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Computershare Perth
Level 17, 221 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000
Tel : +61 (0)3 9415 4000 or 1300 850 505 (within Australia)
Fax : +61 3 9473 2500
RegistryWebsite RegistryEmail

Company details
Address: Level 1, 33 Richardson Street West Perth WA 6005
Tel:  +61 8 9200 6280 Fax: +61 8 9200 4469

Date first listed: 16/05/1968

Sector: Energy
Industry Group: XEJ
Activities: In administration - possibilities of a recapitalisation

company is still registered, now called KINGSGATE CHILE NL


name changed to Laguna Resources NL


securities reinstated to quotation


all resolutions at today's meeting were approved on a show of hands


the Deed of Company Arrangement has been wholly effectuated, therefore removing the Company from external administration and the receivers and managers have ceased to act - the Company will now proceed with the recapitalisation as approved by shareholders on 28 May 2008


the Company advises that the Record Date for the proposed consolidation of capital to be considered by shareholders on 28 May 2008 is 4 June 2008


company advises of a typographical error that occurred in the Notice of Meeting with regards to the ASX indicative timetable


company provides notice of annual general meeting


company awaits confirmation from ASX of conditions for reinstatement and ASIC approval of a notice of EGM which will be sent to shareholders to consider proposals for the reconstruction of share capital


we understand progress is being made slowly and the company is in discussions with ASX


deed administrators advise that there is still one condition to be met before an EGM can be called to consider the way forward - the deed is extended to 28 Feb 2008


we understand there are still outstanding issues to be resolved but re-quotation of securities is expected first quarter 2008


the deed administrator has disbursed funds as required by the DOCA and has negotiated a Heads of Agreement in relation to the recapitalisation of the company - an EGM will be called shortly to consider proposals


the deed administrator will shortly disburse funds as required by the DOCA and is working on a Heads of Agreement in relation to the recapitalisation of the company


administrators confirm that in principle agreement has been reached for the recapitalisation of the company, however delays in the transfer of tenements have resulted in the terms of the recapitalisation not being finalised


administrators report that compliance requirements in relation to the assigning of the company's interests in the Rundle Joint Venture property have caused delays - negotiations for a proposed recapitalisation of the company are continuing


administrators advise that negotiations in relation to the proposed recapitalisation of the company are continuing


the administrators confirm that negotiations are continuing in relation to the recapitalisation of the company


the administrators advise that negotiations are continuing in relation to the recapitalisation of the company


administrators advise that negotiations are continuing with a third party interested in the recapitalisation of the company


negotiations are underway regarding the possible recapitalisation of the company and because of their complexity the administrator does not expect to be in a position to provide an update until March 2006


Deed of Company Arrangement executed today


further to our note below dated 15 September 2005, the administrators advise Esso has not made any application to appeal to the High Court - the administrator expects to execute a Deed of Company Arrangement this week and is continuing negotiations with a third party who is interested in a recapitalisation of the company


the Victorian Court of Appeal rejects the appeal by Esso and gives Esso until 13 October 2005 to apply for leave to appeal to the High Court


administrators advise that at an initial hearing in November 2004 regarding an assignment of the company's interest in the Rundle Joint Venture to a related entity (which creditors resolved should occur as part of the DOCA), the Court found in favour of SPP - however Esso appealed the decision at a court hearing in May 2005 - it is expected the court's decision will not be delivered until late 2005 or early 2006


administrators confirm that discussions regarding the possible recapitalisation of SPP are ongoing


administrators advise that the SPP DOCA has not yet been executed because the other joint venture partner (Esso Australia) is seeking orders that SPP is not entitled to assign its interest (see note of 24/8/2004 below) in the manner proposed


discussions regarding the sale and/or recapitalisation or restructure of SPP and CPM are ongoing


creditors resolve to enter into Deeds of Company Arrangement for both SPP and CPM - the CPM deed provides for the assets and third party liabilities of CPM to be acquired by Queensland Energy Resources Limited - the SPP Deed provides for the assignment of its interest in the Rundle Joint Venture to a related entity and the subsequent liquidation of the company


administrator is still pursuing the possibilities of sale and/or recapitalisation or restructure of SPP and CPM


shareholders should refer to to view a release of today's date which has been made by the directors of the company


Joint Receivers and Managers of the Southern Pacific Petroleum Group Mr David Winterbottom and Mr Angus Blackwood of Ernst & Young, today announced the completion of the sale of the majority of the business and assets of the Southern Pacific Petroleum Group to Queensland Energy Resources Ltd - the price will not be sufficient to repay the secured creditor and therefore there will be no surplus for distribution to unsecured creditors or shareholders of SPP from the receivership


receivers and managers control of the business of the SPP Group will continue until completion of the contract for the sale of the business - this contract is subject to a number of third party approvals and it is not anticipated that completion will occur before 31 March 2004 - following the sale, the receivers and managers will remain as such of SPP and Central Pacific Minerals NL until finalisation of the transfer of non-material assets from that company to the purchaser - given that some non-material assets may not transfer for some time, these companies may be in receivership until those transfers are effected - the contract of sale allows up to 2 years for asset transfers to occur


company appoints administrators and indicates that the sales proceeds probably won't cover the secured creditor's debt - it is looking increasingly unlikely there will be a return to shareholders


receivers announce the sale of the majority of the company's assets to Queensland Energy Resources Ltd


provides fourth quarter report including update on sale of assets


the company with debts of about $100m has attracted interest from a number of potential buyers - the receivers have indicated they would like to complete a sale of the assets by the end of February 2004


Sandco Koala LLC appoints D Winterbottom and S Blackwood of Ernst & Young as receivers of SPP


company advises that it is continuing to actively pursue a number of potential near term fundraising options as announced on 25 November 2003 - in the interim, share trading will remain suspended


shares suspended from quotation

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23/06/2018 08:08:30

Hi, l bought 1000 shares for $690- then  Bligh Oil & Minerals,  Changed name to Horizon Oil NL, changed name to Horizon Oil Limited,  changed name to Southern Pacific Petroleum N L , changed name to Laguna Resources NL.. As l have never received a cent in dividends.  Only unlimited paper mail. l 'm wondering what my investment is worth.!!!!!!!!  l presume l just lost my money. l have NEVER invested in minerals again. l tell all my friends that to invest in minerals is to make a donation.    If anyone  can tell me--

 if my shares are worth anything please-mail me

08/03/2015 15:14:53
Hi, I've also got 2,664 shares in SSP which I believed to be a dead duck but now seems like it might just about swim? Are they worth anything and can I get Laguna shares in place of SSP shares?

12/11/2014 06:48:03
I have 2000 shares in southern pacific petroleum. Are they worth anything15/07/2013 14:18:29
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