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Former (or subsequent) names
PETROZ NL15/01/1987
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name changed to Petroz NL

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I have a share cert dated18/03/1970 any interest out there ?


John Heath

03/04/2023 18:11:33

Are my off shore oil shares worth anything now.

24/09/2022 20:24:30

go here for Offshore Oil:


20/02/2019 06:36:26

Like many others I have found a share certificate for 1,500 shares in Offshore Oil N.L. amaongst my late father\'s possessions. How do I find out if it worth anything. Advice appreciated

20/02/2019 03:25:46

I would like to know if our ordinary shares certificate dated 10 Oct 1986 purchased through our previous company ( no longer trading )still be valid ? My husband and I were registered owners and Directors and have kept company files. Please advise how to contact your company for updates. Thanks 

15/10/2018 23:36:21

I’ve shares in Offshore Oil which I’d like to dispose off.

Advice appreciated 

16/09/2018 17:11:33

So many folks with these shares. Just found 2000 OffShore Oil N.L that my 94 yo Dad bought in 1971. 


   Has anyone got any info\'? I am cultivating a fantasy they\'re like the new Microsoft long lost shares. Contact me on

17/12/2016 15:45:36

Hi I have share that were originally in the name of Murumba oil NL


which i belive cchaged to Petroz oil and then to offshore oil or the
\n other way around I believe this company was then purchased by Conoco
\n Philips I have a 1000 shares are they worth anything and is there a
\n mechanism to sell them Dvaid Howard

29/09/2016 02:03:00
I also have offshore oil nl shares with certificate dating back to 1983.Can anybody help with any information.  thanks.        12:50:09
Can you please help me find th co that now owns OFFSHORE OIL N.L. as i bought shares 1970 and 1972 i would pay you a commision to sell them thank you uk02/03/2015 20:54:05
I have a share certificate at hand dated back to 1971 in Offshore Oil N.L. Can anyone provide me with information about this company and what happens to shareholders like us?10/06/2014 17:52:32
When my father died in 1971we found he had shares in offshore oil N.L. Since then we have not been able to find out anything.The company who were dealing with it in England have folded so I don,t know what else to do. Anybody help? Thanks09/09/2013 23:49:45
I too have shares In Offshore Oil N.L. dating back to 1970. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.21/03/2013 22:05:07
I have a small number of shares in Off Shore Oil. Does anyone have any information on the company?15/03/2013 06:31:59
I have shares in Off Shore Oil.Where can I get infor on this?26/02/2013 13:40:04
I have shares in Offshore Oil N.L dated back to 1970. Can you tell me anything about them.Thank you.11/02/2013 20:57:54
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