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Link Market Services Melbourne
Tower 4, 727 Collins Street Docklands VIC 3008
Tel : +61 3 9615 9800 or 61 1300 554 474
Fax : +61 2 9287 0303
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Company details
Address: Level 20, 101 Collins Street, MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3000
Tel:  +61 3 8637 6050 Fax: +61 3 8637 6099

Date first listed: 08/04/2004

Sector: Diversified Financials
Industry Group: XFJ
Activities: Investment company investing in the natural resource sectors in global equity markets

SPECIAL NOTE: from comments below there appears to be confusion among unitholders in the Global Mining Trust, your main asset is the units in this unlisted trust, you can view monthly reportshere and can download a form to redeem your units if you wish at their website - unitholders may also have received a share or a few shares in Sandon Capital Investments Limited but they appear to have arisen from the corporate entity that was resuscitated and listed on ASX subsequently


all resolutions at today's EGM were approved - a capital reconstruction (1:9000 consolidation) and name change will probably be the first steps going forward


it is our understanding that shares in the company were subsequently converted to units in the Global Mining Trust - those units apparently may be redeemed - if you wish to redeem your units or invest in this unlisted trust here is the link


delisted at the request of the Company as approved by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting held on 13 November 2012


we understand the rationale for the delisting was that the company's share price reflected an unacceptably large discount to net tangible assets and the board considered that by "restructuring", shareholders would end up with units in a newly established unlisted trust that would hold the investment portfolio - we would like to hear from a unitholder (to who believes the restructure was of benefit to them


we understand that on or about this date the company undertook, proposed to undertake or was the subject of the following corporate action: - restructure with units issued in a Trust on a one for one basis - this corporate event may appear elsewhere in this company record


The securities of Global Mining Investments Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Company, pending the release of an announcement. Security Code: GMI

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You have made a huge capital loss with your original GMI shares. From memory, you were able to "sell" the shares to realise your loss by donating your shares to a charity. There was a form to do this.26/03/2015 04:13:47
what happened to the money invested in the portfolio .. as said in a previous comment .. fantastic portfolio .. surely if the portfolio was sold .. it should have given more than 98 cents for those who had up to 9000 shares that changed to 1 share 13/10/2014 16:04:13
what was wrong with leaving it on the asx .. seems that nearly 3700 invested has now become a miserable $0.98 .. well if that is what bell or sandon are good for .. I hope they get heaps of bad comments .. 13/10/2014 15:56:57
Does anyone know whether it is possible to sell one's shares in the TRUST that replaced GMI through anyone other than Bell Asset Management? If so, who?
16/07/2014 21:03:10
It is now Sandon Capital Investments Limited. My 2,000 shares became 1.
23/06/2014 19:17:59
GMI is a fantastic portfolio of high quality stocks. Very happy with my investment.14/05/2014 15:33:15
what happening to my share in GMI, from 9,000 ($9000) to nil now. Can someone tell me? 24/01/2014 18:36:04
1 for 9000 odd consolidation? 09/10/2013 15:36:40
Yes, we are shareholders in GMI, and we still have not been told when we can claim the loss. No end in sight, now back to work, Tu...18/09/2013 16:42:39
Since there was a spinoff and shareholders received units in the GMI trust, we are technically still shareholders of the company so we can't realise any losses we have in the shares. I can't find any further information regarding the voluntary winding up of GMI. I did email them and there was no response. No success when I called them either. Do they even have an office? This reminds me of one of the final scenes in Boiler Room where there was just an empy room with all the phones on the floor.18/09/2013 16:39:32
contact bell asset management directly for updates - the old GMI website doesn't work any more12/09/2013 09:57:04
Don't bother emailing them or calling them. Their number doesn't work and they never reply to emails. 17/07/2013 10:51:56
I contacted the company and apparently the motion to wind up the company was not passed at the deferred meeting in April, so we cannot yet claim any losses. The company indicated that they would contact shareholders shortly.
23/06/2013 19:25:27
I am advised by our custodian that the meeting to wind up the company (but not the trust that replaced the company), has been deferred from that promised for Feb-2013 until Apr-2013. Any cost of GMI shares, not transferred to the BPF0029AU trust units cannot be written off as a tax loss until a liquidator officially clears such action.26/03/2013 15:47:55
For some strange reason I haven't heard from the comapny regarding the restructuring and I was shocked to find out from ASX. the email could have got lost. I still haven't heard anything about my shares in GMI. I'll try to ring up the new responsible entity tomorrow and try to keep track of what has been happening to the restructuring.18/12/2012 17:12:21
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    18/11/2011John RobinsonOn market10,000$1.000$10,000

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    Directors & Executives (current)
    Nick FelsCOO
    Lewis BellDirector28/01/2004
    Lyn GearingDirector14/10/2010
    Liesl PetterdCompany Secretary

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    Directors & Executives (former)
    John RobinsonChairman09/12/200520/05/2013

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.