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Computershare Perth
Level 17, 221 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000
Tel : +61 (0)3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505 (within Australia)
Fax : +61 3 9473 2500
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Company details
Address: c/o- Corporate Consulting Partners Pty Ltd Level 3, 1 Collins Street MELBOURNE VICTORIA 3000
Tel:  (03) 9603 1700 Fax: (03) 9670 8979

Date first listed: 08/10/1986

Sector: Real Estate
Industry Group: XFJ
Activities: Property leasing and investment and freight forwarding.

name changed to Raffles Capital Limited


announces the resignation of the following directors as of 16 December 2009: Mr Eric Khua Kian Keong Mr Henry Chua Tiong Hock Mr Captain Shaw Pao Sze Mr Peter Phillips - has the company got any directors?


the Company's proposed acquisition of shares in Hudson Investment Group Limited and the associated disposal of shares in the Company by its largest shareholder, Freight Links Express Holdings Limited (and subsidiary entities) to Pacific Portfolio Investments Pty Ltd was approved at the extraordinary general meeting of the Company held earlier today


at the meeting tomorrow shareholders will consider proposals for a significant restructure of the Company including a change of control, the restructure of the Board and a change of name. The proposed transactions, if approved, will result in a major change in the nature and scale of the activities of the Company (by the Company becoming the largest shareholder of Hudson Investment Group Limited) and will result in the control of the Company passing to Pacific Portfolio Investments Pty Ltd (Pacific)


company provides Notice of General Meeting (for 16 December) and Explanatory Statement


all resolutions put to the Annual General Meeting of shareholders today were duly passed


the dividend of $0.015 per share payable on each share issued to holders of shares on the Register of Members at the close of business on 15 September 2009, will be fully franked. the payment date of the dividend will be 18 September 2009


AGM is to be held in Melbourne on 19 August 2009


company says it "actively working ... towards its reinstatement"


releases its Annual Report for 2009


company releases its Preliminary Final Report 2009


releases quarterly cash flow report


releases Half Yearly Report and Accounts


with the worsening global economic slowdown which has resulted in a weak property market and tightening of credit facilities by the banks, the Directors of the Company have decided not to proceed with the acquisition of DB2 Realty Pte Ltd - the Company wants to assure shareholders that it is actively pursuing ventures as well as working with ASX to ensure compliance with its requirements as a listed entity and is working towards its reinstatement


further comment by the company: "the directors are keen to have the company re-listed and have been working with the ASX in this regard. That said, they will not be hurried into making a frivolous or ill-conceived investment simply to be seen to be operating an active business"


the company says "the directors of the company continue to search for investment opportunities that provide both long term security and a reasonable return for shareholders given a moderate level of risk" and "Over the last year the directors have been constantly monitoring the global financial climate and have taken a cautious approach in proceeding with the proposal as announced. Of recent times, stock and property markets have turned down sharply and the company would have been adversely affected if the directors had proceeded at the pace originally planned. The directors decision to retain a liquid investment portfolio has proven to be the right strategy given the volatility in financial markets. This prudent strategy has meant that during the current global financial crises, the shareholders' position has been protected while alternative investments have either lost value or failed. The directors will continue to monitor the reaction to global moves for recovery and will take appropriate action at the correct time."


Chairman, Mr Khua Kian Keong says on 29 November 2007 (eleven months ago!!) "the Company wants to assure shareholders that it is actively working with ASX to ensure compliance with its requirements as a listed entity and is working towards its reinstatement" - what's happened since?


company lodges its 2008 annual report


releases its Preliminary Final Report


company lodges its half yearly report and accounts


company announces that together with DBPS Capital Pte Ltd ("DBPS") it has entered into a conditional Sale & Purchase Agreement on 28 November 2007 (the "Sale & Purchase Agreement") to acquire DB2 Realty Pte Ltd ("DB2") from Leong Tiam Min, Yip Yan Jun and Saw Pik Kee - the Company will acquire a 51% stake and DBPS will acquire the balance of 49% in DB2 - the Company's purchase of 510,000 shares is for a consideration of S$5.3 million


the Company advises it has recently made progress to identify a project - it is presently in negotiations with a party and when negotiations come to a conclusion, it will make the necessary announcement to comply with ASX's requirements


the company lodges its 2007 Annual Report - it also confirms that all resolutions put to the Annual General Meeting of shareholders today were passed


company reports it is still pursuing ventures and working towards re-quotation of its securities


releases its Preliminary Final Report


the Company says it is in various stages of negotiations with several parties with a view to acquiring and investing in a viable long term business - as these negotiations are still in progress and the projects being evaluated, the Company is not in a position to release details of the final proposal


wasn't this company going to make an announcement on 26 April 2007???


securities suspended from quotation pending an announcement


name changed from Caxton Holdings Limited

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