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Link Market Services Melbourne
Tower 4, 727 Collins Street Docklands VIC 3008
Tel : +61 3 9615 9800 or 61 1300 554 474
Fax : +61 2 9287 0303
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Company details
Address: Level 3, Centro The Glen, 235 Springvale Road, GLEN WAVERLEY, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3150
Tel:  (03) 8847 0000 Fax: (03) 9886 1234

Date first listed: 17/08/2005

Sector: Real Estate
Activities: Retail property ownership.

many unitholders in this group have unclaimed money due to them - deListed provides a tracing service for a small administration fee that identifies where people can find unclaimed monies arising from compulsory acquisitions and also from dividend distributions, super contributions, inoperative bank, building society or credit union accounts, bequests and other sources - please click here for access to our Lost shares, Lost money?? service


delisted from ASX on or about this date


we understand this group was restructured to create a new ASX listed entity, Centro Retail Australia (CRF)


we understand that on or about this date the company undertook, proposed to undertake or was the subject of the following corporate action: - to create a new ASX listed entity, Centro Retail Australia (CRF) - this corporate event may appear elsewhere in this company record


the suspension of trading in the securities of Centro Retail Group (the "Group") will be lifted immediately, following the lodgement of an announcement


the securities of Centro Retail Group (the Group") will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Group, pending the release of an announcement


if the Senior Debt Scheme of Arrangement is approved by the Court, and all other conditions are achieved, CNP's $2.7 billion Senior Debt which matures on 15 December 2011 will be cancelled in return for substantially all of CNP's Australian assets and interests. CNP Securityholders, Convertible Bondholders and Hybrid Lenders would then receive their relevant proceeds, allocated as follows: o 5.03 cents per CNP security or $48,925,082 in total to CNP securityholders; o 5 cents 1 in the dollar or $21,074,918 in total to convertible bondholders; o $20,000,000 in total to secured hybrid holders ; and o $10,000,000 would be set aside for potential contingent creditors, on the basis that any surplus not used would be returned to the Senior Lenders


in the court case against directors, Justice Middleton found the directors had failed to take the required step of applying their own minds to the task of examining the accounts - he said directors, who had been repeatedly warned about the level of Centro's short-term debt for several weeks, failed to read, understand and focus on that critical issue when examining the accounts - the group's former chief financial officer, Romana Nenna, has been barred from serving as a manager or director of companies for a two year period beginning October 10 - the non-executive directors were: Centro's current chairman, Paul Cooper; former chairman Brian Healey; the former head of the audit committee, Sam Kavourakis; current Centro non-executive director, Jim Hall; former non-executive directors Peter Wilkinson and Graham Goldie - the six non-executive directors avoided any penalty other than court declarations after a judge said to levy anything more would be unfair


ASIC has launched civil penalty proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia against current and former directors and a former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of various entities within the Centro Properties Group and Centro Retail Group (CER)- it is seeking orders to disqualify the directors and officer from managing corporations and will ask the Court to impose pecuniary penalties on them - the defendants to ASIC's action are: Mr Brian Healey, former Chairman and non-executive director; Mr Andrew Thomas Scott, former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director; Mr Samuel Kavourakis, a former non-executive director; Mr James William Hall, a non-executive director; Mr Paul Ashley Cooper, a non-executive director; Mr Peter Graham Goldie, a former non-executive director; Mr Louis Peter Wilkinson, a former non-executive director; and Mr Romano George Nenna, former CFO


Class Action - Justice Finkelstein of the Federal Court discloses that he acquired a small parcel of shares in CNP, which made him a group member in the Slater & Gordon proceeding - notwithstanding his direction that he be expressly excluded from the claim, the Centro respondents have requested that he stand aside - the various parties await his Honour's decision in this regard


Class Action - Justice Finkelstein of the Federal Court considers the multiple proceedings issue and rejects an application to have the Slater & Gordon action stayed


Class Action - Justice Finkelstein in the Federal Court of Australia makes various directions concerning the preparation of the claim


Class Action - Slater & Gordon commence a class action on behalf of stapled security holders in Centro Properties Group (CNP) and Centro Retail Trust (CER) - the claim alleges that CNP and CER failed to adequately disclose the financial risk to which the entities were exposed when financing the acquisition of the US listed shopping trust, New Plan Excel Realty, in April 2007 - the acquisition required CNP and CER to assume billions of dollars of debt which had to be refinanced during or before December 2007


Class Action - if you acquired CNP and/or CER stapled securities at any time between 5 April 2007 and 28 February 2008 and would like further information or wish to retain Slater & Gordon to represent your interests in a class action, please call them on 1800 555 777 or e-mail - see below for news of the action


Class Action - Maurice Blackburn commence a class action


we understand that under a merger between Centro Shopping America Trust (CSF) and Centro Retail Trust (Centro), CSF acquired from Centro a portfolio of $2.2 billion Australasian and US retail properties, merged its total portfolio (then $4.8 billion of retail properties located in both Australasia and the US) with CER's $5.3 billion portfolio - CSF investors received 0.655 CER Securities for each CSF Security held, together with a special distribution of 5.29 cents for each CSF Security held


we understand that on or about this date the company undertook, proposed to undertake or was the subject of the following corporate action: - merger proposal - this corporate event may appear elsewhere in this company record

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    Purchases Sales

    02/03/2010Bill BownessOn market300,000$0.165$49,500
    09/01/2008Andrew ScottOn market782,866$0.580$454,062
    13/11/2007Andrew ScottOn market25,000$1.490$37,250
    11/11/2007Brian HealeyOn market20,000$1.475$29,500
    03/04/2007Samuel KavourakisOn market20,000$1.660$33,200

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    Directors & Executives (current)
    Peter DayNon Exec Chairman04/04/2012
    Robert TseninCEO01/10/2009
    Fraser MacKenzieNon Exec Director19/08/2009
    Dimitri KiriacoulacosCompany Secretary
    Elizabeth HouriganCompany Secretary

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    Directors & Executives (former)
    Paul CooperNon Exec Director05/09/200614/12/2011
    Michael HumphrisNon Exec Director01/10/200914/12/2011
    Bill BownessNon Exec Director06/10/200914/12/2011
    Anna BudulsNon Exec Director15/11/201014/11/2011
    James HallDirector01/09/200515/11/2010
    Samuel KavourakisNon Exec Director03/05/200701/10/2009
    Peter WilkinsonNon Exec Director03/05/200701/10/2009
    Graham GoldieDirector03/05/200701/10/2009
    David DixDirector03/05/200701/10/2009
    Avin LiebermanNon Exec Director17/10/200813/03/2009
    Brian HealeyNon Exec Chairman03/05/200730/06/2008
    Andrew ScottCEO03/05/200714/01/2008
    David GrahamNon Exec Director15/06/200520/10/2006
    Laurie WilsonNon Exec Director15/06/200531/12/2005

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.