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Computershare Brisbane
Level 1, 200 Mary Street Brisbane QLD 4000
Tel : +61 (0)3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505 (within Australia)
Fax : +61 7 3229 9860
RegistryWebsite RegistryEmail

Company details
ISIN: AU000000EN17
Address: Level 4, 100 Albert Road South Melbourne, VIC, 3205
Tel:  +61 3 9692 7222 Fax: +61 412 111 821

Date first listed: 14/12/2017
Company Secretary: Melanie Leydin

Sector: Software & Services
Activities: Digital Media and Advertising

delisted by ASX under Listing Rule 17.12


we understand ASX delisted the company because it has failed to lodge financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2022


Under Listing Rule 17.6, an entity (if not already suspended) that had not paid its annual listing fees by close of business on Monday, 21 August 2023 would have its securities suspended from Official Quotation before the commencement of trading on Tuesday, 22 August 2023. The following entity has failed to pay to ASX Limited the annual listing fees for the year ending 30 June 2024 and consequently will have its securities suspended from quotation immediately. The company has failed to pay to ASX the annual listing fees for the year ending 30 June 2024, and its securities are already suspended from quotation.


Shareholders in this company should consider crystallising a capital loss in 2023/24 by selling their shares. This process is now much easier and quicker. It can be achieved online by entering transaction details here. While, this usually makes good economic sense we recommend you seek professional advice before buying or selling securities, your accountant is probably the best person.


The company releases the results of its AGM.


The Board noted that the Company was placed into administration without consultation, provision of materials or unanimous approval of the Board at the time. Since this event, extensive time and effort has been deployed by the Directors to end the administration, restructure the subsidiary entities, attempt to gain access to books and records of the US subsidiaries, and evaluate the assets and the business operations. The Directors continue to undertake this review together with pursuing all avenues to gain access to the books and records of the Company and its US subsidiaries. The Company is exploring all legal options and recovery actions available to it to recover loans and assets. Should any substantive formal legal proceedings be initiated, the Company will inform the market in due course.


At the resumed second meeting of creditors, creditors resolved that the administration shall end. Control of the Company has returned to the directors, being Mr David Wheeler, Mr Robert Antulov and Mr David Batista.


On 4 November 2022, the Administrators executed Written Consents of Sole Member (i.e. ColorTV Limited) passing multiple resolutions, including the resolution that Mr David Batista be the sole Manager of Adcel, LLC and engage:BDR, LLC. Subsequently, on 7 November 2022, Mr Batista, in his capacity as sole Manager of engage:BDR, LLC, executed a Written Consent of Sole Member passing multiple resolutions, including that he be the sole Manager of Tiveo, LLC. Mr Batista is now in control of Adcel, LLC, engage:BDR, LLC and Tiveo, LLC. At the second meeting of creditors held on 31 October 2022, creditors resolved to adjourn the meeting for a period of up to 45 business days to provide the administrators with further time to liaise with the new board of directors, key stakeholders and the ASX regarding the strategy for the future of the Company.


At the reconvened first meeting of creditors held today, it was resolved by the creditors that the previous administrators be removed, and Daniel Bredenkamp and Bryan Hughes have been appointed Joint and Several Administrators of the Company. Whilst the Company is in administration, all listed securities will remain suspended. Shareholders are also unable to transfer their shares during this time.


The Administrators, on behalf of the company, have received a request from shareholders for the directors to call a general meeting. The shareholders have given a notice of intention to move resolutions for the removal of directors.


Voluntary administrators were appointed.


The Company included an additional subtotal and non-IFRS profit measure in the statement of comprehensive income which does not meet the requirements of AASB101 Presentation of Financial Statements and Regulatory Guide 230 Disclosing non-IFRS profit information. The Company has updated the financial statement. The Company did not include commentary on the Company's material risks and their mitigants in the Operating and Financial Review included within the Company's Directors Report in the 2021 Annual Report. The Company provides a summary of material risks that should have been included in the Operating and Financial review.


ASX sends a query letter regarding the company's financial condition and is currently awaiting response from the company.


The Company is unable at this time to provide an indication of when a response to the ASX query letter concerning its financial position referred to in the ASX's announcement of 8 August 2022 would be able to be provided. The Company is undertaking a review of its group's business and affairs including financial and operational matters. At this time it is unable to indicate the likely outcome of that review, when the review will be completed, or any steps that may be taken pending or following the completion of the review. The query letter referred to in ASX's announcement of 8 August 2022 enquired into, among other things, the timing of a general meeting which as at the time of release of the Company's letter to ASX of 5 May 2022 responding to ASX's query letter of 26 April 2022 to the market on 17 May 2022 was anticipated to be held in June or July this year. The Company advises that the meeting has not yet been called and it is unable to at this time to provide an indication of when or if that meeting would be called. The Company advises that a decision whether to extend the date for loans has been deferred while the Company's financial condition is under review. The Company's 5 May 2022 response to ASX's query letter referred to a mandate for a placement. A meeting to seek the approval has not yet been called for the approval of the placement as the Company is currently in the process of determining the raise structure. The Company is unable to at this time provide an indication of when or if a placement or other capital raising may occur.


The securities of ColorTV Limited will be suspended from quotation immediately under Listing Rule 17.3, pending the receipt of an appropriate response to an ASX query letter concerning its financial condition.


The suspension of trading in the securities of colorTV Limited ("˜CTV') will be lifted from the commencement of trading on Tuesday, 2 August 2022 following lodgement of its Appendix 4C and Quarterly Activities Report.


The company lodges its June 2022 Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 4C.


The securities of the entity will be suspended from Official Quotation in accordance with Listing Rule 17.5 from the commencement of trading today, 1 August 2022, following its failure to lodge the relevant periodic report by the due date.


name changed from Engage:BDR Limited

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    06/05/2021Robert Anulov1,834,500$0.005$9,173
    28/12/2018Robert Anulov665,500$0.017$11,128

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    Directors & Executives (current)
    David WheelerNon Exec Director14/04/2022
    Robert AnulovNon Exec Director26/11/2018
    David BatistaDirector20/10/2022

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    Directors & Executives (former)
    Darian PizemNon Exec Director30/10/201821/10/2022
    Ted DhanikExecutive Chairman, CEO14/12/201720/10/2022
    Kurtis RintalaExecutive Director, COO14/12/201720/10/2022
    Tom AndersonDirector14/12/201720/10/2022
    Ron PhillipsNon Exec Director14/12/201726/11/2018
    Bruce McMenaminNon Exec Director14/12/201730/10/2018

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.