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the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) today withdrew charges brought by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) against two directors of Seafood Ltd (see note of 19/05/2006 below)


two directors of Seafood appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today on charges brought by ASIC - Mr William Matthew Schoch and Mr Terrence Michael Byrne of Brisbane have each been charged with three counts of dishonestly using their positions as directors to gain an advantage for themselves and others - the charges follow an ASIC investigation into their involvement in a transaction which is alleged to have assisted Seafood Online's $16 million public float to achieve minimum subscription - ASIC alleges that a company controlled by Mr Schoch, Schochco Pty Ltd, received undisclosed commissions for brokering the deal and investing in the float itself - it is also alleged a company controlled by Mr Byrne, Terry Byrne & Associates Pty Ltd, received an undisclosed commission for investing in the float


ASIC has acted to cancel Trevor Schmierer's registration as a liquidator - he will no longer be able to practice as a registered liquidator


a loss declaration has been issued and the capital loss can therefore be claimed in the financial year the declaration is issued


liquidators advise they are awaiting legal advice regarding the outcome of the examinations of directors and are still unable to commit to the timing of the issue of a liquidators declaration


the business of the company has been sold and liquidators are to conduct a public examination of directors next month


waiting to hear from liquidators


delisted due to failure to pay annual listing fee


DOCA terminates and J Schmeirer and D Offermans of Knights Insolvency appointed liquidators


market advised sale of business did not proceed on 19/12/01 or after extensions


contract for conditional sale of business entered into with settlement to be effected on 19/12/2001


indication that it is unlikely there will be surplus funds available if sale proceeds


directors advise they are working to present administrator with DOCA to enable the company to relist


appointment of J Schmierer of Knights Insolvency Administration as the Voluntary Administrator


securities suspended from quotation

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I was looking at my old old old files and culling and came across the tech wreck of the 2000s and lo-and-behold - Seafood Onine!  My first capital loss with an IPO - ah the memories of an expensive learning experience.

The internet archive keeps everything - if you want to see the mugs that stole Terryt Byrne and William Schoch - check them out on their original prospectus:

18/07/2021 22:21:49

It\'s a long time ago now but i\'ll never forget. I had very high hopes for this company\'s success and was cheated by these executives greed! Your day will come but you will not know when.....

14/02/2019 15:11:35

want to get in touch with terry Byrne, lost my buy share certificate, can\'t claim loss Elwyn.

10/03/2017 12:36:47

  i was a share holder,and lost my money, does any body know where william schock is now as i need some infomation on my share holdings.

27/10/2016 12:44:21

?If only they were honest hard workers and not quick draw mcgraws..


great business if run honest.

26/05/2016 17:21:47

?Snakes and and Judas(scapegoats).. what a game.

See game master.............."the beast" 

29/10/2015 10:43:00
I'd love to see a copy of the IPO document, models posing as directors I believe!09/04/2013 12:10:09
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