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Computershare Melbourne
Yarra Falls, 452 Johnston Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Tel : +61 (0)3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505 (within Australia)
Fax : +61 3 9473 2500
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Company details
Address: 1B/205-207 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, VIC, 3065
Tel:  +61 (3) 8 618 6895 Fax: +61 (3) 8 692 0096

Date first listed: 05/01/2017

Sector: Food & Staples Retailing

The company has been deregistered as of 13/04/2024


Strike-Off Action In Progress


delisted from the start of trading on Tuesday, 04 September 2018, pursuant to Listing rule 17.11.


we understand ASX agreed to a voluntary delisting of the company following its conclusions that WQW secured its admission to the official list using artificial means and WQW failed to make any announcements under Listing Rule 3.1 in relation to the Flavours business (administrators appointed 23 July 2018) - the company is to list on SSX


The company releases the results of its meeting.


Under Listing Rule 17.6, any entity (if not already suspended) that has not paid its annual listing fees by close of business on Tuesday, 21 August 2018 will have its securities suspended from official quotation before the commencement of trading on Wednesday, 22 August 2018. In accordance with Listing Rule 16.5, entities that pay their annual listing fees after Tuesday, 21 August 2018 must pay by bank cheque only. Under Listing Rule 17.15, any entity that has not paid its annual listing fees as required by Listing Rule 16.5 by 5.00 pm AEST on Tuesday, 28 August 2018 will be removed from the Official List with effect from the close of trading on Tuesday, 28 August 2018.


Following a scheduled ASX internal system change affecting the Market Announcements Platform, it has been necessary to re-apply the "˜Suspend' session state. This announcement serves to re-confirm the securities of this entity remain suspended.


The company has received a letter from Mr Michael Carrafa of SV Partners, advising that Flavours Fruit & Veg has appointed Mr Michael Carrafa and Mr Richard John Cauchi as administrators of Flavours effective from 23 July 2018. The Administrators advised in its letter to the Company that they are not continuing to trade on the business of Flavours.


The company releases a notice of EGM. The meeting will be held on Monday 27 August 2018 at 12:00 pm (China time), 2:00 pm (AEST) at Guangzhou city, Panyu district, 290 East Hanxi Road, BaoLi DaDuHui Block 3, unit 2405 China and via telephone link at Saxons Training Facilities, Level 10, 10 Barrack Street, Sydney NSW 2000.


The company reached a settlement with ASX on 29 June 2018 in relation to the legal proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia. The settlement is on a without admissions basis. WQW has agreed to voluntarily relinquish its listing on ASX and to apply to be listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange. WQW will be removed from the ASX official list on 4 September 2018, and will be seeking to have completed its listing on the Sydney Stock Exchange by that date.


WQW advises that the Federal Court of Australia held a directions hearing on Wednesday 23 May 2018. At that directions hearing his Honour, Mr Justice Rares, of the Federal Court of Australia made orders listing for the legal proceedings between WQW and the ASX for hearing on Friday 29 June 2018. The injunction on the ASX will continue until further hearing and the delivery of judgment in those legal proceedings.


ASX makes initial decision to delist WQW on Tuesday 22 May 2018. WQW obtains urgent injunction from the Federal Court of Australia preventing the ASX from delisting WQW.


The company lodges an Appendix 4C - quarterly.


The company lodges its Appendix 4C - quarterly report.


The Company's securities will remain suspended in accordance with Listing Rule 17.3, pending further enquiries by ASX.


The company lodges its Half Yearly Report and Accounts.


The securities of Winha Commerce and Trade International Ltd will be suspended from quotation immediately pending a response to ASX Limited enquiries.


listed entity carried for record purposes only

View ASX Announcements (courtesy of ASX)


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ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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Happy to call for an EGM as suggested.

I have created a public facebook group to garner support with the name:

ASX Winha Commerce and Trade International Ltd WQW Delisted

If any other shareholders are interested to take action, please join the above Facebook group.

18/01/2019 14:38:25

What is next for shareholders?

11/12/2018 22:46:53

I have received no information from the company.

I believe an alternative action is to form a shareholders\'s action group and with a 5% aggregation of interests call a EGM to force out the director\'s. Then appoint new directors and company secretary. The Chinese interests obviously have no regard to the Australian Corps Act and the local shareholders. A classic case of working around the listing rules with the ASX oblivious to what was going on and then running the company as a director\'s private play thing.


IF any interst in calling an putting in motion an EGM to call the directors to account please reply

03/12/2018 15:12:02

I have telephoned 86186895 at least 4 four times but this number is a virtual office and takes messages on behalf of Winha. Nobody from Winha as returned my calls. I assume Winha is still operating. Why haven\'t they issued any correspondence to their shareholders advising them of the SSX status? I find it puzzling that these companies can list on the ASX and blatantly take our money & run for cover. I will now have to call ASIC to investigate my rights if I have any.

25/11/2018 13:40:14

What is Winha ticker on the Sydney stock exchange

12/09/2018 10:25:38
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    20/03/2017Zhuowei Zhong30,000$0.500$15,000

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    Directors & Executives (current)
    Raymond LimIndependent Director, Company Secretary18/07/2017
    Huiwen HuangNon Exec Director05/01/2017
    Nelson LayNon Exec Director05/01/2017
    Zhuowei ZhongExecutive Director05/01/2017
    Zhifei HuangExecutive Director, CEO05/01/2017

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    Directors & Executives (former)
    Andrew ThomsonNon Exec Director05/01/201724/08/2017
    Peter BeerNon Exec Director05/01/201706/07/2017

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.