04/2008
liquidators advise that they are to examine an officer of the Chubb Insurance company in relation to a Directors' and Officers Liability policy31/07/2007
a claim for insolvent trading is filed by the liquidators against directors - this is likely to be a lengthy process30/03/2007
the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions decides to discontinue the prosecution of Mr Adam John Trescowthick, formerly the Executive Chairman, and a director - this follows two trials in which the jury was unable to reach a verdict22/12/2006
Class Action - we understand lawyers Duncan Basheer Hannon have paid 5.5 cents per share as a result of the class action - arguably the total amount of the settlement and how much of it the lawyers received should be on the public record29/11/2006
in a circular to creditors following a meeting of creditors today, the liquidators state that "at this time we are not able to determine whether there will be a return to unsecured creditors - the key determinants ... are the outcome of alleged negligence proceedings, the outcomes of the liquidators' remaining unfair preference proceedings and the outcome of the insolvent trading investigation" (it is our understanding that convertible noteholders rank as unsecured creditors)28/09/2006
Class Action - we understand a settlement offer has been communicated to Group Members and the solicitors are due back in Court on 12 October to report on the response of members06/09/2006
the jury in the trial of Daniel Francis McLaughlin, in the District Court in Adelaide, was today discharged after being unable to reach a unanimous verdict, in relation to 17 charges arising from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's investigation into the Harris Scarfe group - this is the second time a jury has not been able to reach a decision - McLaughlin was remanded on continuing bail to reappear in the District Court in Adelaide in one month's time28/03/2006
Class Action - we understand the mediation effort to be ongoing17/03/2006
Class Action - an agreement has been reached to hold a Mediation Conference on 3 March 2006 with the lawyers for the repondent's insurer Chubb Australia - the objective is to try to resolve the action on a commercial basis24/01/2006
Class Action - we understand the solicitors conducting the Class Action have been contacted by solicitors acting for Chubb Insurance who provided the D & O Cover for Harris Scarfe - they are hopeful that a way forward emerges from the discussions07/11/2005
Class Action - an amended Statement of Claim has just been finalised - the claim, which includes financial information not known at the time of the original claim, has increased in size from about 150 pages to about 360 pages - it now remains for the directors to prepare and file defences11/07/2005
the jury in the trial of Daniel Francis McLaughlin, in the District Court in Adelaide, was today discharged after being unable to reach a unanimous verdict in relation to 17 charges arising from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's investigation into the Harris Scarfe group - he was ordered to reappear in the District Court in Adelaide on 19 April 200506/04/2005
class action update - court makes further orders that the solicitors file an amended statement of claim - Adam Trescowthick's obligation to file a statement of defence will only arise when court proceedings against him are concluded in early 2006 - this is, and will continue to be, a drawn out process, but at least there is progress15/03/2005
class action update - Justice Mansfield dismisses the Disjoinder Application by a number of defendants in which they applied for orders that the proceedings no longer continue as a class action25/02/2005
Sam Davies and Colin Nicol of McGrathNicol are appointed by the Supreme Court of South Australia in place of Michael Dwyer25/01/2005
class action update - Duncan Basheer Hannon advise there is no change (since our note below of 21/10/2004)24/01/2005
reports that a former Harris Scarfe accountant, Anthony Wight, testified at the Adelaide Magistrates Court committal hearing of Adam Trescowthick that the falsification of accounts started five years before Trescowthick became executive chairman - Trescowthick is pleading not guilty to 37 dishonesty charges - prosecutors have alleged he instructed Harris Scarfe's chief financial officer, Alan Hodgson, to falsely inflate profits to about $36 million between 1998 and 2000 - but Mr Wight said he was first directed by Hodgson to falsify accounts in mid-1994, five years before Trescowthick was appointed07/12/2004
class action update - Duncan Basheer Hannon advise they still await the decision of Mansfield J. on the last of the 3 applications made by the former directors of HSL - the first 2 have been dismissed and while they are reasonably confident about the 3rd application, until the decision is handed down things remain at a bit of a standstill21/10/2004
class action update - Duncan Basheer Hannon advise they still await the court's decision prior to amending the Statement of Claim11/03/2004
class action update - Duncan Basheer Hannon advise it is their expectation that once Justice Mansfield hands down his decision (which they expect to require amendments to the Statement of Claim) they will be in a position to make those amendments almost immediately16/01/2004
class action update - Duncan Basheer Hannon advise they have completed the task of document inspection and are now attending to the amendment of the Statement of Claim by incorporating references to various documents - Justice Mansfield is still to deliver his decision on the strike out application that was argued in January02/12/2003
former chairman of Harris Scarfe, Adam Trescowthick, appeared in an Adelaide court today charged with 37 dishonesty offences related to the retailer's collapse - 17 counts of failing to act honestly as an officer of a company, 13 of failing to exercise powers and discharge duties, and 7 of procuring the dissemination of false information - he is the third HSL executive to face charges26/09/2003
class action update - Duncan Basheer Hannon continue to work on the company's documents - they have sorted out those they believe will be relevant to the case and in due course will amend the Statement of Claim to particularise allegations which are now supported by documentation - they will then be able to respond quickly once Judge Mansfield delivers his decision on the strike out application that was argued in January25/09/2003
reports that former HSL chairman Adam Trescowthick has been charged with criminal offences - he will face 37 counts of dishonesty relating to the company's collapse in 200111/07/2003
a loss declaration has been issued and the capital loss can therefore be claimed in the financial year the declaration is issued30/06/2003
Duncan Basheer Hannon are still awaiting a decision in the "strike out" application - during June they will be inspecting company documents and anticipate they will then be in a position to amend the statement of claim30/05/2003
Duncan Basheer Hannon advise there has not been any decision in the "strike out" application (hearing 20-21 Jan 2003) as yet but at worst they expect orders to further particularise the Statement of Claim07/04/2003
Duncan Basheer Hannon advise members of the class action of developments which are essentially reflected in various notes below28/02/2003
Duncan Basheer Hannon issue a non-party Discovery action against the receiver and the liquidator of the company requesting orders allowing access to company records (we do not have a precise date for this) - they anticipate that there will be documents among the records that will confirm instructions were given by the board to Alan Hodgson28/02/2003
former chief operating officer DF McLaughlin committed for trial in relation to 17 charges arising from ASIC's investigation into the group31/01/2003
liquidator confirms that receivers and managers are still quantifying the various companies' legal claims against third parties22/01/2003
hearing in the class action originally listed for 11 December was adjourned until today - directors' legal representatives argue that Duncan Basheer Hannon had not particularised the basis upon which they alleged that various media releases and reports filed with ASX by Alan Hodgson were issued or filed at the request or direction of the directors20/01/2003
Daniel Francis McLaughlin former chief operating officer pleads not guilty to dishonesty charges - he was remanded to appear in court again on 31 January 200313/12/2002
private consortium buy the department stores for an estimated $60m (book value at the time was evidently $154m)19/11/2002
liquidators confirm that any return to unsecured creditors and ultimately to shareholders will be dependant on the outcome of proceedings being taken against the auditors or any other proceedings that may be issued and the quantum of any judgment awarded by the Court pursuant to any proceedings - it may take 2-3 years therefore before the liquidator is in a position to provide a liquidators declaration or indicate whether there may be a distribution to shareholders04/11/2002
Duncan Basheer Hannon receive Notices of Motion from various firms of solicitors acting on behalf of the directors seeking to strike out the action on the grounds that there is no arguable case15/10/2002
Daniel Francis McLaughlin, formerly chief operating officer, today appeared for the first time in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on 17 charges arising from ASIC's investigation04/10/2002
delisted due to failure to pay annual listing fee30/08/2002
1800 shareholders have so far expressed an interest in the class action against former directors31/07/2002
advice that next directions hearing in class action against directors is scheduled for 11/12/200231/07/2002
first directions hearing in class action against directors - they are directed to file their defences by 30 October 200222/07/2002
former CFO of HSHL Alan Hodgson sentenced to six years in jail26/06/2002
liquidators advise may be considerable time before issues are resolved and declaration can be issued26/06/2002
liquidators advise they are unable to issue declaration enabling shareholders to realise capital loss26/06/2002
liquidators advise they cannot sanction any transfer of shares26/06/2002
Duncan Basheer Hannon issue proceedings in Federal Court for class action against former directors07/06/2002
former CFO of HSHL Alan Hodgson pleads guilty to 32 charges19/04/2002
Receivers and Managers launch $70m damages claim against the company's former auditors15/03/2002
Duncan Basheer Hannon invites shareholders to join class action01/03/2002
M J Dwyer & L P Maxsted (KPMG) appointed liquidators03/01/2002
resolution passed to wind up company03/01/2002
retail operations of group sold but not sufficient funds to pay ANZ Bank in full - the Receivers and Managers traded the businesses from 3 April 2001 until 19 November 200119/11/2001
second statutory meeting of creditors05/11/2001
Ferrier Hodgson summons former officers to appear in court for a public examination13/07/2001
first meeting of creditors10/04/2001
company placed in receivership06/04/2001
Duncan Basheer Hannon allege shareholders misled by directors06/04/2001
Ferrier Hodgson appointed Receivers and Managers06/04/2001
ASIC commences investigation into HSL and related companies04/04/2001
M J Dwyer & L P Maxsted of KPMG appointed as joint and several Administrators03/04/2001
securities of the company suspended03/04/2001
chief operating officer resigns27/03/2001
name changed from Charles Davis Limited23/11/1995

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It's been 11 years since the company folded and still not finalised. Does anyone have any more news?
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