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a final distribution of 5.4 cents was made on 3 May 2010 - any enquiries by debentureholders should be made directly to the company either in writing to Level 1, Suite 2, 72 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 or by telephone on (02) 9233 1699 or fax (02) 9231 5559 - we understand the company is now to be liquidated


all the property assets are now realised - the corporate entities involved are to be liquidated - some cash is still held and it is likely there will be a final distribution - that could be made as early as December 2009 - estimated at around 4.5 cents


Receivers report that the remaining property assets within the Westmelton (Vic) Pty Limited ("Westmelton") subsidiary continue to be realised - based on current market conditions, the Receiver of Westmelton expects to have completed the sale of all remaining lots by the end of calendar year 2007 - a further, final distribution of approximately five cents in the dollar is expected to be made late in 2008 - this will then conclude the Receivership of CCCL


a distribution to debenture-holders of CCCL of approximately $13.8m (which equates to eleven cents in the dollar) is made today


the annual report to the trustee will be issued this month - receivers expect to make a further distribution during March 2006, the quantum is yet to be finalised and will be advised in their report to the trustee


Receivers report that land held by CCCL's subsidiary, Westmelton (VIC) Pty Limited ("Westmelton"), continues to be sold primarily on a developed basis - forecasts prepared by the Receiver of Westmelton indicate that with some downward adjustment to the selling prices achieved in the first half of calendar year 2005, a further 2 to 2.5 years will be required to realise the remaining assets - a full report from the Westmelton Receiver and financial accounts for the year end 30 June 2005 are expected to be received by December 2005


receiver advises that based upon the most recent valuations of Cambridge Credit Limited's real estate assets, after a further 5.25 cent distribution payment to be undertaken in April 2005, it is anticipated that a final distribution to debenture holders of a further 19 cents in the dollar, calculated on the estimated value outstanding as at 31 December 2006, may ultimately be paid


ASIC advises that it has formed the view that the unsolicited offers made by Ross Investments to purchase securities in this entity, contravened provisions of the Act - ASIC was further concerned that a brochure and documents attached to some of the offers contained misleading statements and did not comply with the law


receiver advises that development has continued on the remaining landholdings at Westmelton, Victoria - the Receiver is pursuing a strategy whereby development and realisation of the remaining landholdings is to be finalised over the next two years


should debentureholders receive an off market offer for debentures stock holdings, we suggest that, to assist in their consideration of the offer, they first check their estimated entitlement with Cambridge Credit - particulars of debentureholders' investments or distributions are maintained at the office of Cambridge Credit Corporation Limited (Receiver Appointed) and any enquiries by debentureholders should be made directly to that office either in writing to Level 1, Suite 2, 72 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 or by telephone on (02) 9233 1699 or fax (02) 9231 5559


we understand an unsolicited offer has been made by Ross Investments (Aust) Pty Ltd - the offer was for $0.0305 per debenture - apparently the capital on these debentures has been repaid to the holders, but there is however outstanding interest owing - there is an expected distribution of 5 cents in the dollar in November 2003 and in 3 years time a final distribution of 10 - 14 cents in the dollar is expected - this is likely to yield 3 to 4 times as much as that offered by Ross Investments - those investors affected should get professional advice on the matter


during June Permanent Trustee advised debentureholders that the buoyant Victorian property market and the sustained robust sales results achieved in recent times has been positive on realisations from the company's assets - this has resulted in a reassessment of funds likely to be realised for distribution to debentureholders - in view of these circumstances, the timing for payment of the next distribution has been brought forward and it is now scheduled to be paid to debentureholders later this year


claims of secured creditors (the debenture stock holders) are not expected to be paid in full


receiver indicates shareholders should consider their holdings to be valueless - shareholders will be aware that capital losses can generally only be claimed where shares were acquired on or after 20 September 1985


there is little or no prospect of unsecured creditors receiving any return


company is still in receivership - it owns land at West Melton which it is developing and selling - it is anticipated that the final assets will be realised over the next 3 years, resulting in a final distribution after that time period to debenture holders


delisted due to failure to comply with Listing Requirements

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I am trying to find out if there are any monies owing to BALTHASAR H MOSENGI of Native Village Saure, P O Box 447, Wewak, East Sepik SIDIST TPNG (East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea by the receiver of Cambridge Credit Corporation. I am his maternal nephew and have the same Chistian name but different Surname.  My uncle, BALTHASAR H MOSENGI paid for his Investment with Cambridge Credit Corporation Limited on 20th November 1973. Please advise if he still has his Investment with the Cambridge Credit Corporation. My Email address is:

23/09/2021 17:12:38
I trying to find out if there are any monies owing to Edward John Gillham by the receiver of Cambridge Credit Corporation. I am the son of Edward John Gillham and have the same Chistian and Surnames. My Email address is "".Thankyou E.Gillham02/02/2015 16:11:28
people posting to this forum should first read the News & Events above and note that the company is being liquidated - if you failed to advise the company of a change of address you may have difficulty tracking down any unclaimed funds - we suggest you click on Lost Shares Lost Money in the menu above to utilise the unclaimed funds facility22/08/2014 18:11:46
my comments     you   not    respon us    or  talk tto   us   we  do   need  and   answer    we   want   to   selll our   share   22/08/2014 16:36:27
this is my email   nadiaproctor    please  contct  uc      we    have   alll our   certificate    my  new  adress is   84 collick street  unit 78   hilton    6163    wa 22/08/2014 16:34:51
no news  from   our  share    this is our new adress 84 collick street  unit 78  hilton  6163 wa22/08/2014 16:20:58
we never received any information    about  our share   my new  adress is  84 cllick stree  unit  78   hilton  6163  wesrtern australia22/08/2014 16:19:14
I am seeking advice re why the Estate of the late Matthew Lindsay did not receive the final two distributions on July 2007 and May 2010. Matthew Lindsay was my father and the company was aware of the fact that a solicitor was acting for my father as they paid Distribution 15 to the solicitors. My father was owed $3969.34 after 1st April 2005.Any assistance you can provide appreciated. Contact via email at lindsaysdogs@bigpond.com05/05/2013 15:17:50
I have some Trust Account cheques from Cambridge Credit (delisted) and need to know which are replacement cheques, where to send them, and which are cheques that can be replaced if surrendered. Would you mind if I don't put my name up for public view, but I will provide further details if you respond to this email.
19/04/2013 11:31:39
I,m chasing details of any monies owing to Mrs Beryl McHutchison Late of Drummoyne .holder #2556602. (CambridgeCredit),Being the executor I fear that previous payments would have been fwd to the wrong address.Please contact at or 0414526292
Peter McHutchison 

09/04/2013 09:45:13
I tried ringing you on 0292331699, with the response of your call could not be connected. My former name was Mrs Lauretta Micallef, I would like you to ring me on 0754954523, or email me at so I can update my details.04/03/2013 11:10:47
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