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go here re missing policy:

17/05/2018 07:14:27

I have a policy in my fathers name and am looking for more details regarding this policy.

I have The policy number available and would like to know how to proceed? 

My email is   

Thanks Paul

Could someone please contact me in regards to this?

15/05/2018 18:01:08

Go here re missing policy:

30/04/2018 19:04:15

I am seeking advice about a policy in my father\'s name. He is deceased and I manage my mother\'s affairs. it is policy UQ5727159

30/04/2018 10:33:38

Hi there

I am looking for details of my superannuation account held by The Mutual Life and Citizens Assurance Compnay Limited 

Name: C Kelly

DOB: 19/10/62

Year Commencing: 1.11.84

Traveland Superannuation Fund


15/02/2018 15:42:51

Wanting information on Policy no,QQ-67-31470

14/06/2017 20:26:34

How do I check if these policies are closed or if they can still be claimed. Thank you

08/02/2016 14:21:20
I have found a policy PN:C5327675 dated 4/9/1978 is this valid

Thank you Rhonda Hill nee(Rhonda Louise Copeland)
01/09/2015 10:59:17
I have found two policies #NF-53-97335 dated May 2, 1953 and NF-59-02376 dated 11 February, 1959. Is there any way to claim these policies ?  Thank you Diana Anderson (Diana Marguerite Wunderlich). E-mail diandfred79@yahoo.com02/06/2015 10:13:01
I have found a Bonus Certificate from my late husband  Policy no: NS 60-50094 under the name of George Freeman. Details please17/03/2015 18:59:29
Is there any way i can claim on an old isurance policy thank you 10:00:31
I have found an endowment assurance policy in my father's name Leonard John Leahy, dated 11th June1942. Policy no: S 705627 B1/V Was this ever claimed?31/01/2015 19:41:09
Do you have a policy no w0532-7703t as I am an executor of the estate.25/11/2014 19:46:16
I am dealing with an property in Auckland that has thre mortgages registered to The Mutual Life and Citizens Assurance Company Limited. The y were registered in 1971, 1974 and 1976. I need to obtain discharges of the mortgages. Who do I contact.Ian Jespersen Burton & 06:58:06

I have a policy on D.P. MacLaren Policy #16061

Can I find out details on this policy.  Thank you for your reply.

25/03/2014 08:35:10

I have a policy which I do not know exists now or not - Policy No: 726747 D5-N on life of C.F.Shannon dated Dec. 31. 1944

Does this policy exists and if so how do I find out details

Christine Frances Shannon


17/03/2014 15:56:37

I had a policy which I do not know exists now or not--policy number was NY-72-0635 dated 3rd March 1972

Does this policy exist and if so how do I find out details

06/02/2014 07:12:01
where can i check my policy 08/09/2013 13:37:37
Can anyone please tell me what happened to insurance in this company (1966 last transaction)? 10:34:11

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