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Boardroom Pty Ltd
Level 8, 210 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Tel : +61 2 9290 9600 or 1300 737 760
Fax : +61 2 9279 0664 or 1300 653 459
RegistryWebsite RegistryEmail

Company details
ISIN: AU000000SVH6
Address: 6/f, The Phoenix 23 Luard Road Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel:  (852) 2110 1684 Fax: (852) 8169 8066

Date first listed: 29/08/2016

Sector: Consumer Services
Activities: The company together with its controlled entities is a gaming operator in Asia (Vietnam, Nepal, Laos and Cambodia) with its core business involving the operation and management of casinos and the management of electronic gaming operations

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delisted at entity's request per Listing Rule 17.12


we understand this company failed and ASX removed the company from listing because its securities have been suspended from quotation for a continuous period of two years


The administrators confirm that the deed has been wholly effectuated in respect of the company. Control of the company has now been returned to the newlly appointed directors.


The company releases an Appendix 2A.


The company releases a notice of Proposed issue of Securities - SVH.


we understand that on or about this date the company consolidated its shares 1 for 452


The company releases the results of its meeting.


The company releases a notice of consolidation of securities. Shareholders will get 1 for every 452 presently owned.


The administrators released a notice of cancellation of options to optionholders.


On 18 November 2020, ASIC granted relief under ASIC Instrument 20-1041 such that the Company does not have comply with certain financial reporting obligations under Part 2M.3 of the Act, in relation to the financial year of the Company ending 30 June 2020, during the deferral period.


The company releases an updated notice of meeting.


The company's general meeting will be held online via or the Lumi App on 15 December 2020 at 10.00am (AEDT). The meeting ID to enter the meeting is 350 394 535.


The DOCA was executed by all relevant parties on 15 September 2020. The notice of meeting and other materials required for the shareholders' meeting to approve the capital structure changes will be sent in due course.


At the 25 August 2020 reconvened meeting of creditors, creditors resolved that the company execute a DOCA in order to give effect to a recapitalisation proposal put forward by HatchAsia. The company must execute the DOCA within 15 business days after the end of the meeting. The lodgment of the company's financial statements for the most recent financial year and the convening of its AGM will be attended to by the company as a matter of priority after the recapitalisation process is complete.


The company intends to rely on the ASIC Corporations (Externally Administered Bodies) Instrument 2015/251 to enable the company to obtain relief from its Part 2M.3 obligations to prepare and lodge the audited financial statements and directors reports for a period of 6 months from the date of our appointment. In compliance with the obligations, the company is required to respond to members' reasonable inquiries in relation to the consequence of administration to them. The Administrators have also submitted an application to the ASIC pursuant to Section 250P of the Act, in order to receive an extension of 2 months to convene the annual general meeting from the date the financial reporting relief expires.


As a consequence of the appointment of the Administrators, on 19 May 2020, OCP Asia has appointed John Park and Joseph Hansell of FTI Consulting as Receivers and Managers of Silver Heritage.


On 18 May 2020 the Board of Directors appointed Ryan Eagle and Amanda Coneyworth of KPMG as Administrators.


The company lodges its Appendix 4C.


The company lodges its Quarterly Activities Report.


The company lodges its FY19 Annual Results Summary.


The company releases a Trading Update.


The company lodges its Preliminary Final Report.


The company lodges its Appendix 4D and Half Year Accounts.


Both of the company's casinos in Nepal, located at Tiger Palace Resort Bhairahawa and The Millionaire's Club & Casino, Kathmandu, will be closed until further notice. The hotel at Tiger Palace Resort will also be closed until further notice following the ban on international travel to and from Nepal.


The company notes allegations in the Nepal media of misconduct against the company. All of these allegations are strenuously denied by the company. The company also notes comments concerning a small part of its land situated at the Tiger Palace are currently the subject of legal proceedings in Nepal and as such it is inappropriate to make any comment at this stage outside the court process.


The ASX has now considered the written submissions of the company and has come to the view that Listing Rule 10.1.5 is not applicable in this case. No shareholder approval is required for grant of seucirity to its existing bondholders under the provisions of the new loan. The second and third installments of the new loan will not be delayed as a result of ASX's requisitions.


The company lodges an Appendix 4C.


The company has now executed the necessary legal documentation with, among others, OL Master (Singapore Fund 1), Orchard Landmark II (Singapore Fund 1) and OL Master Limited in relation to the provision to the company of a secured loan of US$1,000,000. The Nepal operations collectively enjoyed a record month in December, generating an aggregate more than US$1,500,000 in total revenues across The Millionaire's Club & Casino Kathmandu and Tiger Palace Resort, Bhairahawa.


The company lodges its Appendix 4C.


The deadline for Mr. I. Hugh Holmes (the buyer) to pay the deposit of US$3 million into an escrow account has now passed and the deposit has not yet been made. The company, however, will continue to work with the buyer on a non-exclusive basis while also exploring alternative strategic funding opportunities.


The company issues a response to ASX Query.


On 30 August 2019, following discussions with the company's advisers, the Directors determined that the going concern basis of accounting (as applied in previous years) would no longer be appropriate. The financial statements will not be prepared on a going concern basis, rather the interim financial statements will be prepared on a realisation basis of accounting, reflecting an orderly disposal of the company's Nepal operations. The change in the basis of the preparation will hvae a material impact on the preparation of the Appendix 4D and interim financial statements. The Directors have then determined to delay the finalisation of the Appendix 4D and the interim financial statements until the Directors, in conjunction with the company's auditors, have sufficiently considered the impact of this change in basis of preparation on the interim financial statements.


In relation to the binding offer from Mr. Indra Bahadur Thapa, the company has yet to receive the deposit of US$3 million due to factors outside the control of both the buyer and the company. An extension was granted for the payment of the deposit to 10 September 2019. The company has been notified that a second new interim ex parte injunction has been granted by the Rupandehi District Court against two of the company's Nepal subsidiaries concerning land located at the Tiger Palace Resort. The company is currently considering legal advice on the effect and consequences of the injunction.


In relation to the Nepal legal proceedings, the company has sought independent advice from its Nepal legal counsel who has confirmed that: the scope of the interim injunction granted ex parte is limited to the 5 plots of land identified as plot numbers 120, 148, 152, 190 and 73, which are not and were never legally registered in the name of the company (or its subsidiaries) but rather as unused government land lying within the boundaries of Tiger Palace Resort Bhairahawa, and as such the injunction does not restrict the sale or construction on any plots legally owned by the company through its subsidiaries. The current interim injunction and legal proceedings pose no immediate material commercial or legal impact or risk on the company's operations in Nepal. The local communities that surround Tiger Palace Resort Bhairahawa have confirmed their strong ongoing support for the company and its operations at Tiger Palace Resort moving forward.


The company has received a conditional binding offer from Mr. Indra Bahadur Thapa, represented by Mr. I. Hugh Holmes of Hotel Investment Partners Limited, to acquire the company's Nepal operations at an enterprise value of US$33.9 million, by way of the acquisition of the company's subsidiary holding its Nepalese assets for US$20 million. The offer follows the company's engagement of Union Gaming as its exclusive adviser in relation to locating potential strategic partners or purchasers of the Nepal operations. A 90-day exclusivity period was granted to the buyer which will commence on the date of the deposit (15 August 2019). There is no certainty that the offer will result in a transaction.


The company lodges an Appendix 4C.


Legal proceedings have recently been initiated in the Rupandehi District Court of Nepal by a local water consumer committee based in the region against two of the company's Nepal subsidiaries. The committee alleges that there has been construction upon a small area of land located in and around Tiger Palace Resort owned by the Government of Nepal and managed by the committee under Nepal's laws relating to canals and irrigation. The company intends to defend the proceedings.


The company releases its Annual General Meeting Results.


The company releases its AGM Chairman and CEO Addresses.


Trading at the Company's Nepal properties well ahead of prior year performance. Partial payment received from former Vietnam partner. Update on capital initiatives and going concern disclosure. Release of annual report and Appendix 4E and disclaimer of opinion from the company's auditor.


The company lodges its Appendix 4E and Annual Report.


The company releases its Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement.


The company's AGM will be held at the Offices of Boardroom Pty Ltd, Level 12, 225 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 on Friday, 28 June 2019 at 11:00am (AEST).


On 22 May 2019, ASIC approved the Company's request to extend the period within which Silver Heritage must hold its 2018 AGM from 31 May 2019 to 30 June 2019. The Company expects to release its Appendix 4E and Annual Report to ASX and to publish the Annual Report on its website on or before 30 May 2019. The review of the Nepal accounting operations which commenced shortly after the discovery of the irregularities has now been completed. The impact of the Accounting Irregularities for the financial statements of the year ending 31 December 2018 was an additional expense of US$54,000.


The company lodges its Appendix 4C and provides a trading update. The Company opened the VIP Gaming rooms at Tiger Palace Resort, Bhairahawa in March 2019. Feedback from VIP visitors has been overwhelmingly positive. The Company also continues to see stronger performance also at its operations in Kathmandu, with increasing contributions from Chinese players in addition to the usual Indian players. The Company continues to work with its auditor, Grant Thornton to finalise the audit of the financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2018 following the discovery of the accounting irregularities as disclosed on 1 March 2019. Two settlement payments in relation to the termination of the Company's Entertainment Services Agreement were due from the owner of Phoenix. The first instalment was paid on 12 March 2019 and the second became due on 11 April 2019. The owner of Phoenix has failed to make payment of this second instalment and the Company intends to use all avenues available to it to ensure these monies are paid.


The Company, as a result of breaches by the owner of Phoenix of the Entertainment Services Agreement, primarily the requirement to maintain the gaming license that allows the operation of gaming activities at Phoenix has negotiated a Settlement Agreement with the owner of Phoenix, whereby, inter alia, the Company will be paid the sum of US$5.25 million in compensation in full and final settlement of all claims and rights either party may have in relation to the ESA. The settlement also provides for the termination of the ESA, effective from 1 March 2019, and the transfer of the gaming assets of the Company located at Phoenix to the owner of Phoenix.


The company received notice from the General Manager of Phoenix that table games are no longer included in its revised Investment Certificate and hence not permitted to be operated on the property, and that the casino will close for an indefinite period. As of 0600 Vietnam Time this morning 1 March 2019 all casino operations on the property have ceased. As Phoenix represented approximately 45% of Silver Heritage Group's unaudited revenue for the year ending 31 December 2018, the Board is conducting a review of the legal basis on which the Notice was issued, the Company's rights and obligations under the Entertainment Services Agreement between the Company and the owner of Phoenix, and the impact of the Notice on the Company.


The company's securities will be suspended from official quotation following failure to lodge the relevant periodic report by the duee date.


The suspension of trading in the securities of Silver Heritage Group Limited will be lifted immediately following the release by SVH of an announcement regarding the capital raising.


The company releases a letter to ineligible foreign holders in relation to the non-renounceable pro rata entitlement offer.


The company releases a Retail Entitlement Offer Booklet.


The company has completed the placement of new shares and the institutional component of its fully underwritten accelerated non-renounceable 1 for 1 pro-rata entitlement offer. The Institutional Placement raised AU$1.36 million in total whilst the Institutional Entitlement Offer raised AU$6.1 million at an offer price of AU$0.02 per new share for total Institutional Offer proceeds of AU$7.5 million.


The company releases a cleansing notice in relation to an accelerated non-renounceable pro-rata entitlement offer of one new fully paid ordinary Silver Heritage share for every one Silver Heritage share held at 7:00pm (Sydney time) on 10 September 2018. The offer price for the Entitlement Offer will be $0.02 per New Share, to raise approximately $11.7 million. The Entitlement Offer includes an institutional component and a retail component.


The company releases an Equity Raising - Investor Presentation.


The company has successfully renegotiated the key terms of its outstanding bonds held by OCP. In conjunction with the successful renegotiation of the Bonds, the Company is launching a fully underwritten accelerated non-renounceable entitlement offer and a non-underwritten institutional placement. The combination of the Placement and the Entitlement Offer will raise up to approximately A$13.1m.


The securities of Silver Heritage Group Limited will be suspended from quotation immediately under Listing Rule 17.2, at the request of Company, pending the release of an announcement regarding a capital raising and amendments to the terms of bonds.


The suspension of trading in the securities of Silver Heritage Group Limited will be lifted immediately following announcement of completion of the institutional component of a fully underwritten accelerated renounceable entitlement offer to raise funds for the completion of construction of the Tiger Palace Resort Bhairahawa.


The company announces the successful completion of the institutional component of its fully underwritten 2 for 1 accelerated renounceable pro-rata entitlement offer at an issue price A$0.05 for each new share.


The company releases a prospectus for a two for one accelerated renounceable entitlement offer of new fully paid ordinary shares in the Company at a price of $0.05 per New Share Retail Entitlement Offer closes at 5.00pm (Sydney time) on 26 July 2017 (unless extended).


The company releases an entitlement offer presentation.


Silver Heritage Group Limited announces the launch of a fully underwritten accelerated renounceable entitlement offer, leadmanaged by Baillieu Holst Ltd.


The company releases the AGM Results.


The company releases the AGM Chairman and CEO Presentations.


The company lodges its Appendix 4C and Progress Update.


The company lodges its Appendix 4C.


The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company will be held at the Offices of Boardroom Pty Ltd, Level 12, 225 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 on Thursday, 25 May 2017 at 11:00am (AEST).


The company is in continuing discussions with equity capital providers and brokers and the holders of its senior secured bonds regarding its capital raising exercise. Details are still being finalised. The capital to be raised will fully fund the completion of Tiger Palace enabling the opening of the hotel and casino within the revised time frame. The company's shares will remain in voluntary suspension until it is able to announce the final details of its capital raising which is anticipated to be within three weeks.


The company lodges its Results Summary 2016.


The company releases an Appendix 4G.


The company lodges its Annual Report 2016.


The company releases an Investor Presentation and Appendix to Update on Tiger Palace.


The company provides an update ont he progress of construction of Tiger Palace Resort Bhairahawa and its review to determine the extent of an anticipated delay and increase in project cost at Tiger Place. Silver Heritage has encountered unexpected delays in the completion of Tiger Palace and has carried out a comprehensive review of the status of the project development and announces its findings.


Silver Heritage Group Limited provides an operations update to accompany the full year unaudited results to 31 December 2016 and the release of Appendix 4E.


The securities of Silver Heritage Group Limited will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Company, pending the release of an announcement regarding the completion of investigations to determine the extent of an anticipated delay and increase in project cost in relation to the Tiger Palace Report Bhairahawa.


listed entity carried for record purposes only

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