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Security Transfer Australia Pty Ltd
No longer operating

Company details
Address: Suite 1133-1139,No 1 Queens Road,,MELBOURNE,VIC,AUSTRALIA,3004
Tel:  (03) 9863 9557 Fax: (03) 9863 9556

Date first listed: 24/01/2005

Sector: Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
Industry Group: XHJ
Activities: Development of diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and treatments for diabetes

company deregistered today


delisted as the company did not pay to ASX Limited their annual listing fees in respect of the year ending 30 June 2012


the Board wishes to make the following corrective statements in respect to the ASX Announcement of 23 February: 1. Pallane Medical Limited (Company) is not renegotiating employment contracts with members of its scientific team comprising of the following: a. Professor Sir George Alberti; b. Profession Paul Zimmet; c. Profession Mark Cooper; and d. Professor Frank Ng; (referred to herein as the Scientific Team). 2. The Board will attempt to negotiate consultancy arrangements with the Scientific Team. 3. The Company has significantly reduced its debt profile in respect to its major associated creditors who have agreed to swap their debt position for an equity position in the Company. 4. Not all associated creditors of the Company have agreed to swap their debt position for an equity position in the Company


the Company has recently undertaken a restructuring - all associated creditors have agreed to swap their debt position for an equity position in the Company - it is re-negotiating employment contracts with significant members of its scientific team - it is in the process of compiling a prospectus to be released to the market shortly. It is expected this document will be for the purpose of raising capital of $1.5 million at a price of $0.25 per share and it also announces a number of acquisitions and agreements


the Company wishes to confirm that it has received an investment pursuant to a convertible note it has issued for an amount of $400,000, and that such investment by the Noteholder is not subject to the reinstatement of the securities of the Company to official quotation. The $400,000 has been received for the use by the Company in and towards its operating costs. The deposit of the $400,000 is in addition to the funds being provided to the Company by the tax refund cheque for the 2009 Financial Year from the Australian Taxation Office of $370,899.30. In addition to the abovementioned funds, the Company will be raising an additional $600,000 by way of convertible notes in the next three (3) months


name changed from Dia-B Tech Limited

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Sure Jaydeep Biswas must be behind this somehow !!!

I bet he will do the same with Astra Resources

03/09/2015 13:52:04

Try hovering on the "Failed Companies" tab above and then go to the "deregistered" item.


30/09/2014 09:03:29
Could someone please advise if there has been a formal notice to realize losses?
24/09/2014 09:39:17
Just wondering how we retrieve our funds that we put into the share market for this company05/01/2014 15:43:35
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