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Managed funds starting with Q

This is a current list of Australian managed funds that have been closed and terminated. Investors in these funds who may never have received their investment back or had the benefit of a rollover, should utilize our unclaimed search facility here:

Fund Reference Status
QFS Fund BSP7071AU Terminated
QFS Fund II BSP3603AU Terminated
QIC Absolute Return Bond Fund QIC6058AU Terminated
QIC Alternative Beta Fund QIC0021AU Terminated
QIC Australian Equities Special Purpose Fund QIC0017AU Terminated
QIC Diversified Infrastructure Fund No.1 QIC0020AU Terminated
QIC GFI Absolute Return Fund QIC0022IE Terminated
QIC GFI Absolute Return Plus Bond Fund QIC0023IE Terminated
QIC GFI Alpha Fund QIC0006AU Terminated
QIC GFI Inflation Plus Fund QIC0013AU Terminated
QIC Global Credit Income Fund QIC2367AU Terminated
QIC Hedged International Equities Fund QIC0008AU Terminated
QIC Implemented Australian Equities Fund QIC0003AU Terminated
QIC Liquid Alternatives Fund QIC3477AU Terminated
QIC Ping An China Corporate Bond Fund QIC9348IE Terminated
QIC Property Fund QIC0018AU Terminated
QIC Shopping Centre Fund QIC0019AU Terminated
QIC Stable Fund QIC0005AU Terminated
QSuper VIP Accumulation Account QSU0103AU Terminated
Qualitas Mezzanine Debt Fund - Series 1 QMD3262AU Terminated
Quambi Place Sub-Trust BFA7847AU Terminated
Quantitative Investments Wholesale Alpha Fund PER0115AU Terminated
Quantum Property and Opportunity Fund QSM0002AU Terminated
Quantum Property Syndicate No.09 QSM0003AU Terminated
Quantum Property Syndicate No.11 QSM0004AU Terminated
Quantum Property Syndicate No.12 QSM0005AU Terminated
Quantum Property Syndicate No.14 QSM0006AU Terminated
Quantum Property Syndicate No.15 QSM0007AU Terminated
Quantum Property Syndicate No.16 QSM0008AU Terminated
Quantum Property Trust No.09 QSM0009AU Terminated
Quantum Property Trust No.11 QSM0010AU Terminated
Quantum Property Trust No.12 QSM0011AU Terminated
Quantum Property Trust No.14 QSM0012AU Terminated
Quantum Tier 1 Bond Fund QSM0021AU Terminated
Queen Street Sub-Trust BFA1027AU Terminated
Queensberry Street Sub-Trust BFA6543AU Terminated
Queensbridge Street Sub-Trust BFA0342AU Terminated
Queensland Turf Club Employees' Super Plan PTC0121AU Terminated
Questor Australian Majors Fund ACU0004AU Terminated
Questor Australian Securities Fund ACU0009AU Terminated
Questor International Securities Fund ACU0010AU Terminated
Quilla Assertive Portfolio WFS8091AU Terminated
Quilla Conservative Income Portfolio WFS2150AU Terminated
Quilla Income Generator Portfolio WFS1503AU Terminated
Quilla Moderate Portfolio WFS3848AU Terminated
Quiris Currency Absolute Return Fund WHT0050AU Terminated

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I Brandli, Coffs Harbour NSW

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