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Security Transfer Australia Pty Ltd
No longer operating

Company details
Address: 194 Gladstone Street, SOUTH MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3205
Tel:  (03) 9682 4491 Fax: (03) 9682 4481

Date first listed: 14/10/2010
Company Secretary: Mr Oliver Carton

Sector: Capital Goods
Industry Group: XNJ
Activities: Sale and distribution of ATM machines

company deregistered today


GRG International Ltd (GRG) has been convicted and fined for late lodgement of financial accounts. The company, which was delisted from the ASX in January this year, appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on 28 January 2016 for failing to submit multiple financial reports on time between 2012 and 2014. Magistrate Lethbridge convicted and fined GRG a total of $37,500 for failing to lodge annual financial reports for financial years 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 and half year reports ending 31 December 2012 and 2013. (Shareholders suffer the impact of the fine, those responsible - Jeffrey Barrow, Frank Cooper, Baljit Singh, Brian Kett, Dan Thurtell, Oliver Carton and Richard Stack - walk away scot-free!!)


delisted from the close of trading on Thursday, 31 December 2015, pursuant to Listing rule 17.12 and Guidance Note 33


we understand that it is ASX policy to automatically remove from the official list any entity whose securities have been suspended from trading for a continuous period of 3 years


GRG Limited (GRG) is pleased to announce that it has signed an extension of an existing Distribution Agreement with a major North American distribution partner (the Partner).


GRG Limited (GRG) is pleased to announce that it has accepted an offer from DC Payments Australasia Pty Ltd (DC) to acquire the Company's Australian ATM business (the Offer). The Offer is subject to a number of conditions including the approval by GRG's shareholders. Completion of the Offer will result in the transfer of the ATM business assets and contracts of GRG to DC. GRG will focus on its ATM and bank transformation product distribution business in various jurisdictions.


The funding announced which encompassed the acquisition of Triton Systems on 7 September, 2012 via an agreement with a South East Asian funder has failed to complete. The funder has advised that it has failed to close financing from a third party which would have enabled it to provide funding to GRG - the Company has been unable to complete its Financial Reports for Financial Years 2012 and 2013


the directors of this company namely Jeffrey Barrow, Brian Kett, Baljit Singh, Richard Stack and Dan Thurtell are treating their owners, the shareholders, with contempt - the company has been suspended for more than 8 months and the market not informed of developments


In relation to GRG International Limited" (ASX: GRG) press release dated 6 September 2012 regarding the transaction noted above, GRG advises that the completion of the transaction, originally scheduled to occur on or about the 5th of November, has been delayed until the week of December 17th, approximately 45 days


securities suspended following failure to lodge full year accounts to 30 June 2012

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ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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The biggest waste of time and money ever. Thanks Tim Neesham for getting me sucked into this and the board of Directors walk away Scot-free. 

15/01/2024 14:32:32

Maybe it is time for Tim Neesham to answer some questions and how strongly he has supported Mr Carton, Mr Thurtell and Mr Kett. A lot of unexplained questions over the sale of the major asset in 2015.

22/11/2016 15:54:12

?GRG convicted.

04/02/2016 13:38:51
good luck with that - maybe hang out at Victorian Tigers Polo Club11/01/2014 13:09:56
Can we please get an update on the suspension?07/01/2014 05:00:33
just read article re - Victorian Tigers polo team "we can be as good as europeans" - what company are they talking about? surely not suspended GRG?15/11/2013 18:53:07
great article on CEO Jeff Barrows "we can be as good as europeans" it woudl seem investors are in good hands15/11/2013 09:00:59
Can someone explain why there has been no action against the directors at least. Have they been derelict in their duty as directors? What about the investors like me who have super fund money tied up with GRG?
04/11/2013 14:08:59
I would like to see ASX take some action with this company.  GRG as a whole shows no respect for the shareholders who parted with their hard-earned money to invest in their start-up company.  ASX should ask them to be accountable for this long-winded suspension.21/10/2013 13:25:54
What is ASX doing about this company . The directors do not seem to be accountable in any way to the performance or shareholders. 16/08/2013 12:34:27
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    22/12/2011Jeffrey BarrowOn market10,301$0.140$1,442
    19/12/2011Jeffrey BarrowOn market48,933$0.125$6,113
    15/12/2011Jeffrey BarrowOn market180,998$0.117$21,225
    23/09/2011Frank CooperOn market40,000$0.145$5,800
    16/09/2011Jeffrey BarrowOn market76,545$0.141$10,793

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    Directors & Executives (current)
    Oliver CartonNon Exec Director23/06/2014
    Brian KettExecutive Director03/06/2010
    Dan ThurtellExecutive Director, CEO03/06/2010
    Richard StackGeneral Manager

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    Directors & Executives (former)
    Jeffrey BarrowChairman, CEO03/06/201023/06/2014
    Baljit SinghNon Exec Director08/12/201112/07/2013
    Frank CooperNon Exec Director10/12/201008/12/2011

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.