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Westgold Resources Limited (ASX: WGX) announces that it has taken the first cut in the Great Fingall decline, thus restarting this iconic, high-grade historic mine which is located 5km southwest of Cue and 28km from Westgold's Tuckabianna processing hub.


per Westgold Resources release dated 25 Nov 2011 in relation to the the Central Murchison Gold Project - "Great Fingall Claim: There is a 49% joint venture interest claim over the Great Fingall deeps orebody from 500 metres below surface by virtue of a farm-in agreement signed in 1984 and passed down through the various owners. Great Fingall Mining has lodged a caveat against M21/7 (the tenement the subject of the Great Fingall Deposit). The current total resource included in the area of the claimed JV is approximately 927,000 tonnes @ 9.1g/t Au for 271,000 ounces. The current Mining Reserve Estimate (Probable JORC classification) in the JV area is estimated at 502,000 tonnes @ 6.6g/t Au containing 107,000 ounces. There is currently no formal joint venture agreement in place between Westgold and Great Fingall Mining. Westgold continues to be in discussions with Great Fingall Mining about this matter and will advise the market of any material results."


still registered - is filing an annual report, otherwise no signs of life!


nothing to report - this company is not operating to our knowledge - it is still an unlisted but registered entity


now an unlisted public company - it is not in external administration but is being kept alive by a director (Saul Spigler on 03 9547 9333) - the company is no longer operating and is virtually dormant - returns are being filed in the hope that the shell may eventually be used as a vehicle for a back door listing (it has a 57% holding in the company Mistral Mines NL, to which the same comments apply)


shareholders are unable to claim their loss as a liquidator has not been appointed nor a liquidators declaration issued


delisted due to failure to pay annual listing fee

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ACN 006 304 650

Can someone please confirm what is the company ACN or ABN number?

27/01/2022 12:37:08

I hold 200.000 shares in GF can anyone help me regarding a contact help would be much appreciated Thanks

17/11/2020 00:59:50

Can someone help me find the registry or contact details to this company Thanks 

19/10/2020 23:22:17

Just wondering if anyone know how we can get confirmation of holdings for this company? do you have any contact details for the company that we can reach out and who is their registry?

18/08/2020 11:21:28

Is there life in great Fingall mining nl 

14/10/2019 20:24:41

please let me know what is happening to this company Thankyou

28/04/2019 21:14:47
I also have 3500 shares in great fingall mining company left to me by my dad..does anyone know anything about this company?23/09/2014 04:37:12

This investment appears to be a "Wait & See" although how long one must wait is anyone's guess. Just consider it to be a gone concern at the moment but remember what happened to Poseidon !!!!!!!!!!!!! One can but hope.

DRL Caerdydd UK

14/01/2014 00:56:54
I also have 2000 shares in Great Fingall. Do they transfer over to the new company ? Pat C
19/03/2013 10:54:18
I have shares in this company that were bought for me many years ago, can anyone offer any advice as to whether I am due any money or can sell my shares. I can't find out whom I should contact regarding this? Help would be much appreciated25/09/2012 23:49:00
I'm another shareholder in GF. Anyone know where we can keep up to date on this sale ? Marc P11/04/2012 00:41:45
I also own 200 shares in this company and ask what will we receive if the sale goes through.Mrs T Syminton02/04/2012 12:35:44
I still hold 200 shares and is apparently about to sell the company's interestin the Great Fingall Deeps joint venture to Big BellGold operations pty Ltd. I would like some of the money.A.C.M.Laing30/03/2012 23:19:31
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