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Link Market Services Limited Sydney
Level 12, 680 George Street Sydney NSW 2000
Tel : +61 1300 361 735
Fax : 02 9287 0303
RegistryWebsite RegistryEmail

Company details
Address: Level 3, 607 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000
Tel:  +61 3 8627 6700 Fax: +61 3 9621 2424

Date first listed: 19/08/2009
Company Secretary: Mr Michael O'Brien

Sector: Software & Services
Industry Group: XIJ
Activities: A global business services company that combines unique information and communication technologies with specialist online publishing services

company is deregistered today - if you have not previously claimed your capital loss you can probably do so now


a loss declaration has been issued and the capital loss can therefore be claimed in the financial year the declaration is issued (this declaration was issued on 5 June 2013)


company is still in external administration


delisted following ASX's decision to delist


we understand that ASX may remove a company from the list if it breaks a listing rule, has no quoted securities or it is appropriate for some reason - we have no knowledge of the reason for the delisting in this case but assume that it is because the company is in administration


company executes a Deed of Company Arrangement


a creditors meeting is to be held on 18 May to consider execution of a Deed of Company Arrangement


David Ross and Richard Albarran of Hall Chadwick are appointed administrators


company announces that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mphasis Australia Pty Ltd. (MphasiS) - the objective of the MOU is for the parties to work together to jointly provide the Azurn products and services to customers globally - MphasiS, a Hewlett Packard company, is listed on the Indian Stock exchange and operates as an independent subsidiary - it ranks 6th in the top 20 IT service exporters in India with more than 38,000 employees. The company has 29 offices in 14 countries with delivery centres in India, Sri Lanka and most recently Australia


has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Azurn EU Limited, to set up a joint venture to expedite the commercialisation of the K2K and K2Call IP developed by Azurn utilising the knowledge experience and relationships of Azurn EU and persons associated with Azurn EU


Azurn International Ltd (ASX:AZU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in December 2009 with Thorsol Pty Ltd in relation to a Digital Interactive Systems Business Alliance under which Azurn and Thorsol agreed to collaborate in the commercialisation of Azurn's technologies. Following that MOU, Thorsol and Azurn signed several agreements, including 1. Distribution agreement giving Thorsol distribution rights to Azurn's MERLIN platform including for the MENA region, non-exclusive rights for Australia; 2. Distribution and agency agreement for Azurn's e-publishing solutions for the Australian education market; and 3. Share Purchase agreement on 4 January 2010 between Azurn, Thorsol and Thorsol's shareholders for Azurn to acquire Thorsol Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries as part of a merger. Azurn and Thorsol have mutually decided and agreed to terminate the Share Purchase Agreement. Azurn announced this in its statement of 12 August 2010


Board today agreed to a major reconstruction of the balance sheet


provides a business update - company is seeking to comply with ASX requirements for re-quotation of its shares


the wind-up application referred to in ASX's query letter dated 2 December, 2009 has been dismissed. Azurn did not believe that the wind-up application was information which should be disclosed under ASX Listing Rule 3.1, as it believed that the application would not be successful (and subsequent events have proved that belief to be correct). Azurn believed that the wind-up application was simply a commercial tactic by a creditor to secure payment of an outstanding debt


re merger with ThorSol - an independent expert has been appointed to provide a report


updating the announcement of 5 January, Azurn announces that it will take advantage of the vast pool of IT and Communications specialists available through the ThorSol alliance with SRIT-CTG Solutions. The key partner Sobha Renaissance IT is a specialist mid-tier global ICT company with its head quarters in Bangalore India. In commenting on this significant achievement, Dr. Bala Kumble, CTO and President Products said "This opportunity provides Azurn with unique ICT capability access to a large pool of talent and experience available on call, which will complement the current IT&T resources spread across Australia and India within Azurn. We can now take on large projects to customise and deploy the Merlin Platform into large corporations across the globe". Azurn plans to leverage the capabilities of ThorSol's alliance with SRIT-CTG Solutions into the large projects that it is now rolling out, such as FGH and BT Financials (through Azurn EU) and Hughes India. ThorSol, through its subsidiaries such as BioSenz, owns or has access to significant IP platforms in the Healthcare Sector. By integrating this IP with the capabilities of the Azurn Merlin platform and leveraging the financing and system integration capabilities of National ICT (another division of ThorSol) Azurn plans to rapidly establish and grow new client solutions within the Healthcare Sector. Azurn is actively pursuing the formalities to allow for the re-listing of the Company's securities and will continue to inform the market of the development of the opportunity with ThorSol


Azurn announced today that it has signed a Share Purchase Agreement by which it plans to acquire ThorSol Pty Ltd (ThorSol) ( ABN 43 127 715 904 ). ThorSol is a significant product and services ICT company focused on safety, security and emergency management. It develops and provides sensors, products and systems to clients in asset management, OH&S, mass transit, road engineering, emergency services and advanced technology development. Its clients are private corporations and domestic and international governments. The basis of the transaction is the merging of business activities of Azurn and ThorSol


the Company has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU) with ThorSol Pty Ltd (Thorsol) ( ACN 127 715 904) in relation to a Digital Interactive Systems Business Alliance - the MOU covers the a number of key areas of business collaboration


the Company has now lodged its FY 2008/09 audited accounts and will now look to the Australian Securities Exchange for guidance in order to lift the suspension of trading in Azurn as soon as possible


releases Annual Report to shareholders 2009


the results of the Annual General Meeting of the Company held on 30 November 2009 were as follows: Ordinary Resolution 1- Remuneration of Directors The Business of the meeting for this Resolution was adjourned to a date to be notified to shareholders when the Annual Report is received - resolutions for the election of directors were carried


company responds to ASX questions regarding the purported appointment of a receiver manager


Azurn wishes to advise that the Company's Annual General Meeting will now be held on 30 November 2009


securities suspended from quotation following failure to lodge full year accounts

View ASX Announcements (courtesy of ASX)


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ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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I know its been a while now.

I am still not over it. Dont want to see Ananda Rao leading a good life with no consequences.

14/05/2021 20:36:54

This is his Latest venture (updated venture) :


Talisman Telecom Pte. Ltd.


111 North Bridge Road
\n 08-19 Peninsula Plaza
\n SINGAPORE 179098 



Offices throughout Asia. (how proudly he mentions this :) as though he has no fear of getting caught )

04/12/2017 12:06:07

?Ananda Rao has successfully managed to CON another company in India to the tune of crores and still manages a luxury life with the all the siphoned off money. He is an Escape Artist and a CONMAN with a track record of cheating and yet people manage to trust him with everything. Its about time he is put behind bars and have the media attention on him. 

04/12/2017 12:02:26

Ananda Rao is now launching new venture in Thailand.  Check out

24/09/2016 12:02:39
Somebody must take this entire list of comments and confront Rao with it!15/08/2015 14:34:29
Somebody must take this entire list of comments and confront Rao with it!15/08/2015 14:33:24
Was it only ananda rao? who else was involved?kumble, giroti, entire management? Where is ananda rao these days? Someone must take the lead and file official complaint?27/04/2015 18:58:53
I am amazed that ASX would let him list the company. Steal investors money and do nothing to protect the investors rights. Why isn't this in the media? Why doesn't ASX do anything. No investigation?
In the end what is crooked will be straightened. While he has attained material wealth by deception here and now. He has only incurred a debt to this world. The true reality is that he will be bound to this and lower worlds, life after life until he repays all his debts. He must learn that the true goal of life lay in the service and love of each other. He will only know difficulty until he awakens to the True nature of the Self.
21/02/2015 06:51:12
is all this true?  what did ananda rao do and to whom? how did he avoid getting caught?07/01/2014 18:09:37
There are sick companies, but not sick directors. Very good example is the CONMAN Ananda Rao. He could have been a successful used car salesman, with his gift of the gab.31/10/2013 11:49:09
So CONMAN is back in action. Spending investor money for his daughter's wedding n reception. So true Govinda for us.30/10/2013 14:28:14
He probably siphoned of the money over a period of time in some tax haven like Channel Islands or Cayman Islands. There was another Azurn off shoot called Azurn USA, which had an investment from AZURN Australia of about 4 million. AZURN Australia went under, but what about AZURN USA. That is where he is he has hidden his stash of investor funds. GOVINDA for us,and he is about to go to the USA to lead a merry life. 23/10/2013 15:17:42
The Balwyn house got sold on 12th October for 1.7 million. What is he upto now? Heard he is in Melbourne this week. Can somebody who bumps into him question him about his dodgy deals.23/10/2013 08:47:34
why is no26/08/2013 21:46:19
Can someone please explain what happened? Please link to a published article? How did A.Rao gain the money from this? Why is no one coming out forward to speak out to the media with facts?08/07/2013 11:04:27
is it only him or were there others also?30/05/2013 18:59:42
what exactly happend? what did Ananda Rao do or is accused of doing?24/05/2013 19:27:16
Conman Mr.Ananda Rao going back to India for good as a CEO Reliance Global (sic)! attention investor catch him -before he vanishes, give a police complaint for fraud and cheating- get him behind bars -else you will not get back your money-hurry up... 14/05/2013 22:11:32
You, me and all of us have lost a lot of money. But there is one family who has gained that money , The Rao family . Why are we all sitting quiet, lets all go get some rotten eggs and throw them on that wonderful Merc. Anybody willing? 26/03/2013 17:21:48
Here is the links which gives insight into "Ananda Aswantnaraina Rao" & Veena Rao who shaved all investors savings and is back on business to start one more scam- may start work for Mindtree too soon. Kari-Sulea Magha recently had a treatment for his rooga - in India! and getting married to Miss.Anita Borker at secret location - all investor money is Govinda! Govinda! Director Benchmark Holdings (Aust) Pty Ltd of AZrurn Veena Rao got lot of new friends in sotheast area flashing her investor's Black Merc and Diamond on her while her ex counting the rusted iron rod in India. To Company Name/Scheme Azurn International LimitedACN/ARSN 103 539 1351. Details of substantial holder (1)NameBenchmark Holdings (Aust) Pty Ltd and each of the following:o Naveena Holdings (Aust) Pty Ltd ACN 113 774 262;o Veena Rao;o Ananda Rao;o Rama Kumble; ando Soorya Technologies Pty Ltd ACN 105 544 885ACN/ARSN (if applicable) ACN 116 954 342The holder became a substantial holder on 19 / 08 / 20092. 20:06:38
Of course he is in Melbourne, trying another venture as to how to rip off new set of people08/03/2013 21:01:48
Is Ananda Rao is still in Melbourne or India?27/02/2013 14:55:45
No, Carlton Taya is not associated with Ananda Rao and he like many others has also lost considerable funds in Azurn20/02/2013 16:25:10
is Carton Taya associated with Ananda Rao?eye2217/02/2013 20:45:54
This mans wife has more diamonds on her than a normal person.03/02/2013 19:38:01
Ananda Rao knew exactly how to sleeze all of our money from innocent individuals as he demonstrated that what a clever crook he was, unfortunately, we all fell into the bait. The sad part is for us as he does not care for anyone of us as he has enough wealth for his pleasures. Stand in front of his house with rotten eggs everday and throw at hid face.03/02/2013 19:28:31
We r the one of victims too, please advice us, so that  we all can meet and work out a strategy. 18/01/2013 18:53:55
Ananda Rao arrested and released after 40 days and surpise! surpise!, Ananda Rao was personally invited by Wipro CEO Premji & appointed Mr. Ananda Rao ( Australia) as a director for Mindtree (Asutralia) Melbourne Branch (Wipro Sister concern), Hope Now all investor can get back atleast part of their investment back - All investor may have to wait infront of Mindtree office at Melboure (Aus) to get refunds! from Mr Ananda Rao!. This man is a conman & scammer preying on hardworking Indian community and ripped off all their saving, no one has any guts stop this kind of scammers? can some one contact Justice Editor for melbourne's daily news paper with facts and figure get it published so that Mr Ananda Rao has to think twice for next scam.14/01/2013 10:51:20
Yes Mr. Ananda Rao has been arrest over fraud allegations? good news! "Provident Fund fraud" to the tune of Rs two crore in Poona, India-§id=2&contentid=2011101420111014051555992b3ff1c28 Alleged to have befriended and defrauded all investors in India as well as in Australia, question how did he managed to get his company lised in ASX in the first place! from internal documents, he wrote a cheque for half a million for an agent for listing in ASX- A relavent Govt agency need to investigate it first then every thing will comes out like his black Merc comes out of is basement garage!.May be investors consider a class action? together to recover what is left with him in Australia.Mr. Rao befriended so many peoples looks like a very very clever crook.Investor's money already hidden in investments under his wife,son,other family member's name as it looks like a well planned scam. Now Mr.Rao CEO for a new company called "Talisman or something like that may be"in 2012. 04/01/2013 15:55:47
I find it truly incredible that something like this can happen in Australia and there is no recourse to justice. The guy defrauded us by essentially running a Ponzi scheme and is still able to roam around free. We should form a group and nail him. 31/12/2012 23:16:50
We are one of the victims too lost our huge savings, Mr Rao is still in his Mansion in Balwyn having good life style driving around Black Merc. We did hear that Ananda Rao has been arrested in Bangalore, hoping the news is true19/12/2012 08:04:24
first IPo I bought.Never again.Only purchase companies with a history now.Crooks.Can imagine the lifestyle Rao and Kumble are enjoying.27/10/2012 19:44:01
Mr. Ananda Rao's transferred all AZRUN shareholder money to Value Chain Intl (India) run by his Dad which a DTP shop total asset of a scanner, copier & CD burner.13/08/2012 20:27:44
Mr. Ananda Rao & Mr.Bala kumble purchased new Mercedes Bez using shareholder money- company is running very very well- But my shares in your company worth zero !  Thank you guys01/07/2012 17:53:58
ANANDA RAO ran away with a lot of money of ours.never knew something like this was possible in initial investors we do not even get correspondance pertaining to the status of the company16/03/2012 12:16:54
It is a wonder that the assets of the CEO are still intact, whilst many investors remain out of pocket well into the six to seven figure sums
22/02/2012 15:41:39
Good to see a rubbish company get delisted
22/02/2012 15:39:48
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    Peter JermynDirector27/02/2009
    Bala KumbleDirector02/02/2004
    Tony GirotiDirector08/12/2006

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