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Last 20 companies delisted from ASX

OROTONGROUP LIMITED (ORL) 10 Aug 18 we understand that under the Deed of Company Arrangement all shares on issue in Orotongroup Limited were transferred to Manderrah Pty Limited for nil consideration
CHINA DAIRY CORPORATION LIMITED (CDC) 23 Jul 18 we understand the company failed and ASX removed the company from listing as its securities have not been quoted for three years
AUSTRALIAN GOVERNANCE MASTERS INDEX FUND LIMITED (AQF) 16 Jul 18 we understand the company restructured from a listed investment company to a listed investment trust with shareholders receiving one unit in AUSTRALIAN GOVERNANCE & ETHICAL INDEX FUND (AGM) for each share they held in AQF - reasons were broader investor appeal, improved capital management, broader investment strategy, more robust long-term structure
AVANCO RESOURCES LIMITED (AVB) 11 Jul 18 we understand OZ Minerals Brazil (Holdings) Pty Ltd was successful with an offer of $0.085 cash and 0.009 OZ Minerals Limited shares per AVB share
GODFREYS GROUP LIMITED (GFY) 11 Jul 18 we understand Arcade Finance Pty Ltd was successful with an offer of $0.335 cash per GFY share
VIRALYTICS LIMITED (VLA) 21 Jun 18 we understand Merck Sharp & Dohme was successful with a cash offer of $1.75 per VLA share
PROSPA GROUP LIMITED (PGL) 18 Jun 18 we understand the company did not trade on the exchange and withdrew its listing application following queries by ASIC in relation to the company's small business loan terms - there has been no news release by the company or announcement via ASX since 8 June (given the circumstances surely the market deserves an update by the company)
INTEGRATED MEDIA TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (ITL) 15 Jun 18 we understand the directors considered the administrative and compliance costs associated with the ASX listing were no longer justified in the light of current trading volumes and decided to maintain a listing solely on Nasdaq
RHS LIMITED (RHS) 15 Jun 18 we understand PerkinElmer Holdings Pty Ltd (being a wholly owned subsidiary of PerkinElmer Inc) was successful with an offer of $0.28 cash per RHS share
ENICE HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED (ENC) 08 Jun 18 we understand that the Hong Kong High Court approved a scheme of arrangement to privatise the Company and shareholders received as consideration A$0.44 per share
WESTFIELD CORPORATION (WFD) 08 Jun 18 we understand under the scheme of arrangement, the cash consideration was $2.67 per Westfield stapled security and the scrip consideration was 0.01844 Unibail Rodamco SE stapled shares per Westfield stapled security - the demerger scheme consideration was 1 OneMarket share for every 20 Westfield Corporation shares
BULLETPROOF GROUP LIMITED (BPF) 06 Jun 18 we understand Klikon Group Holdings Pty Ltd acquired all of the issued shares in the Company for the consideration of A$0.152 a share
MARTIN AIRCRAFT COMPANY LIMITED (MJP) 04 Jun 18 we understand the company delisted because its shares have been thinly traded on ASX and to save listing and associated costs - it will list its shares on the USX in New Zealand so that they can still be traded
MANTRA GROUP LIMITED (MTR) 01 Jun 18 we understand AAPC (a subsidiary of Accor S.A.) was successful with an offer of $3.80 per MTR share - MTR also paid a special fully franked dividend of 16 cents a share on 25 May 2018
TOX FREE SOLUTIONS LIMITED (TOX) 28 May 18 we understand Cleanaway Waste Management Limited was successful with an offer of $2.845 per Toxfree share - a fully franked special dividend of $0.58 per Toxfree share was paid to shareholders on 23 May 2018
LIFEHEALTHCARE GROUP LIMITED (LHC) 28 May 18 we understand Pacific Health Supplies BidCo was successful with an offer of A$3.495 cash for each LifeHealthcare share - a Special Dividend of A$0.18 cash per share was also paid on or about 25 May 2018
QRXPHARMA LTD (QRX) 23 May 18 we understand the company failed and is in administration - ASX removed the company from listing as its securities have not been quoted for three years
ASIAN MASTERS FUND LIMITED (AUF) 17 May 18 we understand AUF was restructured from a fund of funds to a direct equities listed investment trust (Evans & Partners - EAF) - shareholders received one unit in EAF for each share they held in AUF
DING SHENG XIN FINANCE CO. LIMITED (DXF) 15 May 18 we understand the company failed and ASX removed the company from listing as its securities have not been quoted for three years
PRIMARY GOLD LIMITED (PGO) 08 May 18 we understand HGM Resources Pty Ltd (HGM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hanking Australia Investment Pty Ltd was successful with an offer of $0.0575 cash per PGO Share


Delisted explained

Delisted explained


Approximately 10,000 companies have been delisted from the Australian Stock Exchange (or the state-based exchanges), Newcastle Stock Exchange and Bendigo Stock Exchange over the past 100 odd years, or have had their name changed.

These companies, the date and the reason for the delisting, feature on our website.

As far as is possible, our record for delisted companies is "frozen" at the point of delisting from an exchange. Depending on company developments after delisting, you may find current items in "News & Events" within the company record. You should realise other data within the company record may no longer be valid; the company may subsequently have changed its legal status and even be deregistered. If deregistered, it has ceased to exist.


Why was your company delisted?

Most companies are delisted either because they are acquired by another company, they merge with another company or they have solvency problems and go in to administration.

Shareholders should also note that entities do change their name and many have had multiple names. They are then of course listed under their new name and no longer under their previous name.

According to the Australian Stock Exchange Listing Rules, a company may be removed from the official list:

tick If it asks to be removed (ASX may impose conditions).

tick If in the opinion of ASX:

dot point It breaks a listing rule or is unwilling or unable to comply with a rule

dot point It has no quoted securities

dot point It is appropriate for some other reason

tick Following the issue of compulsory acquisition notices and previous suspension of securities under Listing Rule 17.4 or Listing Rule 17.4A.

tick Its securities have been suspended from quotation for more than three years.

tick If it fails to pay listing fees.


Note that you can view the detail of these listing rules by clicking here.


Delisting and company failure

Delisting and company failure

The majority of companies are delisted because of takeover, merger, illiquidity of their securities, withdrawal because of listing costs and failure.

Company failure also lies behind many "changes of activity" where companies fail with one activity and formally adopt another. Sometimes a change of name reflects an attempt to disassociate from past failures. Both are classic cases of failure masked by events other than a delisting. The share price usually reflects these failures.

Many small companies fail and actually go into administration, where they are reconstructed and recapitalised. They later emerge with either the same name or a different name. If not delisted, there is hardly any sign of the failure. Only the shareholders concerned are painfully aware. Their capital has been savagely diluted and their shares are practically worthless.

Larger companies that fail such as Pasminco, HIH Insurance, ABC Learning, Babcock & Brown, are of course eventually delisted. 


Finding your company

If your company has been delisted there are three ways of finding it:

  • tick Search by code (see box above right)
  • tick Search by company name (see box above left)
  • tick Click on the appropriate letter of the alphabet (see the alphabet index above)


If you are unable to find your company or the information is incomplete or incomprehensible we recommend you send us a message and we will try to assist.

Please bear in mind we are unable to help with private companies, public companies that have never been listed or with companies domiciled outside Australia or New Zealand. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission on 1300 300 630 or the NZ Companies Office on 0508 266 726 may be able to assist you with other companies.


Download delisted companies 1996-2017

Please click on the appropriate year below to see in csv format, companies delisted in that calendar year along with the date, official ASX reason and our explanation for the delisting. (Note that our explanation includes the amount of consideration payable to shareholders where a company has been taken over or merged.) 


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