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Link Market Services Limited Sydney
Level 12, 680 George Street Sydney NSW 2000
Tel : +61 1300 361 735
Fax : 02 9287 0303
RegistryWebsite RegistryEmail

Company details
Address: Level 4 , 1 Kent Street , SYDNEY , NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2000
Tel:  (02) 9256 5000 Fax: (02) 9256 5001

Date first listed: 02/12/2003

Sector: Real Estate
Industry Group: XFJ
Activities: Property group with operations in construction, property development, facilities management and property funds management. The Group will also hold a portfolio of investment grade properties

former shareholders in this company may have unclaimed money arising from the compulsory acquisition of their shares - deListed provides a tracing service for a small administration fee that identifies where people can find unclaimed monies arising from compulsory acquisitions and also from dividend distributions, super contributions, inoperative bank, building society or credit union accounts, bequests and other sources - please click here for access to our Lost shares, Lost money?? service


Class Action - the lawyers have been successful in the Management Investment Scheme ("MIS") litigation before Justice Finkelstein, who held the class action was not an MIS - however the matter was appealed to the Full court, which heard the appeal on 5 August 2009 - judgement is awaited - the lawyers are in the process of obtaining principal discovery and have been obtaining documents in tranches for some time - they have also obtained further documents from KPMG, the auditors of Multiplex - the parties attended a mediation on 23 September 2009 - the mediation, was not successful but sufficient progress was made to warrant the scheduling of a further mediation on 5 November 2009


Class Action - significant progress has been made over the past 12 months with this action, in particular the Statement of Claim has been amended to significantly expand the nature of the claim and to expand the class to include a number of persons who had sought to be joined to the class action after the issue of the initial Statement of Claim in December 2006 - the Amended Statement of Claim include claims: (i) that Multiplex overstated its full year 2004 profit by at least 17M by failing to properly account for the likely loss on the Wembley Stadium project; (ii) that Multiplex failed to disclose materially the deteriorating positions in relation to its West India Quay and Qantas Hangar projects; (iii) that Multiplex was experiencing a material change in its quality of earnings in that it was dependent upon non-core fee earnings to off-set reversals of profit and losses being suffered in its construction division - the Applicants have also obtained a number of documents from ASIC and KPMG by way of subpoena


Class Action - the proceedings (regarding allegations by Multiplex that the funding arrangements for the class action constituted an unregistered investment scheme) was heard today before the Honourable Justice Finkelstein in the Federal Court of Australia - Justice Finkelstein reserved his decision


Class Action - Multiplex files separate proceedings alleging the funding arrangements for the class action constitutes an unregistered investment scheme and that, as a result, the funder should be stopped from further funding the matter and no further step should be taken in the class action proceedings


Class Action - the company loses an appeal in which it argued that a suit seeking damages over its 2005 Wembley Stadium woes could not be limited to investors who had signed an agreement with Canadian firm International Litigation Funding Partners Inc - in a unanimous decision, Justices Robert French, Kevin Lindgren and Peter Jacobson dismissed Multiplex's argument that restricting the class to clients of the funding firm was against the rules for so-called "representative proceedings" introduced by Federal Parliament in 1992


delisted following compulsory acquisition by Brookfield Bidco (Australia) Pty Limited


we understand Brookfield Asset Management Inc. (via its bid vehicle Brookfield Bidco (Australia) Pty Limited) was successful in relation to the acquisition of all of the stapled securities of Multiplex Group for cash consideration of $5.05 per security - securityholders on the register as at 5pm, 29 June 2007, were also to receive a distribution of 10 cents per stapled security


securities suspended from quotation from the close of business on Monday, 12 November 2007 in accordance with listing rule 17.4 following lodgement of the compulsory acquisition notice by Brookflield Bidco (Australia) Pty Limited


Class Action - reports that the Federal Court has ordered the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to hand over documents and examination transcripts in the action against Multiplex (see note of 12/07/2007 below)


Class Action - in August, Maurice Blackburn Cashman (MBC) obtained certain Multiplex documents filed and tendered in evidence in the UK proceedings Multiplex v Cleveland Bridge UK which MBC consider will be highly relevant to the issues in the proceeding


Class Action - Multiplex is ordered to provide to Maurice Blackburn Cashman, an affidavit from an appropriate officer setting out Multiplex Limited's reporting lines and structures and the kinds of reporting documentation which existed in relation to the Wembley Stadium project (that affidavit was provided on 10 September 2007)


Class Action - Maurice Blackburn Cashman (MBC) obtain judgment dismissing the Respondents' (collectively "Multiplex") application pursuant to s33N of the Federal Court of Australia Act that the proceeding no longer continue as a class action - Multiplex has lodged an application for leave to appeal and that application will be heard by the Full Court of the Federal Court on 19 November 2007


Class Action - Maurice Blackburn Cashman (MBC) obtain leave to issue a subpoena to ASIC requiring them to produce a number of highly relevant documents from their investigation into Multiplex Limited which concluded last December (all but two categories of documents were subsequently produced and in respect of those documents ASIC have since made an application to the Court seeking orders that those documents are subject to a public interest immunity and should not be required to be produced - that application was heard on 12 September 2007 and was contested by MBC - judgment on this issue is awaited)


Class Action - in advance of the hearing on February 1, Maurice Blackburn Cashman (MBC) pressed the Respondents to agree to a number of orders for the conduct of the various pre trial stages - after negotiations, orders were obtained that the Respondents file and serve any request for further and better particulars of the Statement of Claim on or before 9 February 2007, that MBC provide any further and better particulars of the Statement of Claim by 23 February 2007, that the Respondents file their Defences on or before 9 March 2007 and that MBC file and serve any Reply to those Defences, and or any request for further and better particulars of those Defences, by 16 March 2007 - the Respondents also foreshadowed making various applications, so in addition to the orders above MBC agreed to a timetable which requires the Respondents to file any such application, to be heard on 27 April 2007


Class Action - the first directions hearing will take place on 1 February 2007


Class Action: those investors who contracted to purchase and held Multiplex shares or stapled securities between 3 February 2005 and 24 February 2005 and who are therefore entitled to benefit from the Enforceable Undertaking (see note of 20/12/2006 below) should firstly investigate the Class Action being conducted by Maurice Blackburn Pty Ltd and seek independent legal advice


ASIC has accepted an Enforceable Undertaking (EU) from Multiplex relating to the company's failure to disclose a material change in profit on the Wembley National Stadium project in London - the EU has secured a $32 million compensation fund for those investors affected by a failure of the Multiplex Group (Multiplex) to meet its continuous disclosure obligations - the $32 million compensation fund will be available to investors who contracted to purchase and held Multiplex shares between 3 February 2005 (the date ASIC believes the market should have been informed) and 24 February 2005 (the date the announcement was made)- a Multiplex stapled security contracted to be purchased and held during this period is an Eligible Security under the compensation arrangements - the final amount payable per Eligible Security cannot be calculated with certainty until all claims submitted to Multiplex have been assessed


Class Action - the action is issued in the Federal Court of Australia - the action is brought on behalf of securityholders who acquired Multiplex securities during the period 2 August 2004 and 30 May 2005 and who had entered into a Funding Agreement as at the date of issue - MBC estimate the total claim at between $100m and $150m


Class Action - MBC report that commencement of the case has been delayed due to litigation funding issues - however, they believe they are currently in the final stages of negotiations with the litigation funder and anticipate a final agreement to fund the proceeding in the coming weeks - the pleadings are ready to be filed with the Court as soon as a litigation funding agreement has been secured


Class Action - Multiplex did not tell the market about problems with the Wembley Stadium Project until 24 February 2005 and did not reveal the project would make a loss and impact on group profit until 27 May 2005 - if you acquired Multiplex securities during the period 2 August 2004 to 30 May 2005 you will be eligible to participate in the class action - you can register your interest in the class action with MBC by email to


Class Action - will receive an update in the next week or so


Class Action - MBC report that the UK trial between CBUK and Multiplex in relation to the steelworks package on Wembley has produced some valuable evidence which they anticipate will substantially aid the Australian shareholders' case in terms of what the company knew and when


Class Action - Maurice Blackburn Cashman confirm that their investigations are sufficiently advanced to enable them to advise that they will be issuing proceedings to recover securityholder losses - the central tenet of the securityholders' case against Multiplex is its failure throughout the period 2 August 2004 to 30 May 2005 to properly disclose the true picture regarding Wembley


Class Action - Maurice Blackburn Cashman (MBC) has been instructed to commence a class action against Multiplex Limited on behalf of security holders who purchased or acquired an interest in securities between 7 November 2003 and 30 May 2005 - MBC considers that for a lengthy period prior to 30 May 2005 Multiplex had not properly disclosed to shareholders and potential shareholders the full story regarding huge cost increases and delays, or the real risk of huge costs and delays, in the construction of the Wembley National Stadium - Multiplex shareholders who have suffered losses due to the fall in share price are encouraged to register their interest in the class action with MBC by email to


Multiplex reports an overall net loss of $119.6 million after tax for the six months ended 31 December 2005 - a staggering $250.7 million net loss was attributable to the Wembley Stadium project (including provision for liquidated damages which may be incurred if they fail to complete the stadium by 31 March 2006)


Multiplex announces that the English Football Association had decided to transfer the FA Cup Final scheduled for 13 May 2006 from Wembley Stadium because Multiplex could not provide 100% certainty that the stadium would be fully functional in time

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2013 unclaimed list where would I find it

20/03/2013 22:44:59
I bought 1500 shares on 11/03/2005.
I have not received any update on what I can do about the shares to recover any lost money.
What can I do ?
27/01/2012 13:10:48
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