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Managed funds starting with D

This is a current list of Australian managed funds that have been closed and terminated. Investors in these funds who may never have received their investment back or had the benefit of a rollover, should utilize our unclaimed search facility here:

Fund Reference Status
Dalton Street Capital Absolute Return Fund ETL0469AU Terminated
Dalton Street Capital Absolute Return Fund - Class B ETL4068AU Terminated
Dalton Street Capital Diversified Futures Fund ETL1288AU Terminated
Dalton Street Capital Diversified Futures Fund Class B ETL3891AU Terminated
Dalton Street Market Neutral Trust WMF0001AU Terminated
Dalton Street Market Neutral Trust - Class C ETL0485AU Terminated
DANZAS Superannuation Fund PTC0109AU Terminated
Darkes Road Sub-Trust BFA9436AU Terminated
Dateline Capital Guaranteed Trust No 1 20088 Terminated
David Low Way No.2 Sub-Trust BFA0845AU Terminated
Davis Road No. 2 Sub-Trust BFA6972AU Terminated
Day Neilson Staff Superannuation Fund PTC0110AU Terminated
DDH Australian Equities Fund DDH0003AU Terminated
DDH Australian Small Companies Fund DDH0004AU Terminated
DDH Global Fixed Interest Alpha Fund DDH0007AU Terminated
DDH Tactical Return Fund DDH0008AU Terminated
Definitive Superannuation Plan MAQ0627AU Terminated
Definitive Wrap Pension Account MAQ0629AU Terminated
Definitive Wrap Super Account MAQ0628AU Terminated
Delatite Lane Sub-Trust BFA1581AU Terminated
Denison Diversified Property Fund WRF0002AU Terminated
Denning Pryce Tailored Income Fund - Institutional Class DPR0003AU Terminated
Denning Pryce Tailored Income Fund - Retail Class DPR0005AU Terminated
Denning Pryce Tailored Income Fund - Wholesale Class DPR0004AU Terminated
Deutsche Analysts' Choice Fund MGL0008AU Terminated
Deutsche Australian Dividend Plus Fund MGL0012AU Terminated
Deutsche Australian Equity Select Fund MGL0013AU Terminated
Deutsche Focus Australian Equity Fund MGL0009AU Terminated
Deutsche Global Equity Fund MGL0109AU Terminated
Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Cash Management Service DEU0006AU Terminated
Deutsche RREEF US Core Fund MGL0002AU Terminated
Deutsche RREEF US Securities Fund MGL0003AU Terminated
Deutsche Wholesale Property Fund DBR0001AU Terminated
Dexia Sustainable World Equities Fund - Australia AAP0100AU Terminated
Diane Street No. 2 Sub-Trust BFA9838AU Terminated
Diane Street No. 3 Sub-Trust BFA8856AU Terminated
Digby Street Sub-Trust BFA6342AU Terminated
Direct Equity Managed Account Service WEW0001AU Terminated
DirectMoney Personal Loan Fund OMF0022AU Terminated
Discovery Australian Small Companies Fund QIC0015AU Terminated
Discovery Investment Services Core Income Fund - Retail Units AUS0032AU Terminated
Discovery Investment Services Core Income Fund - Wholesale Units AUS0031AU Terminated
Diversified Growth Fund (Australian) - I Share Class INV0001AU Terminated
Diversified Growth Fund (Australian) - S Share Class INV0002AU Terminated
Diversified Investment Strategy No. 5 IPA0055AU Terminated
DIY Master Plan TCS0008AU Terminated
DKN Australian Shares Portfolio MAQ0295AU Terminated
DKN Balanced MAQ0296AU Terminated
DKN Conservative MAQ0297AU Terminated
DKN High Growth MAQ0298AU Terminated
DKN International Shares Fund MAQ0299AU Terminated
DNR Capital Advantage Australian Equities High Conviction Fund AMP2076AU Terminated
DNR Capital Australian Equities High Conviction AMP1266AU Terminated
DNR Capital Australian Equities Income AMP1268AU Terminated
DNR Capital Australian Equities Socially Responsible AMP1269AU Terminated
DNR Capital Australian Listed Property Trust AMP1267AU Terminated
Dominion - Advance Imputation Fund - Wholesale Units OAM0184AU Terminated
Dominion - APN Property for Income Fund OAM0185AU Terminated
Dominion - Challenger Australian Share Fund - Wholesale OAM0186AU Terminated
Dominion - Colonial FS Wholesale Conservative Fund OAM0187AU Terminated
Dominion - Colonial FS Wholesale High Growth Fund OAM0188AU Terminated
Dominion - Colonial FS Wholesale Imputation Fund OAM0189AU Terminated
Dominion - Colonial FS Wholesale Property Securities Fund OAM0190AU Terminated
Dominion - Credit Suisse Cash Fund OAM0191AU Terminated
Dominion - Credit Suisse International Shares Fund OAM0192AU Terminated
Dominion - Howard Wholesale Mortgage Trust OAM0193AU Terminated
Dominion - HSBC Strategic Property Wholesale Fund OAM0194AU Terminated
Dominion - Hunter Hall Australian Value Trust OAM0195AU Terminated
Dominion - Investors Mutual Australian Share Fund OAM0196AU Terminated
Dominion - Investors Mutual Future Leaders Fund OAM0197AU Terminated
Dominion - Investors Mutual Industrial Share Fund OAM0198AU Terminated
Dominion - IOOF Perennial Value Shares Trust OAM0199AU Terminated
Dominion - Maple-Brown Abbott Diversified Investment Trust OAM0200AU Terminated
Dominion - Perpetual's Wholesale Balanced Growth Fund OAM0201AU Terminated
Dominion - Perpetual's Wholesale Industrial Fund OAM0202AU Terminated
Dominion - Perpetual's Wholesale Monthly Income Fund OAM0203AU Terminated
Dominion - Platinum International Fund OAM0204AU Terminated
Dominion - UBS Australian Bond Fund OAM0205AU Terminated
Dominion - UBS Australian Share Fund OAM0206AU Terminated
Dominion - UBS Balanced Investment Fund OAM0207AU Terminated
Dominion - UBS Defensive Investment Fund OAM0208AU Terminated
Dominion - UBS International Share Fund OAM0209AU Terminated
Dominion - UBS Property Securities Fund OAM0210AU Terminated
Dominion SMT - Super & Rollover OAM0183AU Terminated
Dominion Superannuation Master Trust OAM0182AU Terminated
Donaldson Burston International Series - Growth and Value Fund ETL0096AU Terminated
Doncaster Road Sub-Trust BFA8264AU Terminated
Dorchester Street Sub-Trust BFA0185AU Terminated
Douglas Street No. 2 Sub-Trust BFA0262AU Terminated
Douglas Street No. 3 Sub-Trust BFA6118AU Terminated
Douglas Street No. 4 Sub-Trust BFA6755AU Terminated
Douglas Street Sub-Trust BFA5124AU Terminated
DRAPAC Japan Fund DPC0001AU Terminated
DRAPAC Sustainability Fund DPC0002AU Terminated
DRAPAC Trust No.1 DPC0003AU Terminated
DRAPAC Trust No.2 DPC0004AU Terminated
DRAPAC Trust No.3 DPC0005AU Terminated
Drifter Hospitality Property Fund EVO8833AU Terminated
Dudley Street Sub-Trust BFA0948AU Terminated
Dumaresq Road Sub-Trust BFA6719AU Terminated
Duncan Street No. 2 Sub-Trust BFA3851AU Terminated
Duncan Street Sub-Trust BFA2419AU Terminated
Dunstans Court Sub-Trust BFA5284AU Terminated
DWS Capital Guaranteed Income Fund - Cash Class Units DAM0001AU Terminated
DWS Capital Guaranteed Income Fund - December Units DAM0002AU Terminated
DWS Capital Guaranteed Income Fund - June Units DAM0003AU Terminated
DWS Capital Guaranteed Income Fund - March Units DAM0004AU Terminated
DWS Capital Guaranteed Income Fund - September Units DAM0005AU Terminated
DWS Cash Fund DAM0010AU Terminated
DWS Emerging Markets Equity Fund DAM0006AU Terminated
DWS Global Alpha Fund MGL0014AU Terminated
DWS Global Climate Change Fund DAM0007AU Terminated
DWS Global Credit Fund MGL0113AU Terminated
DWS Global Equity Gold and Precious Metals Fund DAM0011AU Terminated
DWS Global Select Fund DEU0105AU Terminated
DWS Global Small Companies Fund MGL0005AU Terminated
DWS Monthly Income Plus Fund MGL0016AU Terminated
DWS Multi-Manager Growth Fund MGL0020AU Terminated
DWS Strategic Value Fund (Enhanced Liquidity) MGL0024AU Terminated
Dynamis Currency Fund OMF5546AU Terminated

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