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2009   ALL

Former (or subsequent) names

WINTECH GROUP LIMITED04/06/200803/12/2012
CIRCLECOM LIMITED30/05/200004/06/2008
RED RIVER LIMITED21/12/198930/05/2000

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Boardroom Pty Ltd, Level 12, 225 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Tel : +61 2 9290 9600 or 1300 737 760
Fax : +61 2 9279 0664 or 1300 653 459
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Company details

Address: c/- Sydney Capital Partners, Level 6, 2 Bulletin Place, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2000
Tel:  02 8264 2400 Fax: 02 8264 2411

Date first listed: 05/11/1987
Company Secretary: Mr Vincent Sweeney
Sector: Telecommunication Services
Industry Group: XTJ
Activities: Diversified Telecommunications company specialising in telecommunications and the internet. The company is also an investor

The former managing director of Wintech Group Limited (Wintech), Kim Wong, has pleaded guilty to 10 charges including stealing $1.057 million. Mr Wong, 46, of East Kew, appeared in the County Court of Victoria in Melbourne last week, and pleaded guilty to the theft, falsifying Wintech prospectuses and providing false information to the Australian Securities Exchange


name changed to Direct Nickel Limited


The proposed acquisition of Direct Nickel has been progressing and is now nearly complete. We are pleased to announce that in the last few business days WTG has acquired all of the shares in Direct Nickel Holdings Pty Limited, which in turn presently owns approximately 55% of shares in Direct Nickel Pty Limited - the main operating Direct Nickel entity


the 2012 Annual General Meeting of the Members of Wintech Group Limited ACN 003 087 689 will be held at Australian Minerals Research Centre, 7 Conlon Street, Waterford, Perth at 08:45am on 15 November 2012. All Shareholders are invited to a tour of the demonstration plant for the Direct Nickel process, after the meeting


The Directors present their report together with the financial statements of WinTech Group Limited (the "Company") for the half-year ended 31 December 2011, and the independent auditor" review report thereon


the company has issued the 110 million shares and options to invest as approved by shareholders at the EGM in October


Hoong Kee Tang, a former director of Wintech Group Limited, was yesterday convicted on four counts of market manipulation and one count of making false or misleading statements to ASIC, and fined a total of $10,000. Mr Tang, also known as Johanes Tang Widjaja, appeared in the County Court of Victoria at Melbourne on Thursday 8 December 2011 for sentencing after earlier pleading guilty to the charges of market manipulation, and one charge of making a false or misleading statement to ASIC (refer 11-192AD). As a result of his convictions Mr Tang will be automatically disqualified from being involved in the management of a corporation for five years


Kim Wong, former managing director of Wintech Group Limited (Wintech), has been committed to stand trial on 129 criminal charges, including stealing almost $1.5 million, following an ASIC investigation


resolutions to end the Administration were passed today and new directors are appointed - the company will refocus on the resources industry


the EGM will resume on 7 October 2011


company releases annual reports and results of AGMs


at the adjourned EGM on 9/9/11 members resolved to adjourn the meeting for another 2 to 4 weeks - again no reason given


in a letter dated 9 September the Deed Administrator advises that the meeting scheduled for today may be further adjourned - very helpful


at the EGM on 2/9/11 members resolved to adjourn the meeting to 9/9/11 - no reason given


the 2010 AGM will be held on 19 September 2011


a General Meeting is to be held on 2 September to consider the recapitalisation of the company including a consolidation of one share for 795 existing shares (this huge consolidation is so that share prices will approach $1.00 which means your existing shares are valued at little more that one tenth of a cent!!)


a deed of company arrangement is executed


Mr Hoong Kee Tang, a former director of Wintech Group Limited, which is in administration, has been arrested and charged with market manipulation and making false or misleading statements in documents submitted to ASIC. The charges were brought by ASIC. Mr Tang faced Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday, 9 June 2011 on four counts of market manipulation relating to his involvement in the trading of Wintech Group Limited securities on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) between 28 April 2009 and 24 July 2009. ASIC alleges that Mr Tang used an online share trading account in his own name, and an alias, to engage in transactions in Wintech Group Limited securities during this period that created a false or misleading appearance of active trading in these securities. ASIC also alleges that he made or authorised the making of false or misleading statements in documents submitted to ASIC in August 2008 and April 2009.


creditors are to meet on 26 May 2011


creditors appoint replacement administrators Stirling Horne and GJ Franklin of Lawler Draper Dillon


a first meeting of creditors will be held on Wednesday 27 April2011 for the purpose of determining whether to establish a coriumittee of creditors and to ratify the appointment of the Administrators or appoint an alternate Administrator(s). A second meeting of creditors to deterrnine the future of the Company is required to be held on or before 26 May 2011. At this meeting a second report by the Administrators and any proposal for the future of the Company will be considered


Stephen Wesley Hathway and Paul Desmond Sweeeney of SV Farmers NSW, insolvency Accountants and Business Solutions, Suite 6.03, Level 6 135 King Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000 were appointed as Joint and Several Administrators of the Company under Section 436C of the Corporations Act 2001 by ABEnergy Properties Pty Ltd, a secured creditor entitled to enforce a charge on the whole, or substantially the whole, of the property of the Company


further to the announcement dated 10th September 2010 whereby Wintech Group Ltd (Wintech) announced an exclusive mandate with Ramscove Pty Ltd, the company advises the exclusivity period has lapsed and Wintech has commenced seeking its own funding opportunities - it has subsequently entered into preliminary discussions with a potential funding provider - these discussions and due diligence are ongoing and no agreement has as yet been entered into - the company will update the market as and when appropriate


Kim Wong, former Managing Director of Wintech Group Limited (Wintech), has appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court after his arrest on nine criminal charges following an ASIC investigation. Mr Wong has been charged with eight counts of contravening section 1307(1) and one count of contravening section 1309(1) of the Corporations Act 2001 (the Act). ASIC alleges that Mr Wong engaged in conduct between 18 February and 27 April 2009 that resulted in the falsification of Wintech's books by: o causing false entries to be made in a spreadsheet of shareholders which was subsequently given to Registries Limited, Wintech's shareholder registry service provider; and o causing false share transfer forms to be created that resulted in the transfer of Wintech shares between shareholders. ASIC also alleges that Mr Wong authorised, permitted the making available, or gave false or misleading information to Australian Stock Exchange Limited (ASX) regarding Wintech's affairs in that he authorised or made available the shareholder spreadsheet containing false entries to the ASX. Each of the charges under section 1307(1) of the Act carries a maximum penalty of $11,000 or imprisonment for two years or both. The charge under section 1309(1) carries a maximum penalty of $22,000 or imprisonment for five years or both.


the Company announces it has made third and final payment to The CFO Solution H.Q Pty Ltd of $30,000.00. This completes the payment of $85,000 in total being full and final settlement of debt including all costs and interest. The Company also announces that supreme court action against Wintech Group is withdrawn as a result of settlement of this debt


Wintech Group Limited (WTG or Company) advises that a settlement with CFO Solution HQ Pty Ltd was agreed on 25th August 2010. The key terms of this settlement are as follows: 1. The Company will pay CFO $85,000 (inclusive of GST) in full and final settlement of the Debts including all costs and interest 2. Payment will be made in 3 instalments with the final instalment due on 6 October 2010. 3. CFO will withdraw its Supreme Court action following full payment of the settlement sum. As at 23 September 2010 the Company has paid $25,000 to CFO


responds to ASX regarding the late lodgement of Appendix 3Z Notices


the company has agreed to terms for a Seed Capital Raising in conjunction with Ramscove Pty Ltd. Afier successful completion ofthe capital raising to professional and sophisticated investors, realising $400,000 before costs, WTG intends to use the capital: o To llnance the review and due diligence ofpotential business acquisitions; . To finance the capital raising initiatives to allow for business acquisitiorr/s; . For general working capital; and . To cover all associated cost fbr WTG to re-list onto the ASX


pays NAB $37k prior to wind-up proceedings listed for today


releases Half Yearly Report and Accounts and Full Year Statutory Accounts


the Supreme Court Australian Action SC9141 to wind-up the company, originally instigated by Securities & Investments Group Pty Ltd and later joined by Capital One Securities Pty Ltd and the Australian Taxation Office, was yesterday 24th March 2010 dismissed. No order was made as to costs


company advises that the default judgement in favour of Mr. Timothy Clark outlined in previous company announcements was today set aside by the Supreme Court. The company has instructed its lawyers to file and serve notice of defence to action SC09856 of 2009 as soon as practicable. The company further advises that the Australian Taxation Office was today given leave to seek to be joined as a party to the winding up application presently before the Court [Action SC9141 of 2009] originally instigated by Securities & Investments Group Pty Ltd and later joined by Capital One Securities Pty Ltd. In relation to this action, the company today paid an amount to the Australian Taxation Office to clear the debt but was informed that a further amount of approximately $6,000.00 remains outstanding.


WinTech Group Ltd advises that today Supreme Court hearing to set aside a default judgment in favour of Mr. Timothy Clark and outlined in the company's announcement on 2nd February 2010, has been adjourned by consent by both parties until 17th February 2010


advises that the Supreme Court proceedings to wind up the company instigated by Securities & Investments Group Pty Ltd ( and subsequently substituted to Capital One Securities Pty Ltd ) has been adjourned until 17 th February 2010


Wintech Group Ltd advises that in relation to the proceedings against the company that were instigated in the Supreme Court of Victoria by Capital One Securities Pty Ltd and which were detailed in the company's announcement on 7 th December 2009, Capital One Securities have been paid in full. However, at the hearing, other claimants, were granted leave to be substituted as partitioning creditors. The claim made amounts to $722,144.00. However, the Directors have only recently been made aware of the claim and are currently instructing their legal advisors to seek a hearing date in order to have the claim set aside


company is settling supreme court proceedings agaiinst it by Securities and Investments Group Pty Ltd


Wintech Group Ltd advise that the consolidated Financial Report for the year ended 30 th June 2009 has not as yet been finalized due to an inability to source all relevant financial and disclosure information in relation to the wholly owned subsidiary, Magnafield Technology Distribution Pty Ltd (Receiver Appointed) - it is anticipated that these tasks will be completed in the short-term and be no longer than mid November 2009


releases Preliminary Final 4E Report


releases its Response to ASX Appendix 4C Query Letter


the company responds to an ASX Query re the Magnafield Default


the securities of Wintech Group Limited (the "Company") will be suspended from quotation immediately, in accordance with listing rule 12.2, following the appointment of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu as Receiver and Manager for Magnafield Technology Distribution Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, pending the release of additional information and clarification concerning the Company's financial condition


the suspension of trading in the securities of Wintech Group Limited (formerly CircleCom Limited) (the "Company") will be lifted before the commencement of trading on Friday, 17 April 2009, following the change of the Company's activities and compliance by the Company with Chapters 1 and 2 of the listing rules


ASX has granted a waiver from the requirement that shares and options approved for issue at the Annual General Meeting on 28th November 2008 be issued within three months of the meeting - the waiver permits the issue of the following shares and options by no later that 28th March 2009


the Board of Wintech Group Limited ("Wintech") advises that the dispatch of holding statements previously indicated as anticipated to occur on 27 February 2009 (subject to approval being received from ASX Limited ("ASX") for re-instatement of the Company's shares to official quotation) has been postponed pending receipt of that approval


company advises that the Rights Issue, Placement Offer and Specific Offers described in the Company's replacement prospectus of 19 th January 2009 closed on Friday 13 th February 2009 - after placement of the shortfall, the total of $2,530,890 (before costs) has been received pursuant to the Rights Issue and the Placement Offer - the total includes oversubscriptions for 154,453 shares ($30,891) received and accepted pursuant to the Placement Offer


confirms the pro rata rights issue and placement offer Replacement Prospectus was dispatched to shareholders on Thursday 29th January 2009


company advises that all resolutions contained in the Notice of Annual General Meeting were duly carried on a show of hands


releases Quarterly report for entities admitted on the basis of commitments


releases Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form


a Supplementary Prospectus dated 9th October 2008 is lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission today - the Company is allowing applicants until Friday 14th November 2008 to withdraw their application - written notice of withdrawal must be received by the Company by 5pm on 14th November 2008 (Melbourne, Victoria time) to be effective - applicants should read the whole of today's announcement


releases annual report


releases prelim final report


Findlay & Co Stockbrokers (Underwriters) Pty Ltd ("Findlay & Co") had advised the Company that the S&P ASX 200 Index had fallen below the prescribed level as defined in the Underwriting Agreement and as such it had exercised its right to terminate the Underwriting Agreement and its obligations there under - Findlay & Co has now informed the Company that with the cooperation of its sub-underwriters and on a best endeavours basis it will actively continue to finalise the completion of the capital raisings required by the Company - Findlay & Co has further advised that it remains committed to the success of Wintech with the support of the sub-underwriters


Acceptances for a total of 6,079,205 new shares have been received under the Rights Issue, being a total subscription of $1,215,841 before costs of the offer. The second offer was a non-renounceable placement offer to purchase a limited parcel of new shares at an issue price of 20 cents each with a value at the issue price of either $2,000 (10,000 new shares) or $5,000 (25,000 new shares) ("the Placement Offer"). Acceptances for a total of 45,000 new shares have been received under the Placement Offer, being a total subscription of $9,000.00 before costs of the offer. Notice of the shortfall of 14,756,842 new shares under the Rights Issue and 3,080,407 new shares under the Placement Offer has been given to the Underwriter, Findlay & Co Stockbrokers (Underwriters) Pty Ltd


Wintech Group Limited (ACN 003 087 689) ("the Company") announces that the timetable that it lodged in respect of its non-renounceable rights issue yesterday was incorrect - there is no quotation on a deferred settlement basis on 21 August 2008 as the Company's securities are currently suspended from trading on ASX, however, the proposed date of reinstatement of the Company's securities on the Official List of ASX is 21 August 2008 - company releases a corrected indicative timetable


intends lodging a prospectus with ASIC and ASX next week


name changed from Circlecom Limited


ASX Announcements (courtesy of ASX)


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ASX, Legal & CGT Status

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