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Do you have any records of policy number 3420803 commencing 1st September 1968 Table EA55 for myself OLIVER PARKINSON HILL. 


26/08/2022 21:34:51

Recommend this online facility to determine your policies position:


I would like to know who to contact for information on policies 1980302 and 1980303 in the name of Kristen Louise Buchananas the owner of the policies is now deceased. Please reply to email address

07/02/2021 16:04:02

My Mother Vera Yates Had a insurance policy with Leonard Francis Yates as the recipient which is myself.

The amount is $ 175.00 with is with National Mutual life association of Australia Limited ( AXA Aust ) She  passed away many years ago and I found this through 7 news and have no idea how to claim the money> I would appreciate if someone knows how I can be contacted at tkankyou

14/05/2020 17:22:38

For lost policies copy and paste into your browser:

14/12/2019 06:19:15

I am investigating on am old policy we just uncovered under the name of Robert Morrison Catley who was my father and deceased in 9/11/1997. We recently were sent a pacrcel from ANZ with a Life Policy 1684456 from 26/9/1955.  My name is Fiona Andrews and can be emailed on Thank you

13/12/2019 21:30:24

I have 2 Life Assured Policies; Policy No 1636119 on the life of Susan Katherine Fisher and Policy No 1636120 on the life of Robert George Thomas Fisher - both Policies, on my brother & sister,  commenced on the 7th of July 1950.  Could you please advise whether these Policies are current or have been cashed in.  I can be contacted via Email -

23/09/2019 16:40:55

Following up OTN 1134117

Policy Number 6385342

Frank Edward Lewry Policy holder

Pls email (daughter)


08/08/2018 11:44:08

Go here re missing policies or pension contributions:

30/04/2018 19:05:59

HI, I was employed by National Mutual in Cape Town from Feb 1981 to end July 1981 as a pensions consultant.  My ID is 5105040032085 and I want to enquire as to my pension contribution that may still be in your pension fund. I can be reached at : Thank you.

30/04/2018 18:15:29

I refer to my request dated12/12/2017 in regard to policy Number :-8379479 in the name of Alfred Henry Neate.

Could you please advise as per this request,

15/01/2018 12:20:16

I am inquiring about a life insurance policy from 1965.


Cert number:C 019 42?

02/01/2018 20:25:28

I have come across a policy No:-8379479,commencing 24/10/1980, Table:-IIIDT20/II15.


In the name of:-Alfred Henry Neate. Expiry Date:-24/10 2000. Initial sum Assured $43,000.00.


Could you please establish the validity or otherwise of this policy and advise Alfred Neate  Thankyou.

12/12/2017 11:36:23

I\'m inquiring about my National Mutual Life policy


Policy number  9470210 


Start date  30/7/1981 my name is Grant Hart


Email me on.

12/04/2017 19:41:23
I am writing to ask about the status of policy #3406281 with National Mutual Life which was transferred from Ireland in June1966 in the name of Ellis Roy Hall. Please contact me on 16:52:13

National Mutual Life became AXA Asia Pacific, which was then bought out by AMP, so you should probably contact AMP.

01/10/2016 11:19:34

?hi there,


im writing to you to please check policy no : 586260 which belonged to my grandfather who passed away, since then, my grandmother has passed on leaving her ENTIRE estate to me. this was an agreement in their anti nuptual contract when they got married this was an \"endowment Assurance\" which i dont think my gran ever claimed.. could you please shed some light and contact me on


ps. i have both death certificates, mariage certificate and antinuptual contract.


Please advise soonest.

08/06/2016 21:02:09

My name is Martin Eric Fortescue and I need information in regards a National Mutual Policy -number 2755,985/3 which I paid into through my work. I need to find out what happened to this policy. My contact is

08/06/2016 18:29:45

?I have two policy numbers. First one is 1326529 and second is 1370536 dated 19th May 1952. For a F.V. Simpson was with  \"The Tattersfield Limited Staff Superannuation Fund.  I have the original Certificate of Member. If you can please find out whether these are valid, as this was left with my grandmother who passed away in 2004. My email is

16/05/2016 13:40:55

Can you tell me why Policy no 5098390/7 has a surrender value of $1.00 when this policy was cancelled about 30 years ago?


Ronald Leslie Doglass

06/05/2016 11:39:35

?can you tell me if policy number 3093844 is still active as the holder Phillip Hall has died

28/02/2016 02:36:10

?looking for information on policy No.s 1967397, 1954,700/9 , Z& 1960,600/3, in the name of Kevin Geoffrey Cheadle, any information would be greatly appreciated



Kevin Cheadle

25/02/2016 20:17:06

?Could you advise me if National Mutual Life policy 8161,735/9 (FAM) is relevant for S.H.Boulton who passed away in 2011.


My contact is   L.Boulton

23/02/2016 10:57:06
Could you please tell me if National Mutual Life policy 4454,485/6 over my mother A R Binsted is still active.

Please contact me on
31/08/2015 10:45:49

Could you please tell me if my brother-in-law recently deceased still has a policy with you: Mr Peter Derrick Foster,

Policy No  :3511106     .Please contact me via e-mail

29/08/2015 04:45:40

Could you please confirm if policy S132,177T/0 (SUP) is still active . Please contact Ian Tomkins at

15/08/2015 15:52:03
Can you please confirm whether National Mutual Life Association policy #1796.080/8(FAM) is still current. Please contact Stephanie at or on 02 9262 6666.11/08/2015 14:15:50
Life Policy No. 9500.669/8 (SUP) in the name of OLAF SIEGEL.  Is this policy still current?  Please contact Solicitors, Andrew Spilva Stewart & Co. 15:53:52
Can you get any information  on policy numbers 4418771 and 4417951 names on certificates are Maureen Macdonald and Keith Macdonald. I can be contacted at Thanks
27/05/2015 23:00:22
I had a policy with National Mutual Life Association of Australasia Ltd - Policy no. 3528771. Last bonus date was 30/09/1973. Life assured G S Davies. Is the policy still current. Please contact me via email on gd401766@gmail.com05/05/2015 22:51:44
Can you tell me if policy no 3438754 is still active?
Eamonn Hayes
05/05/2015 03:47:41
I would like to inquire about a life insurance policy email me at so i can provide undetails.29/03/2015 02:49:08
is this policy still current p.j.a. whitworth number 1154,633/0[fam] dated 05/03/1992. you can reply at 16/02/2015 14:55:29
i would like to check if my wifes policy is still active life insured ms p j a whitworth policy number 1154,6330[fam]16/02/2015 14:50:58
I had a policy with National Mutual policy no 8330856 an dmy last bonus was in september 78.  What has happenened to my money I had invested in this company.  Name on certificate MR G.M. Slater Box 532, Swan Hill 3585.  PLease contact me via email on
Thanks you
27/01/2014 14:48:59
I am writing to check if my brother who has recently deceased still has a policy with you - his name was: Ian Patrick YzelmanPolicy Number 6046,438/5My name is Deborrah McClelland and I can be contacted on: deborrah.mcclelland@bhpbilliton.com20/09/2013 10:56:57
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