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Security Transfer Australia Pty Ltd
No longer operating

Company details
Address: Level 5, 222 Kings Way, South Melbourne VIC 3205
Tel:  61 3 9690 5075 Fax: 61 3 9690 4017

Date first listed: 14/02/1996

Sector: Capital Goods
Industry Group: XNJ
Activities: Supply and application of surface coatings, water proofing and floor hardeners for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

this company was to be wound up by notice of the High Court of Hong Kong in 2008 - there is no evidence of it still being live and we have accordingly considered it to be deregistered for the purposes of shareholders crystallising a loss - if anyone has information to the contrary please advise us to


delisted following receivership and at the discretion of ASX under listing rule 17.12


the company has failed and is to be wound up after the issue of a winding up notice by the High Court of Hong Kong


directors say they are trying to reach a settlement with creditors


the company is put into receivership


the company is finalising a prospectus to raise $1.6m to pay off creditors and provide working capital


Bentleys MRI Melbourne are appointed as local agents in Australia - the address is evidently Level 5, 222 Kings Way, South Melbourne VIC 3205


company advises a new entity Monash Engineering Limited will operate the businesses of Erawan - there is no explanation for this "migration" just that it is going to occur - should it not have been put to shareholders? - a capital raising of $3m is planned to meet existing financial obligations and fund current operations


the company has appointed advisers as it attempts to regain quotation of its shares on ASX


directors admit that there were discrepancies between financial accounts to 31 March 2006 lodged with ASX and those lodged with the Hong Kong office of Inland Revenue - the latter were correct and have now been lodged with ASX


according to a website note of 28 November 2007, new management will undertake to meet ASX financial reporting and the management of all the existing contracts from the previous management - Diana CHOW has retired and resigned as director of Erawan Company Limited, due to personal health reasons - William TIEN together with his team Joe LIU and Michael IVKOIC join the board to restructure and seek new project opportunities


sure enough, another change of auditors - this time C C Ho & Company is appointed


virtually three months ago this company was suspended from quotation because the auditor couldn't form an opinion on the accounts to 31 March 2006 - since then, nothing - this company changes auditors, it changes company secretaries and most of the time its shares are suspended - it is amazing that it was ever able to achieve a listing


securities suspended from quotation following lodgement of financial accounts for the year ended 31 March 2006 - the Accounts contained a qualified audit opinion which stated that the auditor was "unable to form an opinion as to whether the financial statements give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Company as at 31 March 2006 and of its results and cash flow for the year then ended and as to whether the financial statements have been properly prepared in accordance with the Companies Ordinance


shares suspended from quotation, following the company's failure to lodge its monthly cash flow report for the month ending 28 February 2006


shares reinstated to trading, following lodgement of the company's monthly cash flow report for the month ending 28 February 2006


shares reinstated to quotation following lodgement of all outstanding reports, a reviewed balance sheet at 30 September 2005, a cash-flow statement for the month ended 31 October 2005 and a statement confirming that the Company is in compliance with listing rule 3.1.


company releases corporate governance information relative to its 2005 annual report


Mr Wong Man Bun has been appointed company secretary - his email address is


lodges annual report and chairman's statement, appoints new Company Secretary, and provides Notice of AGM to be held in Hong Kong on 6 January 2006 (can't complain about late notice of meeting this time!)


company today lodges with ASX a Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting which was held on 23 August!! - the meeting was held in order to consider a resolution to change auditors - you would think the company would have taken the opportunity to inform the market of the outcome of the meeting, given it occurred a fortnight ago - and where is the annual report for the financial year to 31 March 2005? - if the auditors have been changed are we now going to see timely financial reports?


company secretary resigns


at the AGM today the accounts (for year to 31 March 2004) were adopted and 2 directors re-elected - the resolution to appoint new auditors was not carried but it was resolved at the AGM that the directors be authorised to appoint new auditors, a decision to be confirmed at the next AGM - astonishing that the resolution was not carried but that directors could nonetheless decide to proceed with the appointment of new auditors - something the regulatory authorities should be looking at


lodges annual report for year ended 31 March 2004 (virtually a year ago) which shows significant losses and negative cash flows at operating level - an AGM is to be held in Hong Kong on 22 April 2005


we have been seeking an update of developments from the chairman Diana Chow since 4 September 2004


lodges annual financial statements


replaces auditors


shares suspended because of failure to lodge its preliminary final report


shares reinstated to quotation


the company has not paid its annual listing fee - it will be removed from the official list on 1 September 2003 if it does not pay the fee by Friday Aug 29


shares suspended from quotation

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