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name changed to The Duke Group Limited


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this company has ceased to exist, there are no shares, nothing!

19/05/2021 06:44:34

I have 667 shares @ $1 each dated 25-10-1986. Is there any way to cash that in

18/05/2021 12:14:25

20/09/1971 100 shares .25cents is this share certificate worth anything

11/02/2020 19:53:33

I purchased 2 blocks of shares on the 25.10.1986 1 x 584 & 1 x 667 shares. I am a resident of the UK and would like to know if the shares have any value.

07/05/2019 19:41:57
Has anyone had a response yet?  I have 4,000 units which were purchased in 1980 and would like to know if I can do anything with them.23/07/2015 17:52:18


I have a total of 3334 of $1.00 shares in Kia Ora Gold Corporarion No Liability. Date of issue was the 30th June 1987. Do these have any value?


11/01/2015 05:04:47
australian scam where I had 1000'shares

30/12/2014 03:40:42
Had 1000 shares company wrote asking for more monies based on the shares to which I didn't respond . Co had mines all over aussie and Far East . Those mines are still there who owns them now . 30/12/2014 03:38:56
I too have a cert, for 10000 shares. Wrote to address given by Aussie bank but had no reply.13/12/2014 01:37:32
I have share certificate for 500 Kia Ora shares, purchased 25.10.86. Please advise if these have any value, and if so how much are these worth25/02/2014 20:26:40
I have been advised that I am entitled to circa Aus $ 4,000 and have tried to make contact with the company in Australia to claim my funds without success how do I attack them for my funds.02/01/2014 05:44:22

I have a share certificate for 1500 shares at $1.00 in Kia ora gold Corporation n/l.

Is this certificate of any value?

20/06/2013 08:13:01
I have a certificate for 3000 ordinary 25cent shares, 27 Nov. 1984. Are these of any value?23/02/2013 00:03:59
After all these years the liquidating company now has funds for distribution and shareholders need to provide proof of debt by producing evidence of shareholding.  Any help would be appreciated04/07/2012 15:22:46
difficult, if not impossible, now - that's more than 20 years ago - why do u need it?23/06/2012 12:19:26
How do I find out my date of purchase of Kia Ora Gold Corporation NL shares19/06/2012 14:54:05

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