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Former (or subsequent) names
HEALTHLINX LIMITED16/03/200618/03/2015
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Computershare Melbourne
Yarra Falls, 452 Johnston Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Tel : +61 (0)3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505 (within Australia)
Fax : +61 3 9473 2500
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Company details
Address: Level 19, 500 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria
Tel:  (03)92084210 Fax: (03)92084201

Date first listed: 06/11/2003

Sector: Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
Industry Group: XHJ
Activities: Developing novel, non-invasive, serum-based, diagnostic products and a platform for generating therapeutic and nutraceutical peptide leads

name changed to Manalto Limited


Healthlinx Limited has changed its company name to Manalto Limited (Company). The Company's ASX code will change from "HTX" to "MTL" on a date to be confirmed by ASX by separate announcement


The Company advises that it has completed its 1:5 share consolidation. The consolidation involved the conversion of every 5 fully paid ordinary shares into 1 fully paid ordinary share and was approved by shareholders at the Company's general meeting held on 23 February 2015.


Half Yearly Report and Accounts released


A general meeting of shareholders of the Company was held at 11.00am (Melbourne time) today - all resolutions were passed by the requisite majority on a show of hands.


issues Replacement Prospectus


releases a Prospectus


The annual general meeting of shareholders of the Company was held at the offices of Quinert Rodda & Associates Pty Ltd, Suite 1, Level 6, 50 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 at 11.00am (Melbourne time) today


an Annual General Meeting (Meeting) of Healthlinx Limited [ACN 098 640 352] (Company or HTX) will be held at 11.00am (Melbourne time) on Monday, 12 January 2015 at the offices of Quinert Rodda & Associates Pty Ltd, Suite 1, Level 6, 50 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000


company releases an Annual Report to shareholders


company announces that it has entered into a binding term sheet to acquire 100% of the issued share capital of US based Manalto Inc. ("Manalto"), a Delaware corporation. Manalto is an emerging software as a service (SaaS) business in the rapidly growing social media sector


Under listing rule 17.6, any entity (if not already suspended) that had not paid its annual listing fees by close of business on Friday 22 August 2014 is to be suspended from official quotation before the commencement of trading on Monday 25 August 2014. The company has not paid its annual listing fees in respect of the year ending 30 June 2015 but is already suspended from official quotation. In accordance with listing rule 16.5, entities that pay their annual listing fees on or after 22 August 2014 must pay by bank cheque only. Under listing rule 17.15, any entity that has not paid its annual listing fees as required by listing rule 16.5 by 5.00 pm EST on Friday 29 August 2014 will be removed from the official list with effect from the close of trading on Friday 29 August 2014.


Healthlinx Limited ("the Company" or "HTX") is currently pursuing a transaction which subject to relevant regulatory and shareholder approvals would change its activities from biotechnology to a technology business focussed in the mobile gaming space


Company advises that it has completed its 1:500 share consolidation - yes that means you now have one share for every 500 you had previously!


the administrators of the Company have established the Healthlinx Creditor's Trust and thereby wholly effectuated the Deed of Company Arrangement executed 2 September 2013. Accordingly, the Company is pleased to announce that its period of external administration has formally ended


at the annual general meeting of shareholders of the Company held at Adina Apartment Hotel, 189 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 at 10.30am (Melbourne time) today, all resolutions were passed by the requisite majority on a show of hands


the timetable for the Company's proposed share consolidation (1 for 500) has been revised and released


releases annual report


an Annual General Meeting (Meeting) of Healthlinx Limited [ACN 098 640 352] (Subject to Deed of Company Arrangement) (Company or HTX) will be held at the Gardenia Room, Adina Apartment Hotel, 189 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 on Tuesday, 21 January 2014 at 10.30am


The Company confirms that listed options (ASX Code: HTXOA) will expire on 31 December 2013. In accordance with the ASX Listing Rules, the Company provides the following information: "¢ The number of HTXOA options on issue is 14,750,000. "¢ On exercise, each HTXOA option entitles the holder to receive one fully paid share in the issued capital of the Company. Accordingly, if all options were exercised the Company would be required to issue 14,750,000 ordinary shares. "¢ The exercise price for each HTXOA option is $0.10 (10 cents).


The Company is pleased to announce that it has successfully raised a total of $70,000 from four entities (sophisticated investors) who accepted invitations from the Board to invest in the Company


company executes a deed of company arrangement - David Ross and Shanon Thomson of Hall Chadwick are appointed Deed Administrators


administrators appointed today - this never augurs well for shareholders - it will be some time before the administrators hold creditors' meetings and issue reports


The securities of HealthLinx Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from quotation immediately, at the request of the Company, pending the release of an announcement. Security Code: HTX


we understand that on or about this date the company consolidated its shares 1 for 5


shares suspended from quotation because of failure to lodge quarterly reports for q/e 31 March 2006


suspension of trading in the securities of HealthLinx Limited (the "Company") will be lifted immediately, following receipt of the Company's quarterly cash flow report for the quarter ended 31 March 2006


name changed from Cryptome Pharmaceuticals Limited

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Happy new year 2015 to all htx shareholders, I'm still living with hope that my investment in HTX may do something. Between myself and my son, am down about $130 000.00 Yep its sore as I bought in different stages as the shares were sliding, oh well, am back trying to make ends meet, working on labouring jobs, stripping paint, sanding and trying not to breathe in too many fumes. Anyway, I just hope that the new directors realise that some of the investors are ordinary working guys like me who had belief in the company to run a tight ship and live within their means rather than living the high life whilst running a company. I do think its good news that the company is still operational and that I've got some hope. Keep trying guys, its a pity you couldn't get big backers for ovplex cos I do believe its worth more. all the best with the new software business. From the aussie Scotsman.13/01/2015 22:42:46
The Directors of this company should be embarrassed to show their faces in public, let alone be allowed to be directors of any business again.......30/09/2014 16:11:37
Can someone please explain to me how a biotech company, which was seemingly on the brink of great success with a diagnostic such as ovplex, can all of a sudden shove that to the side and turn their attention to mobile gaming? This is beyond belief and I cannto believe that ASIC, ACCC or whomever should be regulating business has not stepped in to compensate shareholders for what has obviously been total and utter mis-management of the company, not to mention a disgraceful miselading of shareholders and prospective shareholders! I'm speechless..........30/09/2014 16:07:01
We are responsible for our own investments, and that list of former directors and executives to the right were responsible for managing the company - something they failed to do.  Years of spruiking a product that was apparently of some significance but now appears non-existent, whittling away our funds to nothing and now resurrecting themselves as something unrecognisable.  Capital raising, honestly...........BUYER BEWARE.03/07/2014 16:36:10
Staggering development!13/06/2014 15:00:44
well, good to hear that the company has been saved, hopefully the new directors will run a tight ship and get ovplex out to paying customers, I still have faith in the positive past test results, need some cost effective marketing restoring some value to us ordinary working folk who invested our trust and dosh into Healthlinx.15/04/2014 16:49:17
It is not correct. Possible based on 500:1 share consolidation03/02/2014 14:52:07
Can anyone explain why the share price is shown as 0.50 when the company is delisted? I'm confused. 31/01/2014 22:18:53
Which I most certainly will be considering I've voted YES before and it got me to this point.06/01/2014 15:13:57
To preserve value of your share, you can always vote NO to resolution 5 to 9 in the next AGM27/12/2013 15:41:26
Having already been through a re-allocation of shares I can't believe that after investing in excess of $10K in this company that I'm going to pretty much lose the lot.  I can only hope that those involved have taken a massive hit, it's the only thing that'll make me feel better about this whole debacle.24/12/2013 10:18:01
These results are only as good as Nick Gatsios and Gregory Rice. The IP valued at millions, but can not secure a loan to pay for $400k. It is rediculous.30/10/2013 11:16:31

What happened here ? all those tests that were carried out and the positive results kept us ordinary people with high hopes. I lost a fortune, however a lesson learned, was ovplex any good or what...?

18/09/2013 22:33:05
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    Directors & Executives (current)
    Michael QuinertNon Exec Director06/09/2013
    Trent TelfordDirector21/03/2013
    Richard RevelinsDirector21/03/2013
    Timothy ChapmanDirector16/09/2014
    David RossAdministrator02/09/2013
    Shanon ThomsonAdministrator02/08/2013
    Trent TelfordCompany Secretary

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.

    SPECIAL NOTE: During May 2024 we are working to remove duplications in the Company Secretary role.

    Directors & Executives (former)
    Mal Lucas-SmithNon Exec Director01/01/201306/09/2013
    Gregory RiceNon Exec Chairman17/02/200628/03/2013
    Nick GatsiosManaging Director17/02/200621/03/2013
    John EvansNon Exec Director01/04/200831/12/2012
    John ChiplinNon Exec Director01/12/201013/06/2012
    Stewart WasherNon Exec Director01/04/200813/06/2012

    Date of first appointment, title may have changed.