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Date first listed: 04/02/1982
Company Secretary: 
Industry Group: 

name changed to Foster's Brewing Group Limited


name changed from Elder Smith Goldsbrough Mort Limited


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Click here for free access to this company's:
ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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I require Elders IXL shares price on or around 02/09/1996.  Can someone assist please?

27/10/2016 14:25:18
The DRP for Elders on 08.03.1991 had a share price of $1.4215/09/2014 19:23:25
I am looking for the Fosters Brewing Group Ltd share price on 12/10/1991. I have Treasury Wine shares and need to find the CGT when I sell these. Can anyone help?28/08/2014 11:38:30
Have got certificate of shares dating to 31 July 1985, how can i cash these?
05/05/2014 23:00:10
I am looking for the share price on 15-11-1985.21/08/2013 18:24:42
Can anyone tell me if shareholders had to pay for the Bonus Shares issued by Elders IXL on 30 April 1987, 28 March 1988, 18 Nov 1988, 20 November 1989.15/08/2013 14:11:09
I AM LOOKING FOR THE SHARE PRICE ON 28-3-88, 18-11-88, 20-11-8906/05/2013 08:43:44
I'm looking for Elders IXL share price on 14/2/198922/02/2013 17:15:36
I'm looking for the share price of Elders IXL on 29/07/1990? Anyone can help? Thx.21/01/2013 11:16:36
Thank you for the comments.  The Dividend History website.  It has been very useful.
17/10/2012 10:47:31
For past dividends, I found this was useful.
05/10/2012 15:10:36
I'M LOOKING FOR THE DRP OR SHARE PRICE OF ELDERS IXL ON 2/2/1988, 21/7/1988 & 11/5/1990?03/10/2012 14:30:31
Re:share price in Nov 1988. I have a DRP statement that indicates a price of about $2.75 at that time.28/09/2012 20:55:49
Can anyone assist with the market value of the bonus shares issued by Elders IXL  from 8.1.85 to 1.10.93 please?
27/09/2012 18:29:59
I'm after the share price back on 21 November 1988?15/08/2012 13:07:20

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