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Date first listed: 08/09/2000

name changed to ReelTime Media Limited


company advises that its non-underwritten issue of 25,000,000 shares at 20 cents to raise $5,000,000 has closed early fully subscribed


applies for the quotation of an additional 5m shares - these shares were issued as part of the acquisition of Reeltime Infotainment Ltd and the re-listing of the company as Reeltime Media Ltd


issues a supplementary prospectus


lodges half year accounts


the company and Brisbane's PIPE NETWORKS LTD (ASX : PWK) have signed an interconnect agreement which will provide a direct feed of Reeltime's premium movie, tv series and library content into PIPE's Australian network


company applies for the quotation of an additional 20m shares issued as part of the acquisition of Reeltime Infotainment Ltd and the re-listing of the company as Reeltime Media Ltd - this is to satisfy the spread requirements under the ASX listing rules - full details were disclosed in the Notice of Meeting lodged on January 11 2006


issues prospectus for the offer of 20,000,000 shares at an issue price of 20 cents each


company announces that it has signed an agreement with SecureMedia Inc, to protect it's Hollywood Video on Demand movie content - the agreement allows for Reeltime Media Ltd (the new name for the company) to deliver secure movie content across it's IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) network and to satisfy the security requirements of the Hollywood studios


the company is expected to commence trading again on the ASX once the company meets the ASX requirements for creating additional spread of shareholders from it's existing base of approximately 250 shareholders to over 400 - a prospectus to the market will be released shortly


applies for the quotation of an additional 142m shares (escrowed for two years) issued at 5 cents a share to pay for the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Reeltime Infotainment Limited from Movies on Line Limited as approved by shareholders at a general meeting held on 10th February 2006


shares suspended from quotation pending compliance with the Listing Rules following the acquisition of Reeltime Infotainment Limited - the company expects the suspension to end 13 March 2006


shareholders approve various resolutions at the meeting today including a consolidation of capital at the rate of one share for every five previously held


shares reinstated to quotation before the commencement of trading on 1 December 2005 following confirmation the deed of company arrangement has been effectuated and terminated, and the release of an announcement by the company of its proposed acquisition of ReelTime Infotainment Limited


announces the acquisition of ReelTime Infotainment Limited ("ReelTime") from Movies Online Limited - to reflect the entry into the internet media sector Flowcom will change its name to ReelTime Media Ltd following the acquisition


company advises deed administration is ended and the capital raising of $3m under the prospectus has been completed and fully subscribed


deed administrator confirms the number of shares on issue following the consolidation at approx 20m and that all existing options have expired


issues prospectus and applies for the quotation of additional securities


at a general meeting today shareholders approved the consolidation of the company's shares on a 1 for 34 basis - a timetable indicates trading in the shares on a normal basis is due to resume on 4 November 2005


administrators provide a notice of meeting to be held on 19 October to consider a recapitalisation proposal


deed administrators release a summary of the company arrangement and advise of a proposal to relist the company's shell - the purchaser will seek to raise capital of $1.2m at one cent a share


administrators are busy preparing the Consolidated Accounts of the company - a shareholders' meeting will be held in due course


administrators advise they are working on the documentation required for re-listing to be submitted to ASX and ASIC - it is taking longer than they aniticipated


it is looking increasingly unlikely there will be a return even to unsecured creditors - it is therefore highly unlikely that there will be sufficient funds to provide a return to shareholders


at the second creditors meeting it was resolved that the company enter into a Deed of Company Arrangement instead of putting it into liquidation - a Deed of Company Arrangement was duly executed on 31 August 2004 - we understand there will be a recapitalisation proposal put to shareholders in due course


A Duncan and A Black of Knights Insolvency Administration appointed administrators


ASX grants waiver, effectively permitting the company to issue 12,500,000 fully paid ordinary shares by 23 April 2004 - the issue was approved by shareholders at the AGM on 10 November 2003


receivers announce they have executed a contract to sell the Flow ISP businesses to iiNet Limited for $6.3m


reports that aggrieved shareholders have been seeking legal advice over the appointment of receivers by Crown Financial


receivers indicate that they have received offers from 22 potential buyers for the company and its assets


P Carter and G Hall of PricewaterhouseCoopers appointed receivers and managers by a secured creditor Crown Financial P/L


securities suspended from quotation

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