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In Administration

In Administration


Australian companies that are in administration feature in the lists below.  See also below for an explanation of administration and how to determine if your company is in administration.


(a small selection)
AUSTRALIAN POTASH LIMITED APC 06 Dec 23 Voluntary Administrators Hayden White and Daniel Woodhouse of FTI Consulting were appointed.
BOD SCIENCE LIMITED BOD 29 Nov 23 On 29 November 2023, the Board of Directors of Bod Science Limited the Board of Directors of Bod Science Limited of Rodgers Reidy as Joint and Several Administrators of the Company pursuant to section 436A of the Corporations Act 2001.
ARMOUR ENERGY LIMITED AJQ 10 Nov 23 Jonathan Henry, Damien Pasfield and Mark Holland of McGrathNicol were appointed Voluntary Administrators.
FULCRUM EQUITY LIMITED FUL 31 Oct 23 Malcolm Kimball Howell of Jirsch Sutherland is appointed administrator
CATALANO SEAFOOD LTD CSF 18 Oct 23 Rob Brauer and Linda Smith were appointed Voluntary Administrators.
HALO FOOD CO. LIMITED HLF 24 Aug 23 On 24 August 2023, Rahul Goyal, Kate Conneely and Michael Korda of Kordamentha, were appointed Administrators of the Company.
WELLFULLY LIMITED WFL 18 Aug 23 Mr Bryan Hughes and Mr Christopher Pattinson of Pitcher Partners were appointed as Joint and Several Administrators of the Company.
KALIUM LAKES LIMITED KLL 03 Aug 23 Martin Jones, Matthew Woods and Clint Joseph from KPMG were appointed as voluntary administrators to Kalium Lakes on 3 August 2023.
HAPPY VALLEY NUTRITION LIMITED HVM 05 Jul 23 Andrew Grenfell and Kare Johnstone have been appointed to be the e Company's joint and several administrators.
TEN SIXTY FOUR LIMITED X64 02 Jul 23 PwC's Martin Ford and Simon Theobald were appointed as Voluntary Administrators effective 2 July 2023.

What can an administrator do?

The administrator is empowered to do anything that the company or any of its officers could do previously. He can carry on the business of the company as well as terminate it, or any part of it. His job is to investigate the company’s activities and report to creditors at meetings. The first has to be held within eight business days of being appointed and the second within five to six weeks of being appointed.

The administrator is supposed to oversee a corporate rescue mechanism that gives the company a better chance of surviving or that results in a better return to creditors. That's the theory. In practice, while the entity and even the business may survive, the shareholders have almost invariably lost their investment.

A voluntary administrator is not required to report to shareholders on the voluntary administration, but a few of the more enlightened administrators do brief shareholders of listed companies via the ASX Announcements platform.


Creditors make the decisions

The second meeting of creditors is the important meeting. Shareholders do not get to vote. But the creditors then vote to either return control to directors, or place the company in liquidation, or execute a Deed of Company Arrangement, commonly called a DOCA. The DOCA may enable the company to continue trading and offers the prospect of a better return to creditors than liquidation. When the terms of the DOCA are effectuated, the company reverts to the control of its existing directors or new directors. Depending on the outcomes, it may also go straight into liquidation.


Administration never augurs well

In Australia, voluntary administration has never augured well for shareholders; they usually lose all or most of their investment. Creditors via an Administrator (rather than large shareholders via the board) control the company.

Sometimes administrators hold out the prospect of value for shareholders in the corporate shell. But usually this involves only small entities (resuscitated by backing into the corporate shell a new business or another business and raising new capital), and existing shareholdings are savagely diluted, such that an average shareholding is of nominal value only.

Voluntary Administration - 

what does it mean to you as a shareholder? 

Administration is the beginning of the end for shareholders. If your company has been placed in administration, its business has almost certainly failed and your shares are of little, if any, value. The chances of any significant recovery, even if the entity is re-structured and recapitalised, are remote.

Remember who your directors and executives were and resolve to avoid in future any companies they may be involved in.


Finding your company

If your company has been delisted or is suspended from quotation it may well be in administration. You can click on the link above to see a list of all companies in administration or find a specific company that is in administration by:

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If you are unable to find your company or the information is incomplete or incomprehensible we recommend you send us a message and we will try to assist.



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