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ASX Announcements (courtesy of ASX)


ASX, Legal & CGT Status
Former (or subsequent) names
GREEN X GLOBAL LIMITED31/12/200402/11/2011
3D GLOBAL LIMITED21/07/200031/12/2004
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Computershare Sydney
6 Hope St Ermington NSW 2115
Tel : +61 (0)3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505 (within Australia)
Fax : +61 2 8235 8150
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Company details
Address: Suite 75 , Jones Bay Wharf , Pirrama Road , PYRMONT , NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2009
Tel:  (02) 9660 8066 Fax: (02) 9660 8544

Date first listed: 02/01/1998

Sector: Retailing
Industry Group: XDJ
Activities: Supply of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Ethanol mixed with Diesel

name changed to Mazu Alliance Limited


the Company intends to proceed with the acquisition of a temple complex devoted to the worship of the goddess Mazu. The complex is located in Zhengjiang Village in Zhangpu County, Fujian Province in the People's Republic of China - In the near future a prospectus offering shares in the Company at a price of $2.00 per share wi ll be issued. Existing shareholders who hold less than 1,000 shares will be given the opportunity to " t op up" their holdings to at least 1,000 shares by subscribing for the number of shares that would increase their holding from its current level to 1,000 shares


we understand that on or about this date the company consolidated its shares 1 for 50


all resolutions considered at today's General Meeting were passed on a show of hands


provides a Notice of Meeting, Information Memorandum and Proxy Form for a General Meeting of shareholders of Green X Global Limited (GXG or Company) to be held on Tuesday, 7 June 2011 at 10:00 am at the offices of William Buck Business Recovery Services (NSW) Pty Ltd Level 29, 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney NSW 2000


the GXG Acquisition Trust has entered into binding agreements on behalf of the Company for the acquisition of all of the shares in Zhangpu Wushi Tourist & Development Co. Ltd (a company incorporated in China), which transaction includes assuming ownership of a site of 4,361.4 mu (290.7 hectares) of land containing a significant Mazu temple, in Fujian Province, China - the Company intends to convene a General Meeting of its members on or about 4 May 2011 for the purpose of approving the necessary resolutions to change the business of the Company to the operation of the temple, associated development of the site including sales and leasing of the development and ancillary activities, reconstruct the existing share capital, and issue new shares for the acquisition of assets and the raising of cash


company is still in external administration


company is still in external administration


deed administrators have given the proponents of the Deed until 2 April 2008 to call a meeting of shareholders


Deed Administrators are waiting on GXG Acquisition Trust to finalise funds prior to proceeding - once this has been achieved they will make an announcement


company executes a deed of company arrangement


the administrator releases a report to creditors - a creditors meeting held on 17 January 2007 was adjourned to 9 February 2007 - at that meeting creditors will prsumably decide whether to proceed or not, with one of two proposed deeds of company arrangement - if a DOCA is approved, shareholders would see the company restructured and recapitalised


RW Whitton of Lawler Partners is appointed Administrator today - this never augurs well for shareholders - it will possibly be a month or so before anything substantive on the administration is available for shareholders - the first meeting of creditors will take place on 24 November 2006


company advises it has today entered into a binding Term Sheet for the acquisition of all the issued capital of China Trade City Australia Pty Ltd (CTC) from Multillon Investments Limited, part of the Multillon Group of companies


there is no further mention of the company's plans to develop and finance a manufacturing facility in China??


Mr Daniel Marsden has tendered his resignation as Director of Green X Global Limited effective as of today's date


company releases its half yearly report


company advises that on 17 May 2006 it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Shenzhen HJ Technology Company Limited (SHJ) of Guangdong Province, China - GXG will develop a manufacturing facility to produce clean fuel engine systems in Shenzhen


company applies for the quotation of an additional 606,250 shares issued to provide working capital


the company is to re-jig its plans so as to give greater emphasis to non-China activity - directors state "it is one thing to be trading but it is more important to have a workable Business Plan and hopefully a solid share value" - lets hope that includes viable projects and positive cash generation


we understand a letter will be sent to shareholders within 7 days explaining the board's plans for 2006


company advises it has signed up with two cities in Guangdong Province, China, for the development and ownership of LNG and CNG Filling stations for public transport


lodges chairman's address to the AGM and advises that resolutions 1 to 3 were passed unanimously on a show of hands


provides notice of AGM to be held in the Golden Legends Room, Balmain Tigers RLFC, 138-152 Victoria Rd, Rozelle NSW ON Thursday 24 November 2005 AT 11:00 A.M


at the General Meeting on October 12, the following resolutions were passed unanimously on a show of hands: that the Company be authorised to issue and allot up to 15,000,000 Shares to the Placement Investors at a subscription price of $0.32 per Share, that the Company be authorised to issue and allot up to 14,400,000 Shares pursuant to a Prospectus at a subscription price of $0.50 per Share and that it be authorised to issue and allot up to 3,000,000 Shares to the Broker for no cash consideration and in consideration of various services


lodges annual report


company advises it has secured an opportunity to pursue selling Australian Natural Gas within China


company provides a notice of general meeting to be held on 12 October 2005 - it has attracted the attention of potential placement investors who may be prepared to subscribe for up to 15,000.000 shares to raise $4.8 million - because of the urgent need to secure capital for Green X Global's investment and operational requirements, directors are seeking approval to authorise the subscription by Placement Investors should this be confirmed by the time of the shareholder's meeting


company signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the China Post Branch in Urumqi, China - the MOU is for China Post to cooperate with the company to utilise their workshop and staff to carry out the fitting of GXG conversion kits for large vehicles to use Liquefied Natural Gas


GXG signals it has decided to enter the Ethanol market


at a general meeting today a resolution was passed on a show of hands, approving the issue of shares under a Prospectus


company reports it has completed, in China, initial road demonstrations and testing of its Diesel/Gas substitution system with "significant success"


lodges half yearly report and half year accounts to 31 December 2004


ASX grants a waiver from listing rule 14.7 to permit the company to issue up to 24 million post consolidated shares at a minimum issue price of 50 cents per share, essentially providing the shares are issued by no later than 20 June 2005


company agrees to a disposal of Advanced Shopping Centre Management Pty Limited (ASCM) for the nominal amount of $1.00 - the disposal effectively removes an excess of liabilities over assets of $224,762 from the group's consolidated financial statements - as approved at the Shareholders meeting of 20 December 2004, the focus of the group will now be wholly on pursuing its main business of natural gas opportunities in China


a Consolidation of Capital on a 1 for 20 basis was approved - the Record Date for the Consolidation is - 31 December 2004


name changed from 3D Global Limited

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GXG trusthave been get 100 millions shares on MZU ALLIANCE LIMITED This belong to GXG shareholders and now how to devide to shareholers??? 18/07/2015 09:43:40
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