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delisted at the request of the Company following the merger with Commonwealth Bank of Australia Limited


we understand Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Colonial Group merged after CBA offered Colonial shareholders seven CBA shares for every twenty Colonial shares they held


this company was THE COLONIAL MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY LIMITED which demutualised in 1996 and was listed as Colonial Limited on the Stock Exchange in 1997

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Recommend this online facility to determine your CML/Colonial position:

I had a pension with Colonial Mutual. In 1996 I received a letter saying that the company was going to be demutualised and if this happened I would get shares in Colonial Limited. I just want to knowe if this went through and if I do have any shares in this company

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20/02/2021 02:00:00

I received a Dividend cheque in 30/1/1998 from Colonial Limited. The cheque was dishonoured $38.50.  That was at a  time when I was sick and have been ever since as well as moving for the sake of my health.  I am only just now feeling a bit better.  How do  go about getting the cheque replaced. for the Pearce Family Account shares c/- Ms Helen Pearce.

the address then was 1 Sullivaqn Crs Wanniassa 2903.

My address now is Helen Pearce

14 Wyuna Crs East Ballina 2478

Phone:  0266815183

I am a pensioner and I would like someone to take this seriously and replace the chequ please so that it won\'t be dishonoured this time.


Thank you

Helen Pearce



10/07/2018 16:26:05

go here re missing shares:

04/07/2018 07:38:41

i have just pulled out some old paper work from 1996 saying that i have 248 share allocation  what can i do with this in regards to cashing it in please advise thanks 

j colman

03/07/2018 21:57:42

When CBA merged with Colonial Mutual 13/6/2000 I know it was 7 CBA shares for every 20 Colonial Mutual. I am wanting the cost price per share?

04/03/2018 12:44:39

?Im wondering if the share we had in 1996 are still current. ie have we got share or are they cashed in etc.

cert number 36712


Gabrielle Bundy-Cooke

01/01/2018 06:53:59

Policy Holders, allotment of Bonus Shares + Free attaching options expiring 2/2/98 exercisable @ 40cents.


\n Cost Base $3.31 (Policy Holders) &
\n 28/5/1997
\n Cost Base $2.60 (Additional shares when floated)



Options exercised to ord shares @ average price of $3.7317 = 0.1072 ord shares for each option exercised (rounded down)

06/12/2017 16:08:57

I am looking for the price of shares as at 10th August 1996. Can you help me please

31/10/2015 12:42:38

I am looking for the price of shares as at  10/08/1996.  Can you help me please.

31/10/2015 12:39:03
I am looking for the price of shares at the time of the merger with CBA (13 June 2000).  Can you help me?14/09/2015 11:37:25
I am looking for the price of the shares around approximately 1988-1989, is anyone able to help me with the information16/12/2013 21:28:09
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