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Link Market Services Brisbane
Level 21, 10 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000
Tel : +61 7 3320 2200 or 1300 554 474
Fax : +61 2 9287 0303
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Company details
Address: 43 Metroplex Avenue , MURARRIE , QLD, AUSTRALIA, 4172
Tel:  07 3906 2000 Fax: 07 3908 2516

Date first listed: 21/03/2001

Sector: Consumer Services
Industry Group: XDJ
Activities: Provides early childhood learning centres

company (last called ZYX LEARNING CENTRES LIMITED) is deregistered today


Liquidator reports that priority creditors receive 100 cents in the dollar with nothing for unsecured creditors - or naturally for shareholders


James Black, was today sentenced in the Brisbane District Court to 18 months imprisonment, wholly suspended, to be released forthwith to enter into a good behaviour bond for two years with $2000 recognisance. Mr Black had earlier pleaded guilty to one rolled up count of making available false or misleading information about the affairs of ABC that he knew to be false or misleading in material particulars


The former chief financial officer of ABC Learning Centres Limited (ABC), James Black, appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today charged with three counts of authorising false or misleading information.


Austock Group Limited (ASX: ACK) has today received letters of demand from lawyers acting for the liquidators of ZYX Learning Centres Limited (Formerly ABC Learning Centres Limited) (In Liquidation) (Receivers and Managers Appointed) and a number of its subsidiaries (ABC). The letters of demand claim that certain payments made to subsidiaries of Austock during the 6 months prior to ABC going into voluntary administration on 6 November 2008 are recoverable by the liquidators as preference payments under sections 588FE and 588FF of the Corporations Act 2001


creditors vote in favour of a resolution to liquidate the company - it will apparently be years before creditors will see any money


a loss declaration has been issued and the capital loss can therefore be claimed in the financial year the declaration is issued


reports that the receiver of ABC Learning says the collapsed firm's remaining childcare centres are set to be sold to a syndicate comprising not-for-profit welfare groups - Receiver Chris Honey on Wednesday named the GoodStart syndicate as the preferred purchaser after a bidding process - the syndicate includes Mission Australia, the Benevolent Society, Social Ventures Australia and the Brotherhood of St Laurence - the receivers have already closed 81 centres and sold 216 others, deemed to be "unviable", to 78 new owners


reports that chief executive Rowan Webb - who earns $1.6m a year - company secretary Matthew Horton and chief financial officer Peter Trimble each have been authorised to receive a $250,000 "retention bonus" on top of their hefty salaries - Mr Horton confirmed the payment, which he described as compensation for the executives' job insecurity pending the company's sale next month - "It's for working in a company where you're not guaranteed of a long-term job, I suppose - it's a private arrangement between me and the receivers."


union officials say in regard to the remaining childcare centres, "it's not appropriate for the big banks to decide behind closed doors who will control these centres merely because they are ABC Learning's major creditors"


reports that the administrators are investigating a $1 billion damages claim against the former directors of the company, including founder Eddy Groves, chairman Sallyanne Atkinson, and auditors Pitcher Partners - litigation funder IMF Australia will fund the company's administrators, to conduct a series of public examinations of the former ABC directors, their auditors, members of its banking syndicate and external consultants


reports that the receivers are expected to formally start the sale of the 715 viable centres as early as this week - final bids are now expected by December 5 this year and contracts should be exchanged later that month - completion of the sales contracts is expected by February, with the administrators then expected to hold a second creditors' meeting before the end of March


delisted following failure to pay listing fees


administrators have insufficient funds to pay listing fees and the company will therefore shortly delist from ASX


the period for convening of the 2nd meeting of creditors has been extended to 31 March 2010


the UK arm of the company (Busy Bees) has been sold by the receivers for an undisclosed sum


the administrator Gregory Maloney of Ferrier and Hodgson advises shareholders and noteholders that the transfer of shares/notes cannot take place without their consent, neither are they in a position to make a declaration whereby security holders may claim a loss and it is not their intention to provide issuer sponsored holding statements or update the register of shareholders or noteholders (we note that administrators represent the interests of creditors and seem to be unaware of a tax ruling that allows for the crystallisation and claiming of a capital loss - deListed has since 2003/04 provided a solution to thousands of shareholders via its worthless shares facility, whereby losses can be written off and crystallised for tax purposes - over that period not one shareholder has advised that a capital loss claim has been rejected by the ATO!!)


Receivers advise developments with litigation the company is involved in the USA


convening of the second meeting of creditors has been extended by the Court to 30 September 2009


shareholders have apparently received notification of the conversion of their holdings to issuer sponsored - we know this is confusing and we know that registries typically fail to explain why this has occurred - shareholders selling their shares to deListed to crystallise their capital loss should just provide the old HIN and the name/address of their broker


receivers outline a plan to keep many of the childcare centres going and "transitioning" the business out of receivership in 2009


administrators advise that the second meeting of creditors need only be held by 31 March 2009


ACCC discontinues proceedings against the company for breach of court enforceable undertakings


McGrathNicol, confirms that the majority of ABC child care centres will remain open in 2009 - they have also advised that a further 386 child care centres were the subject of `further review' and that an unknown portion of these centres may not stay open beyond 31 December 2008


Peter Walker and Greg Moloney of Ferrier Hodgson are appointed as Voluntary Administrators - this never augurs well for shareholders but it will be a month or so before there is a clearer picture of the way forward - All Investor and Creditor enquiries should be directed to the Administrators office: Ferrier Hodgson Tel: 07 3831 4833 Fax: 07 3831 3862 E:


the company's banking syndicate appoints Chris Honey, Murray Smith and John Cronin of McGrathNicol as receivers - All Investor and Creditor enquiries should be directed to the Administrators office: Ferrier Hodgson Tel: 07 3831 4833 Fax: 07 3831 3862 E:


company confirms that it will not be in a position today to announce its full year financial results for the year ended 30 June 2008 - the company is working to conclude the final outstanding matters as soon as possible


the acquisition by A.B.C. Learning Centres Limited ("ABC") of the 123 Careers business has been reviewed by the ACCC and cleared today - notwithstanding the ACCC approval, ABC's new management team has decided not to proceed with the acquisition - ABC has terminated the contract for a variety of reasons including the failure of the parties to complete the conditions precedent


A.B.C. Learning Centres Limited ("ABC") has previously advised that 2008FY results would be released by the end of September in accordance with the Corporations Act. ABC anticipates that the results will now be released during October. The outstanding issues are consistent with previous announcements - Upon receipt of the final report from our auditors, and the release of the 2008 results, ABC expects to resume normal trading on the ASX


on 13 August 2008 A.B.C. Learning Centres Limited ("ABC") announced that it had agreed the principal terms for the sale of Busy Bees Childcare Vouchers Limited, its UK voucher business, for GBP90 million to Computershare Limited, the ASX listed provider of share registry and related services - the transaction successfully completed on 1 September (UK time)


company is not able to release its 2008 full year result - when it does it will ask ASX to reinstate its securities


the securities of A.B.C Learning Centres Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Company, pending the release of an announcement regarding financial results for the financial year ended 30 June 2008


the suspension of trading in the securities of A.B.C Learning Centres Limited (the "Company") will be lifted immediately, following receipt of an announcement in relation to a joint venture with Morgan Stanley Private Equity


securities of A.B.C Learning Centres Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Company, pending the release of an announcement regarding indications of interest that the Company has received in relation to part of its business


shares reinstated to quotation


securities suspended from quotation as the company finalises a capital raising


shares reinstated to quotation


shares suspended from quotation pending an announcement about a capital raising


we understand that on or about this date the company split its shares 5 for 1


Company provides childcare services and education in Australia and New Zealand - it was first listed on 21 March 2001

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Refer to liquidation of ABC Learning Centres (ABS), will the common stockholder receive the payment (if any)?02/05/2012 15:34:30
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